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Have Both Major Political Parties Failed the Black Community?

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[guest post by Dana]

The writer of this really interesting essay thinks so. I’m just going to leave it here without comment because I don’t have anything to add:

Through CRT, we’re already seeing the next generation of children being indoctrinated, though not through sensible reform or progressive policy. Lesson plans have been emerging which teach our children to see themselves through their skin tones and indoctrinating them to view history as well as American jurisprudence not as it is or was, but from a perspective that is centered strictly around their race.

But it’s not just Democrats. The GOP are also complicit, because even though they don’t support CRT, they are going about rejecting it in the wrong way, as they do with anything regarding race. Instead of making a clear case for why they are not racists, explaining how the smears are false, they seem to just ignore them, or hurl their own insults back.

What this means is that Black Americans have no party that represents them.

It’s true that Black Americans vote overwhelming for Democrats, over 90 percent for almost sixty years in every national election. But what do we have to show for it? Not only have we not seen the kind of economic policy that would truly help our community, but there’s an ideological mismatch, too: Many Black Americans have conservative ideals. We believe in hard work, family, Christian values, and self-reliance.

The primary reason for the overwhelming support that Black Americans give the Democratic Party is that many Black Americans believe that the GOP is the party of racists. And we believe that because people with a vested interest in our votes have made it their mission to make sure we do.

Race has always been the crown jewel used by Democrats to galvanize Black support. The Democrats constantly and consistently remind Black Americans that race is a barrier to their progress, and that they are the answer to this problem.

But the GOP never takes the time to defend itself from these attacks. Republicans don’t spend the time in our communities to show why they are the better political party to support. Therefore, the cycle of empty Democratic support continues, and Black Americans suffer.

Critical race theory is the latest iteration of this vicious cycle. Worse, it adds in an element of divisiveness that sets our kids up for failure. Black children will learn to resent white children based on history viewed through a racial lens, and white children will learn to dislike who they are or be resentful of being told their skin color makes them inherently tyrannical.

Delivering the final blow:

Both parties have failed Black Americans.

It’s time for Black Americans to realize that their skin color is not a barrier to their progress. More importantly, they must begin to force both the Democrats as well as Republicans to earn their support.

Read the whole thing. Video at the link.


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