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“The threat is a masterful example of sub-literate drivel from a self-important tool who thinks he’s learned law from ten minutes on Google, seven of which were spent looking at lolcats.”

The threat in question is a threat to sue Above the Law for stating that this shockingly offensive advertisement is racist:

There is a two-pronged attack on behalf of the law firm now that the ad has been widely publicized: 1) law firm claims it was “hacked” and never approved the commercial, and 2) Jim DeBerry, the guy who (according to TIME) appears in the commercial, has written an email, sounding like it came from a Nigerian scammer (example: “we are respect your first amendment rights”), to claim that the ad is not racist and threatening to sue Above the Law for saying it is.

Read all about it at Popehat.

I think I found the lolcat in question, by the way:

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 6.58.53 AM

P.S. Despite the imagery of cats and shoes, I cannot prove that image was created by shoe and cat fetishist Neal Rauhauser.

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