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Excellent Letter on Bono

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I am overdue posting this wonderful letter to the editors of the L.A. Times, regarding their laughable suggestion that U2 rock star Bono be named the head of the World Bank:

Your Feb. 25 editorial, “Bono for the World Bank,” is so naive it frightens me. This editorial exposes how little your editorial board understands about the role of president of the World Bank, a daunting administrative position that chiefly requires serious managerial skill, deep understanding of banking and economics and sound diplomatic and political expertise.

To think that [U2 rock star] Bono, a well-intentioned person but largely uninformed about anything beyond basic concepts of international affairs, could run the World Bank is simplistic.

Bono would be a perfect candidate to serve as a consultant or a spokesperson for the bank, as he is committed to his cause and has effectively raised the profile of issues such as debt relief.

But to think that Bono’s public relations skills translate into management qualifications is like suggesting that Bill Clinton should have had a saxophone career because he was a great president and loved the saxophone.

Joe Brinker

Well said. My only quibble with Joe Brinker of Washington is his surprise at the naivete and silliness of an L.A. Times editorial.

4 Responses to “Excellent Letter on Bono”

  1. The only thing that would have made the “Bono for World Bank” story better is if the headline had ended with “Woooooo!”

    Jeff Harrell (937967)

  2. My good intentions are far greater than Bono’s. Naa, Naa, Naa, Naa, Naaaa.

    J. Peden (ffccb8)

  3. “Bill Clinton should have had a saxophone career because he was a great president and loved the saxophone.”

    Does anyone else have a problem with that statement?

    BurbankErnie (ebbfc5)

  4. Well, sure, when it’s taken out of context as you’ve done, but that wasn’t what Brinker wrote.

    Nels Nelson (3a96e2)

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