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Constitutional Vanguard: More Police Shootings of “Unarmed Black Men” in 2019 from the Washington Post Database

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The next missive to paid subscribers has gone out, continuing my deep dive into the shootings of “unarmed black men” (and one woman) by police in 2019. By the time subscribers get to the end of the series in a week or two, they will have a really good handle on a snapshot of all the police shootings of unarmed black people from a single year.

Officer Norman repeatedly screams “get back!” and warns Scott that she is about to tase him. He just keeps coming. Finally, he knocks her to the ground and Norman fires two shots.

“He hit me in the head twice,” Norman said into her radio before handcuffing Scott. “I had no choice.”

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Radical Leftists Go Mad with Rage at Tim Scott’s Declaration that “America Is Not a Racist Country”

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Tim Scott gave the GOP response to Uncle Joe’s snoozefest of a speech last night. Senator Scott had a message for the nation: “America is not a racist country.”

Ohhhh, the fringe left didn’t like that one bit! Here is a typical reaction from the radical left:

Get it? It’s funny (they apparently believe) because it’s racist towards the type of black person the fringe left feels totally free to treat like a non-person. If radical leftists hate one thing more than any other, it’s a black man who thinks for himself, instead of thinking what they have told him to think.

Before you knew it, “Uncle Tim” was trending on Twitter, which finally put a stop to the trending topic this morning.

A Twitter spokesperson that the platform decided to block a trend calling black Republican Tim Scott, who gave the GOP [response], “Uncle Tim.”

“This is in line with our policies on Trends, specifically: ‘We want Trends to promote healthy conversations on Twitter. This means that at times, we may not allow or may temporarily prevent content from appearing in Trends until more context is available. This includes Trends that violate The Twitter Rules,’” a Twitter spokesperson told National Review in an email.

Hearing Twitter say “this radical leftist viewpoint is too nasty even for us” is kinda like hearing OJ say a cop was right to shoot Ma’khia Bryant, because what else are you supposed to do with a maniac wielding a knife? (Which, in the obvious simulation in which we “live,” actually happened.) When Twitter says you’ve gone too far with the radical leftist nastiness, then man, you’ve gone too far.

Our old friend Tommy Christopher was quick to oblige with a “conservatives pounce” take:

“Uncle Tim” became a top trending topic when critics used the derogatory term to slam Senator Tim Scott’s rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s address before Congress, and conservatives expressed outrage.

On Wednesday night, the South Carolina senator delivered the GOP response to President Biden’s speech, and drew heavy criticism from opponents over some of the claims he made.

And on Twitter, a play on the “Uncle Tom” slur began to trend around Scott’s declaration that “America is not a racist country,” which was coupled with the revelation that he regularly endures racial slurs from people he described as “progressives.”

Among verified users, the term was mainly deployed by Black critics of Scott’s speech, and by conservatives who accused such critics of being the “real racists.”

Conservatives pounce™ on racism!

All in all, another glorious episode in our society. No, Rodney, apparently we cannot all just get along.

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