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Ray Liotta’s in Big Trouble

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Uh-oh. Looks like they’ve got the Olympic bomber!

Didn't Anthony Hopkins eat his brain?

Wait. That’s not Ray Liotta. It’s actually right-wing nut and McVeigh wannabe Olympic Bomber Richard Jewell!

UPDATE: Fox is saying it’s not Richard Jewell after all, but dumpster-diving fugitive Eric Rudolph copping to the ’96 Atlanta bombing. Oh.

2 Responses to “Ray Liotta’s in Big Trouble”

  1. Your original post is very disappointing. Richard Jewell is the security guard who discovered the bomb before it went off. The FBI later outed him as a potential suspect when in fact it seems he was the hero. He later sued media outlets and settled for a large sum.

    I really think you should post a stronger retraction than you did.

    Kirby (7a7a21)

  2. Dude, it’s a joke. Everybody knows Richard Jewell was falsely accused and hassled by the Feds for years. The “update” was part of the original post, which contains a link to the Fox article about Rudolph’s plea announcement.

    Not only is Richard jewell innocent, he’s much chubbier than Ray Liotta. I mean Eric Rudolph.

    See-Dubya (3275fb)

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