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Michael Flynn Says a Myanmar-Style Coup “Should Happen” While Trump Talks of Reinstatement

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Over Memorial Day weekend we were treated to the spectacle of a former National Security Advisor saying there is “no reason” a Myanmar-style coup can’t happen here — that, indeed, it “should happen”:

Flynn is trying to walk it back, saying he was saying there is “no reason” that a coup “should happen” here. One is reminded of Trump stating at Helsinki: “(Putin) just said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be.” And then, 24 hours later, saying he misspoke and meant the opposite. Like Trump’s characterization, Flynn’s walkback is a lie, it took him a while to come up with, and it is directly contradicted by video that we all saw. But apparently (for now) Flynn feels he can’t stick with the open talk of a coup.

Give it time. It will go mainstream.

I wonder how Trump himself would answer the question posed in the clip: why can’t a Myanmar-style coup happen here? I’m pretty sure Trump would not tell the questioner that we just can’t do stuff like that in the United States of America.

Meanwhile, Trump is now talking to his pals about being “reinstated” in the Oval Office. It’s not just Maggie Haberman saying so, although she is saying so:

It’s also Byron York:

Don’t waste too much energy screaming about how the sources are unnamed and so forth. My guess is, Trump will be saying this himself pretty soon. (Doesn’t he have rallies coming up? Oh boy!) Yes: he will say it in public . . . and it will not cause anybody to move on. Instead, it will cause people to write Serious Think Pieces that are, at a minimum, anti-anti-coup in tone.

“It’s a ridiculous thing to believe Trump is saying this, and also, when he says it he’s right!” has historically been the cult’s defense of Trump, and the contradictions don’t seem to matter to the cultists. If anything, they help the virtue signal to shine that much brighter.

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