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The Carter Page FISA Applications Have Been Released

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You can read them here. Don’t forget to thank the #FAKENEWSMEDIA for getting them for you.

A footnote at page 16 has this information:

Footnote re Hillary

A quick read suggests: 1) the much-ballyhooed “refusal to name Hillary Clinton” appears totally consistent with the phraseology of the rest of the document; and 2) the information from the Steele dossier does not appear to be the only information used against Page. Both are as I always suspected.

The New York Times also says:

The renewal applications from 2017 told the court in boldface print that the F.B.I. had severed its relationship with Mr. Steele because he had shared some of his claims with a news organization in October 2016, contrary to the F.B.I.’s “admonishment” to speak only to law enforcement officials about the matter. But they said the bureau continued to assess his prior reporting as “reliable.”

Let the partisan spinning begin. Me, I’m not surprised by any of it. Not one bit.

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Today’s Episode of Progressive Politicians Ignorant of How Markets Actually Work

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[guest post by JVW]

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the odds-on favorite to be the Democrats’ nominee for President in 2020.

First of all, exactly what percentage of income should Americans be spending on rent? If 30% is, per Senator Harris, “absurd” then is 26% ridiculous and 22% nonsensical, but 19% acceptable? Watch for everyone’s favorite progressive buzzword, “fair,” to rear its ugly-head.

This is of course pandering to young college graduates who feel like they are entitled to live in high-rent cities such as San Francisco and New York. It has noting to do with legitimately poor families, who continue to qualify for subsidized housing and vouchers; it’s all about winning the allegiance of Barack Obama’s old friend Julia, who has a degree in sociology with a minor in feminist studies from Babson College and now wants to work for public television in Boston but is distressed that a studio apartment even in slummy Dorchester goes for $1700 a month.

Here in Senator Harris’s home state, we are considering removing restrictions on rent control. I’ll have more to write about that later. There just happens to be a huge run on bad ideas these days, I suppose.


Have You Ever Heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons!

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President Donald J. “Vizzini” Trump weighs in on the news, obviously leaked by his team, that the feds have a recording of him and Michael Cohen discussing a hush money payment to Karen McDougal:

He keeps using that word. Etc.

Always remember and never forget: “We have no knowledge of any of this.”

And Thomas Jefferson did lots of things wrong.

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