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Weekend Open Thread

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[guest post by Dana]

I hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday weekend. Here are a few news items to consider. Feel free to share anything you think might interest readers. Make sure to provide links.

First news item

Correct observations here (I have some disagreement with the rest of the piece):

Democrats have been quick to dismiss any Trump supporter as a racist, homophobe or redneck, but they all shared a common trait with him, an unapologetic love of America.

The Republican success down-ballot and in state legislatures shows the folly of this condescension and sends a clear message that a majority of Americans are not ready for the socialist agenda favored by the radical left. Not only were there more Trump voters in 2020, there were more Hispanic and African-American voters backing Trump. The supreme irony here is that gradually the Republicans are becoming the party of the working class.

Second news item

Vaccine on its way:

President Trump said Thursday evening that coronavirus vaccine deliveries will begin as early as next week.

“The whole world is suffering and we are rounding the curve,” Trump said. “And the vaccines are being delivered next week or the week after.”

“Joe Biden failed with the swine flu, H1N1, totally failed with the swine flu,” Trump said. “Don’t let him take credit for the vaccines because the vaccines were me and I pushed people harder than they’ve ever been pushed before and we got that approved and through and nobody’s ever seen anything like it.”


United Airlines Holdings Inc. UAL -0.74% on Friday began operating charter flights to position doses of Pfizer Inc.’s PFE 1.92% Covid-19 vaccine for quick distribution if the shots are approved by regulators, according to people familiar with the matter.

The initial flights are one link in a global supply chain being assembled to tackle the logistical challenge of distributing Covid-19 vaccines. Pfizer has been laying the groundwork to move quickly if it gets approval from the Food and Drug Administration and other regulators world-wide.

Third news item

That’s a lot of money to shell out for more Biden votes:

The recount of votes cast in the Nov. 3 presidential election in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin ended Friday with President-elect Joe Biden winning the district again, this time by 132 more votes than before. President Donald Trump’s campaign had paid roughly $3 million for the re-tallying of the county’s 460,000 votes, as well as those of Dane County. The final count was 317,527 votes for Biden and 134,482 for Trump.

Fourth news item

There should be no doubt:

Donald Trump is considering launching his 2024 election campaign on the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration, it has been reported – weighing up how to keep the spotlight on him in his post-White House life.

Mr Trump, who is yet to concede defeat, and may not ever, was asked on Thanksgiving whether he would attend Mr Biden’s inauguration on 20 January.

“I don’t want to say that yet,” he replied. “I mean, I know the answer. I’ll be honest, I know the answer.”

On Saturday The Daily Beast cited three sources who confirmed he is considering a 2024 run, and two of them said that he had floated the idea of holding an event during Mr Biden’s inauguration, to cause maximum disruption.

Fifth news item

They deserved so much more:

First the coronavirus spread inside the Lyons, New Jersey, long-term Veterans Affairs facility and ravaged residents and staff. Then came what workers and veterans described as indifference and neglect from Lyons administrators as the bodies piled up and the lockdown dragged on. But to them, the worst part, the part that is ongoing nine months into the COVID-19 outbreak in America, has been watching people who need help and dignity, long after serving their country, give up.

“They were lonely, not being able to see their families. Seeing the guys die around them was terrible,” said an employee at the Lyons community living center. “You’d be leaving work on Friday, coming back Monday and finding guys missing. A lot of guys. You’d think they’d be all right. You’d see them looking weak. They’d stop eating. And they’d pass.”

Sixth news item

Covid-19 vaccine’s who, what where, when:

Who will get the first doses?
The first doses are likely to go to health-care professionals, workers in essential jobs, nursing-home residents, older Americans and people with underlying conditions that put them at high risk. Exactly which of those groups goes first would depend in part on the particular vaccine and what its data show about effectiveness among different age groups or health conditions.

Is there any debate about who should get vaccinated first?
Yes. Some health officials and experts believe health-care workers should receive the first doses, while others are advocating for the most vulnerable—older Americans—to be first in line. The vaccine panel advising the CDC is considering recommending that about 3 million elderly people in congregate settings like nursing homes be part of the first phase of immunization along with about 21 million health workers. The committee also has proposed putting essential workers such as teachers and police ahead of adults with high-risk medical conditions and people ages 65 and over who aren’t in congregate settings.

When can the general public expect to have access?
Mr. Azar said he expects there to be enough vaccine doses starting in the second quarter of 2021 so that anyone who wants a vaccine can get it. Other federal health officials have said in the spring or summer. The timeline could change if manufacturing doesn’t go as planned.

Seventh news item

Super rich kids want to wreck the system so others can’t become super-rich too:

Sam Jacobs has had many conversations with his family’s lawyers lately. He’s trying to get access to more of his $30 million trust fund. At the age of 25, he has reached the age at which many heirs can break up their money for crazy shops or a stable with sports cars. He doesn’t want that, but by wealth management standards his plan is just as bad. He wants to give everything away.

“I want to build a world where someone like me, a young person who controls tens of millions of dollars, is impossible,” he said.

Jacobs has been a socialist since college and views the “extreme, plutocratic wealth” of his family as both a moral and an economic failure. He wants to use his legacy to end capitalism and use my money to undo systems that amass money for those at the top and who have played a major role in expanding economic and racial inequality.

Both as a trust child and as an anti-capitalist, Jacobs is in a rare position among leftists fighting against economic inequality. But he’s not the only one trying to figure out “what it means to be with the 99% when you’re the 1%”.

Of course, a single act of redistribution of wealth does not change a system. But these heirs see themselves as part of a larger shift and eager to fund its dynamic.

Eighth news item

Don’t talk to me that way!:


Ninth news item



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