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Election Predictions: Play at Your Own Risk (Also: Election Open Thread)

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[guest post by JVW]

Election Day is upon us; time to make your predictions.

1. Final tally in the House
2. Final tally in the Senate
3. Biggest Congressional upset
4. Congressional race that is expected to be close but won’t be
5. Brightest star emerging from this election
6. Career that is pretty much over after this election
7. Final electoral college tally
8. Earliest date that the winner of the Presidential contest will be accurately declared and by whom

Feel free to add any other bold or mundane predictions along with the picks to these questions. Remember that my picks are nearly always wrong.


UPDATE BY PATTERICO: I’ll lay down my marker. I think Biden takes Texas and the result is announced tonight. Nothing else will matter after that. Dems gain seats in the House and take the Senate.

Whatever happens, your vote is your choice. I might criticize someone’s reasons for voting a certain way, but I will never criticize the simple fact that you voted for person x, y, or z. Go in peace. Whatever happens happens.

If you’re in Los Angeles, vote for Jackie Lacey. It will probably be your most consequential vote.

UPDATE x2: I also predict a landslide for Biden, and that Trump will fight it — and that in coming days and weeks, there will be a test of loyalty: are you willing to loudly declare that Donald Trump was defrauded out of the presidency?

UPDATE x3 FROM PATTERICO: Obviously, consider this your Election Open Thread.

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