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If You Know, You Know

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I know a certain organization that is glad it is not paying a certain someone $50 million over four years. Is all I’m saying.

5 Responses to “If You Know, You Know”

  1. I bet you can guess which one. Hint: it rhymes with “The Scaly Liar.”

    Patterico (442537)

  2. I’m slow today, Patterico. I will think on it.

    Simon Jester (c8876d)

  3. The Daily Wire Dodged a $50 Million Bullet Named Steven Crowder

    DCSCA (950116)

  4. Ouch!

    Rip Murdock (d2a2a8)

  5. See, that’s the thing about right-wing media.
    Who knew that an outfit like Daily Wire could afford to pay someone a cool $50 mil over four years, for a schlub.

    Paul Montagu (8f0dc7)

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