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Endless Fame and Glory! Patterico Substack Piece Gets a Mention on the Advisory Opinions Podcast

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I thought I would mention that my latest Substack post, which takes issue with the views of the Trump indictment expressed by the hosts of the Advisory Opinions podcast, got a mention from . . . the hosts of the Advisory Opinions podcast. The podcast came out this morning, and the hosts had such a jam-packed show that they didn’t have time to get to the substance of my post on this go-around — but they suggested they might discuss the arguments in a future podcast. For those who don’t listen (although you should! — it’s a great podcast), I decided to transcribe the comments about my Substack post so you can see exactly what was said.

At 1:11:

ISGUR: Then, we had a wonderful listener do an entire Substack post discussing our podcast on the potential New York indictment. He pointed out some great ideas, possibilities, hypotheticals, flaws in our arguments, and if we’ve got time I want to run through those, and regardless I want to put it in the show notes. He is not a New York prosecutor, but he is a state prosecutor, and he raised some great points all around.

And at 51:42:

ISGUR: All right, we’re going to leave the long Substack post about our potential New York indictment pod for another pod, but I am going to put it in the show notes for those who are curious and really want to dive in and do their homework before the next pod.

FRENCH: It’s really good.

ISGUR: It was really well done, and thoughtful, and we just so appreciate someone taking the time to take our arguments so seriously, to then find the flaws in them, which I thought were well pointed out.

Aw, shucks, guys. Those are kinder words than I probably deserved. It’s an honor to even be mentioned on one of my favorite podcasts. It’s not clear to me whether they will take up the substance of my Substack post on the next podcast, or whether it might be deferred until Bragg actually brings this indictment . . . if he ever does. We now know the grand jury is taking a month-long hiatus, meaning Trump got everybody wound up about nothing, which he is very good at.

Many were complaining that the first indictment of a former president should be a strong case — not a crazy complaint! Well, with this hiatus, maybe that’s what is going to happen. I can’t imagine that the Georgia indictment is far off. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Spoke too soon!

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