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That Wacky Gov. Inslee Announces Who He Would Ask To Be His Secretary Of State

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[guest post by Dana]

Sometimes I step back, and look at American politics and the incredible theatrics involved, and I ask myself, are these people for real??

Anyway, you may recall that the last time I posted about Washington’s Gov. Jay Inslee, he had just signed a bill making Washington the first state to approve composting as an alternative to burying or cremating human remains. And you thought that was a doozy…

Today at the progressive Nutroots Nation conference, the “climate change candidate” told the audience who he would like to see be his secretary of state if he won the election:

[O]ne of his firs acts as president would be to get a secretary of state who embraces world unity and “love rather than hate,” as he rebuked President Trump’s foreign policy.

“My first act will be to ask Megan Rapinoe to be my secretary of state,” he said. “I haven’t asked her yet so this could be a surprise to her.”

“I actually believe this because what I think what she has said that has inspired us so much is such an antithesis of the president’s foreign policies,” he added.

Here’s the thing: Once upon a time there would have been no doubt that Inslee was just joking about Rapinoe. Today, however, I’m not so sure. We’ve elected a reality show host as President of the United States, so why not a soccer star for secretary of state? Anyway, if it’s someone who “embraces world unity” and “love rather than hate” that Inslee is looking for, he has to look no further than fellow candidate, Marianne Williamson.

And in further asking whether these people are for real, I read that after the U.S. Women’s Soccer team victory, Megan Rapinoe appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show. Maddow asked her whether she would consider running for the presidency because that’s what anyone who becomes a mega-star in the U.S. does with their 15 minutes of fame: they consider whether or not to run for the presidency:

Maddow: One of the reasons that I feel like your career is of national interest, not just for you as an athlete but for you as an American, is because over the years I feel like, watching you just as a fan, I feel like you have become more and more comfortable and more and more articulate in terms of using the platform that you’ve got to say what you think ought to be happening in the world.

You seem more calm, more capable, more eloquent than ever, and it seems like that gets better over time. And so that makes me want you to do this forever….you’re really good at talking when you need to talk and saying things that need to be said…

Public Policy Polling literally did a poll today. Which was you versus Trump in a presidential contest and you beat him by a point. So, you know, I don’t think you’re going to announce that you’re running for president here, but –

Rapinoe: Yeah, no, I’m not.

So apparently she would be available for the secretary of state slot…

Anyway, in the words of Rapinoe: “…try to be as educated as [you] can….try to keep up with things, watch The Rachel Maddow Show, of course, keep [yourselves] woke.”

Seriously, are these people for real??

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51 Responses to “That Wacky Gov. Inslee Announces Who He Would Ask To Be His Secretary Of State”

  1. These people can’t be for real…

    Dana (bb0678)

  2. After Trump, nothing is so ridiculous or so unthinkable that it can be safely discounted as a joke or a parody.

    nk (dbc370)

  3. Anyhow, I would advise her to wear more than a suit jacket over nothing in Washington DC on January 20. Remember William Harry Harrison and, moreover, she stole it from Grace Jones who is not gay (even though she looks like she should be).

    nk (dbc370)

  4. Inslee is a figment of our imagination after bad stirfry.

    Narciso (0bfcbe)

  5. She probably would do no worse than Rex Tillerson.

    Kishnevi (2f2613)

  6. For that matter, so is tank girl,

    Narciso (0bfcbe)

  7. I’m going to have Jay Inslee as my best man when I marry Tulsi Gabbard.

    JVW (54fd0b)

  8. Lol, JVW.

    Dana (bb0678)

  9. Inslee is under 1%. He’ll say anything.
    What you need to know about Inslee, the Climate Change Candidate, is that he failed to convince WA voters on not one, but two climate initiatives. The first one, 732, should have passed and 1631 rightfully failed. My favorite local weather guy, Cliff Mass, has the story. If he hasn’t been effective on climate change as a governor, then we shouldn’t expect better on a national scale.

    Paul Montagu (fc91e5)

  10. I did you want to tax, you realize everything either uses carbon or has carbon.

    Narciso (0bfcbe)

  11. I did you want to tax…

    No hablo narciso-speak.
    Oh, and my bad from the Mass link. Inslee opposed a climate initiative that should’ve passed, and he supported a climate initiative that rightfully failed. He really has no business running for higher office. My take is that he’s applying for a job at EPA or some such.

    Paul Montagu (fc91e5)

  12. Madcow was making a pass at Rapinoe, that’s all. Rapinoe shut her down.

    Bill M (906260)

  13. Paul,

    why should Washington pass an expensive carbon tax?

    NJRob (4d595c)

  14. So they can have periodic brownouts like victoris Australia, or merely permanent protests like france

    Narciso (0bfcbe)

  15. @#2-, I can only hope all future presidents are as “ridiculous” as Trump. Deregulation, tax reform, great economy, low unemployment, shrinking food stamp use, manufacturing making a comeback, many conservative judges being confirmed, open border insanity being fought and Mexico being forced to do more, corruption in the FBI/CIA being cleaned up, Paris Climate accord rejected, TPP rejected, Iran deal rejected, NAFTA renegotiated, freeloading NATO members being made to pay up, energy independence and pipelines being built, Jerusalem embassy move, no new military adventures, no domestic terror attacks(other than antifa of course), Republicans holding the Senate in the off year election, Trump still squeaky clean after endless investigations, and more but I’m getting tired of listing all the winning.

