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Andrew Breitbart

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I can’t believe he died 11 years ago.

That’s all. I just can’t believe it.

An Invitation to a Certain Sort of Reader: Please Self Deport

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Marjorie Taylor Greene — harasser of shooting victims, past proponent of Jewish space laser myths, and close confidant to the GOP Speaker of the House — was busy yesterday doing what a good Trumpist does: shamelessly and repeatedly spouting blatant lies. I won’t repeat them. You can find them if you are interested.

CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale, who is not perfect (no fact checker is), but who is in the right as to the relevant instances I will cite below, called her on these lies. Here were the responses from her spokesmen:

Some will applaud this. Decent people will be disgusted.

Your reaction to the spokesmen’s responses tells me whether I want you here.

I spent years as a media critic of the local paper and am still a media critic when warranted. That said, I deal in facts. Greene here is dealing in lies, and crudely rebuffs any attempt to use facts or logic or evidence.

She does this because there is a market for this behavior.

If you approve of the spokesmen’s responses, you form part of that market. You, personally, are part of the problem.

If if that’s the case, I don’t want you here. Please leave. Self deport. Go.

Bye now.

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