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Selfish, Privileged Progressive Mocks Ann Romney: Just Who In The Heck Do You Think You Are Trying To Give Hope To The Terminally Ill?

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[guest post by Dana]

Earlier today, Oliver Willis, Research Fellow at Media Matters for America, publicly declared himself a small, self-absorbed man who revels in his seemingly own good health while mocking one less physically privileged for trying to help others cope with their devastating illnesses as well as trying to provide much needed funding for research on any number of neurological diseases:


ann romney has *another* book coming out. has any candidate spouse who DIDN’T become flotus ever write so many books?
10:41 AM – 19 Jul 2015



cindy mccain; 0 books
teresa heinz kerry: 1 book
tipper gore: 1 book
elizabeth dole: 1 book
kitty dukakis: 2 books
ann romney: 3 books
10:48 AM – 19 Jul 2015

Ann Romney’s new book, “In This Together,” chronicles her struggles with MS:

“With all the blessings I’ve had, I believe MS has been my greatest teacher: it has taught me about faith, compassion, and serving others. I’ve met many people along the way who’ve shared advice and demonstrated enormous resilience in the face of challenges: their stories gave me strength. In sharing my story, I want to give others hope, as I’ve been given hope on this journey,” she said.

Proceeds from the memoir will be donated to the Ann Romney Center for Neurological Diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, which she launched to battle five neurological diseases: multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s disease and brain tumors.

When it was suggested that it’s likely Romney is more cognizant of the quick passage of time and therefore wanted to share this hope sooner rather than later, renowned neurologist specializing in MS, Dr. Oliver Willis, discounted the silly notion:

she’s lived w ms for 17 yrs, i dont think death is knocking at her door right now, didnt start books till after campaign

Two quick points: I think if Romney wasn’t an extraordinarily wealthy, white Republican, Willis wouldn’t have commented. But since we know that agitators like Willis are fairly predictable, we can be assured that when drilled down to its heart, this is a complaint of either racial inequality or income inequality. (Ironically, if we asked Romney whether she would rather have health-wealth or monetary wealth, I think we can guess the answer to that.)

Second, when living with a terminal illness or suffering from a devastating physical setback, there is a great need for encouragement (books, support groups, ministries). Often that hope comes by learning about somebody else’s personal journey. The hope shared is frequently what helps others make it through the next minute, the next hour, the the next day, or through whatever time is left. Words of hope are a loving reminder that you’re not alone when you find yourself in the middle of a dark tunnel where no light can be seen. Hope becomes your best friend. And any true hope is appreciated. Which side of the political aisle it comes from, whatever the skin color of the encourager, however high their income bracket might be, matters not. It is irrelevant. Because at at the end of the day, as seen with Ann Romney, terminal illness and disease makes no distinction with whom it afflicts.

I don’t think Willis quite gets it:


@RobProvince ann romney’s got it great, despite her illness
10:53 AM – 19 Jul 2015

Which is all the more difficult to understand, given that he is currently mourning the loss of his own mother. Did he not offer her hope and encouragement to see her through the journey? Why, yes he did.


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