    Still, hang on to your orange man bad shtick, I mean you gotta do you, am I right?

    lee (f8d029)

  16. Why do you insist upon always calling Donald Trump a former reality show host? Donald Trump was also an owner of an airline, a real estate developer, a casino developer, a professional sports team owner, and operator of a chain of hotels around the world. Are you claiming that he made his vast fortune as a reality show host? By the same logic, Ulysses Grant was a drunk and a failed hat salesman, Harry Truman was a haberdasher, Bill Gates was a college dropout, and George Washington was a general who lost more battles than he won. All of these men were exceptional successes, regardless of the path they took to success. Being a reality host was a hobby that Trump pursued in his spare time of running a multinational corporation that he had built almost entirely from scratch. That is a CREDIT TO HIM, not a detriment.

    Pablo Panadero (3cb0fe)

  17. Speaking for myself, I call him “Roy Cohn’s slicked-up boy toy” more often than I call him “a former reality talk show host”.

    nk (dbc370)

  18. Why because he didnt use on these white shoe atty, Upshaw,

    Narciso (0bfcbe)

  19. Inslee would be screwed anyway for the simple fact he was once congressman of an exurban district who was tossed out in the wave of ’94 and he slithered over much closer to Seattle proper to get elected back to the House in 2000. A coward somewhat in the same category of Governor Target.

    urbanleftbehind (91e7c5)

  20. Da Bearz… da Bullz… Ditka…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  21. Get some go mook…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  22. Wow… get woke go mook

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  23. I wouldn’t go there…not a long road between the SNL Bears Superfans and Trump Superfans. Most here are the “other kind of P.C.”–perfectionist conservative

    urbanleftbehind (91e7c5)

  24. I suppose she COULD be worse than Shrillary, but she’d have to work at it…..

    C. S. P. Schofield (f7316d)

  25. All they have to do to beat Trump is appear sane. But no.

    Kevin M (21ca15)

  26. Why do you insist upon always calling Donald Trump a former reality show host?

    He was a successful reality TV host
    Donald Trump was also an owner of an(failed) airline, a real estate developer–Mostly failed, but does have a property management company and a few properties around the world, mostly golf courses, he shares ownership with a series of banks and investors from when he went bankrupt and needed money so sold shares in properties to them, a casino developer–(failed), a professional sports team owner–(failed), and operator of a chain of hotels around the world–See above, mostly failed, with a management company, currently most customers have terminated the agreement.

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (6e7a1c)

  27. Let’s fill out the Cabinet for him:

    AG: Gloria Allred
    Solicitor General: Heidi Fleiss
    Defense: Marianne Williamson
    Education: John Bachtell
    DHS: Eric Swalwell
    HHS: Jenny McCarthy
    Veteran’s Affairs: Chelsea Manning
    Interior: AOC
    Energy: AOC
    HUD: AOC
    Commerce: AOC
    Labor: AOC
    Transportation: AOC
    Agriculture: PETA
    Treasury: everybody

    Kevin M (21ca15)

  28. why should Washington pass an expensive carbon tax?

    Initiative 732 was (1) revenue neutral, offsetting our regressive sales taxes and adding money to low-income housing, and (2) opposed by the Left in WA State, including Inslee, and (3) was an effective way to reduce CO2, effective enough for Yale economist Nordhaus to get a Nobel (his is the only really market-based approach), (4) WA State already gets over 82% of its electricity from hydro, nuclear and renewables, and (5) the tax code is a well-established system for creating economic and environmental incentives and disincentives.

    Paul Montagu (fc91e5)

  29. @ 16 and 17 Why don’t you two join Miriam Adelson and call for adding a Book of Trump to the Bibnle/

    What are his political successes? Well, he signed a tax bill written by House Republicans and nominated a couple of justices. What are his business successes? Well, he’s licensed his brand name.

    Other than that, everything about him is a lie and a fraud.

    Gawain's Ghost (b25cd1)

  30. 32- probably because unlike you, I don’t look for a president to be a religious figure. I want him to govern the nation in a way that adheres to the constitution and is beneficial to her citizens.

    Which he has done in spades.

    I guess you long for a president like the good old days, with fresh new wars and huge new bureaucracies ala W. Bush.

    lee (f8d029)

  31. It goes without saying that Trump is not just a “game show host”. He was a billionaire business man. Which is why he was nominated and elected and currently has 90% approval from the R’s.

    Sneering about Trump being a “game show host” reminds me of 1980, when all the “moderate Republicans” sneered at Reagan for being a Hollywood actor. I find it absurd. What, pray tell was Mitt Romney? He ran in 2012 at the age of 64 and had only served one unsuccessful term as a small state Governor? The same is true of Jimmy Carter. What had Obama done prior to being President? community organizer, obscure state legislator, and 2 years as US senator. thin stuff indeed.

