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Where were their living wills?

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Michelle Malkin’s catholic reading tastes apparently even include the Lancet, where she finds this harrowing story of institutional Belgian infanticide, in violation of Belgian law:

The results of a survey on the causes of death were stark: paediatricians who responded to the survey admitted they had taken “end of life” decisions in more than half the cases. Most commonly, that involved withholding or withdrawing treatment because physicians believed the baby had no real chance of survival or the baby had no chance of a “bearable future”.

In 40 cases, opiate pain killers were used in doses with a potentially life-shortening affect. In 17 cases, a lethal dose or lethal drugs were administered….

This was an investigation of all infant deaths in Flanders, the region culturally and linguistically more similar to the Netherlands…including their “merciful” destruction of imperfect children. Note that these were the doctors making the decision to end these lives; there is no mention of whether parental consent was obtained or even whether they were informed. (Not that that would have made it all right.)


5 Responses to “Where were their living wills?”

  1. Infanticide seems to be the New Order. My good friend and doctor tells me we are in possession of the technology that each birth could be chosen as to characteristics. Does this scare anyone else?

    As to the end to which this is leading I post the following:

    From the content of the I’ve been seeing, balanced judgment is what they’re counting on. From you, not them. Watching some of this convocation in VA where the claim is that ‘your children’s Bible’ will be taken from their hands and ‘replaced by a Hustler’ by the democrats (Kay Baly, Pres. of Coalition for a Fair Judiciary) I am really not confident that our leadership including Tom DeLay who spoke to this group, is at all balanced.

    Their political agenda overrides the Constitution (claiming that since it was elected, the legislature should override the judiciary), using poor dear Terri Schiavo who evidently ended her own life by an attempt to be attractive, called bulemia (I have a daughter who recovered from anorexia, but it took a change in lifestyle by me as her mother), and the sad family problems being exploited to their ends really exemplify How Low They Will Go. I fear for this country under such leadership.

    Ruth (453b10)

  2. I’m no expert, but my impression is that there’s nothing new here. I have read that obstetricians traditionally allowed particular newborn babies to die when they thought appropriate.

    David (7fbb2d)

  3. David, did you miss the part where the doctors administered overdoses of opiates?

    Did you miss the part where the doctor decided to do this to babies who were not actually dying in the first place?

    Is that traditional for doctors?

    Bostonian (0198d8)

  4. Looks like they need some more lawsuits against obstetricians.

    actus (ebc508)

  5. Did you know that the hippocratic oath was changed in the 1960’s because the oath contained a clear prohabition against abortions? Once we start down a path of not valuing human life there is no limiting the result. You might look up hippocratic oath if you want an idea about what is moral in medicine. I think that the Medical community long ago quit caring about their patients. It’s all about money and politics. Think of the multi-billion dollar abortion clinics and then consider how few physician are involved in helping adoption agencies as an alternative to abortion. There is now in fact a duty to die as expressed by the democratic party, activist judges, and their activist friends. Is it any wonder that schiavo and these other cases come up at the same time physicion Howard “Let ’em all die” Dean is chosen as the head of the Democratic national committee?

    john (26c947)

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