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Arrests made for Threats targeting South Texas Walmarts

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[Headline from DRJ]

The Rio Grande Valley in South Texas is having problems with online threats targeting Walmart stores:

Just one week after a mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart, authorities have arrested two individuals, one being a teenager, for posting threats on social medias targeting two Valley Walmarts.


According to a release, police were made aware of the threat [about an Hernandez Walmart] on social media at around 4 a.m and worked through the morning to locate the suspect. He was arrested at his home and is facing charges of making a terroristic threat.

Earlier in the week, a 13-year-old boy in Weslaco faced similar charges after he posted a social media threat targeting a Walmart in the city.

I miss the days when product-tampering was the big fad.


17 Responses to “Arrests made for Threats targeting South Texas Walmarts”

  1. Heh! Texas is probably not the best place to be making online threats. Didn’t they hold a teenager for months without bail for making what sounded like a school threat (he claimed it was sarcasm and I thought so too) a few years back?

    nk (dbc370)

  2. You should escape that insane asylum and move somewhere safe, DRJ.

    “Plenty of room at the Hotel California…”

    Dave (1bb933)

  3. What do you do these days with a 13-year-old kid who makes these sort of threats, presumably as a joke or attention-seeking measure? Are there still military academies you can ship the little brat off to, or have those all gone by the wayside?

    JVW (54fd0b)

  4. Goddam kids in Texas… when they’re not opening and licking half gallons of ice cream they’re making dumbass threats on the internetz.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  5. Even kids hate walmart wow!

    lany (6ea582)

  6. A set of parents should take care of the problem.

    mg (8cbc69)

  7. It is up to parents, mg. In West Texas, kids that have legal problems go to juvenile detention and special schools. We do still have military academies, and some rich kids go to boarding schools in the Northeast. I don’t know what happens in South Texas.

    DRJ (15874d)

  8. 3 decades of non parental guidance { being disciplined when needed} has led us to this.

    mg (8cbc69)

  9. Probably from a family displaced when Hurricane Michael hit the Florida panhandle

    steveg (354706)

  10. Or a kid from California who thought he was in San Francisco

    steveg (354706)

  11. Lovely. Fame-obsessed idiots.

    DRJ (15874d)

  12. I’m going to bet that the motive for these kids was to push the case for gun control. Any takers?

    Kevin M (21ca15)

  13. These types are making social media stars like the Kardashians look classy.
    My God have mercy on our souls

    steveg (354706)

  14. The problem is there are too many Walmarts on the streets of America. 😉

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  15. “In a single eighteen-month period during 1971 and 1972 the FBI counted an amazing 2,500 bombings on American soil, almost five a day.”, Bryan Burrough, Days of Rage: America’s Radical Underground, the FBI and the Forgotten Age of Revolutionary Violence.

    If it happened, it can happen again.

    PrincetonAl (0744e4)

  16. The stupidity in Texas continues.

    DRJ (15874d)

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