    And now we have “Mayor Pete” who’s done nothing except be a small city mayor and Gay. Give me a “game show host” anyday of the week.

    rcocean (1a839e)

  32. Trump has shown how hard it is to be a POTUS AND try to change things domestically. I think his lack of Government experience really hurt him and caused him to trust a lot of hacks and swamp creatures like Ryan because he didn’t know the ropes. OTOH, if your primary concern is just upholding the status Quo and working on defense/Foreign policy you don’t need much Govt experience. Which is why Ike was such a good POTUS. Two of our worst Presidents, Nixon and LBJ had the most Govt experience, Congressmen, Senators, VP.

    rcocean (1a839e)

  33. 35. So all those promises he made on the campaign trails were either calculated lies, or he was just too dumb to understand what he was getting into…?

    Gryph (08c844)

  34. The raankings of teh Democrats seem to be about as follows:

    Joe Biden is ahead, at about 3)% if you add both first and second choices.

    Elizabeth Warren. Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders are about tied for second in the mid teens, except that Elizabeth Warren is slowing rising, because of her campaign by posiition papers on the Internet, and the air is slowing leaking out of Bernie Sanders’ balloon, so he’s close to 4th. Kamala Harris has fallen back down from where she was after the debate but is ahead of where she was before that.

    Pete Buttigieg is a distant 5th at about 5%.

    No one else is above 2% and the candidates getting 1% or more are Beto O’Rourke, Cory Booker, Andrew Yang, Amy Klobuchar, and Julián Castro, not necessarily in that order. Beto O’Rourke is probably slipping but started out with a lot of money and mentions on TV. Kirsten Gillibrand has been mentioned in 2019 on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC out of proportion to her poll numbers.

    Tulsi Gabbard gets well under 1% as a first choice but her second choice votes (or rather mentions in a poll) bring her up to more than 2%

    Jay Inslee and Marianne Williamson are at under 1% but they get more than some others.

    Sammy Finkelman (19c914)

  35. 34 rcocean (1a839e) — 7/14/2019 @ 11:16 am

    And now we have “Mayor Pete” who’s done nothing except be a small city mayor

    With a crime rate as great as Chicago.

    and Gay.

    He raised some money, but is far from the lead;

    Most money raised:

    Bernie Sanders $20.7m 84.0% from small donors.

    John Delaney $18.3m 6.9% from small donors. John Delaney!?

    Elizabeth Warren $16.5m 70.3% from small donors.

    Kamala Harris $13.2m 36.8% from small donors.

    Kirsten Gillibrand $12.6m 16.7% from small donors.

    Beto O’Rourke $9.4m 59.2% from small donors.

    Amy Klobuchar $8.8m 34.6% from small donors.

    Cory Booker $7.9m 16.0% from small donors.

    Pete Buttigieg $7.1m from small donors.

    Sammy Finkelman (19c914)

  36. Pete Buttigieg 64% from small donors.

    Jay Inslee is #19 in weekly news coverage and dropping.

    Sammy Finkelman (19c914)

  37. 34. I don’t believe that Trump is or ever was a billionaire. And if he is or ever was, he has only his father to thank for it. It’s not because he had any particular business savvy of his own.

    Gryph (08c844)

  38. I don’t blame Rapinoe for being herself. I do blame Inslee though. Important note for future Secretary of Agriculture: Brawndo has electrolytes.

    JRM (c80289)

  39. 40- must have found a sale on sour grapes…

    lee (f8d029)

  40. John Delaney $18.3m 6.9% from small donors. John Delaney!?

    He’s a Maryland Congressman, so he no doubt has all of the big government lobbyists writing him checks to keep the gravy train running.

    JVW (54fd0b)

  41. Sneering about Trump being a “game show host” reminds me of 1980, when all the “moderate Republicans” sneered at Reagan for being a Hollywood actor. I find it absurd.

    Yes, remember how Reagan failed so horribly in uniting the Republican party, and that’s why he only won 49 states in 1984 and couldn’t crack the electoral votes in Minnesota or DC.

    Honestly, rcocean, your recounting of history seems to elicit more questions than it answers.

    JVW (54fd0b)

  42. Rachel thinks Megan is

    calm, more capable, more eloquent than ever??

    Holy cow, what you drinking Rachel?

    Patricia (3363ec)

  43. The ice bomber btw declares himself antifa in his manifesto.

    Narciso (7adc33)

  44. 44- yes, and lets recount history in 2020. I have a hunch Trumps legacy is going to be much more enlightening than the nevertrump camp of the R Party.

    lee (f8d029)

  45. Excuse me, the ex-R nonparty

    lee (f8d029)

  46. Also, let’s remember Reagan was never able to swing either branch of congress Republican in his 8 years, while Trump was able to keep the Senate in a ahistorical victory in 2018.

    Riding on near 90% approval of Republicans, I’d call that uniting the party.

    lee (f8d029)

  47. In the face of neverTrump predictions (notoriously wrong by the way) I will add.

    lee (f8d029)

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