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Brett Kimberlin Associate “Gaped Crusader” — And the Evidence Connecting Him to Neal Rauhauser

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Facts don’t matter, that’s the perception of the situation, and the world is going to act on that basis.” — The “Gaped Crusader,” November 26, 2011.

In December 2011, an anonymous Brett Kimberlin supporter calling himself the “Gaped Crusader” boasted of the harassment of five people. Two of them, Mike Stack and myself, were SWATting victims in late June and early July 2011:

The targets include Brett Kimberlin critics and SWATting victims.

The methods include “outing” people’s identities; posting their home addresses; and creating (phony) civil and criminal liability. The Gaped Crusader attributes each atrocity to Neal Rauhauser or his associate Brett Kimberlin (who runs the Occupy for Accountability blog that published pictures of my house).

The Gaped Crusader thought he was making these observations anonymously. But he made mistakes, many of which are listed in this post — which reveals extensive evidence connecting the Gaped Crusader to Brett Kimberlin associate Neal Rauhauser.

The evidence includes (among other things) common topics of obsession; common unique catch phrases; admission by both of a particular trip at a particular time; characteristic method of formatting emails; and my personal favorite: a shared IP address.


Normally I’d show you all the other similarities before I showed you the IP evidence, but the IP evidence discussion really helps reveal this guy’s true nature, right out of the gate — because it shows the “Gaped Crusader” talking about my wife.

Here are three comments the “Gaped Crusader” left on my site:

Note the middle comment, linking a post about my wife, and promising it is the first of many. Here is the post titled “Mrs. Patterico”:

The link to “Christi Frey” goes to a press release at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s web site, detailing a case that was handled by my wife. This link shows that the “Gaped Crusader” had investigated my wife.

The words “nice house” link to our address. That shows that the “Gaped Crusader” had investigated our home address.

Take a look at that IP address that this creep used to leave comments on my blog:

Neal Rauhauser used that IP address to leave a comment at the “Qritiq” blog. The “Qritiq” blog is pro-Rauhauser and pro-Kimberlin, and is filled with lies, defamation, and anti-Patterico sock puppets. Yesterday she published a post advising people about where they could complain about me to my office. Qritiq has called Rauhauser her “hero.” Rauhauser probably felt perfectly safe posting there.

What he didn’t realize is that the proprietor had given posting privileges to SWATting victim Mike Stack. And, because Stack had administrative privileges over his own posts, comments left on his posts were emailed to Stack — including IP addresses.

Whoops! Looks like you messed up, Neal!

This is a screenshot of an email that Stack forwarded to me in December 2011, with the information on Neal’s IP address:

Let’s take a closer look at that IP address:

Let’s look at those together:

I took the IP — — and plugged it into my comment software . . . and found comments from the Gaped Crusader.

As Tyler Durden might say: I am Patterico’s complete lack of surprise.

Because those of us who had watched Neal for months already strongly suspected that the Gaped Crusader was Neal Rauhauser. Because there is so much other evidence tying Rauhauser to the vile Gaped Crusader account.


Let’s look at that “Mrs. Patterico” post above. See how the Gaped Crusader said that Steve Cooley’s 2010 political opponent should prosecute me for various unnamed alleged crimes? Steve Cooley’s 2010 opponent was Kamala Harris, the Attorney General of California. And guess who also urged people to ask Kamala Harris to investigate me? If you guessed Neal Rauhauser, you’re paying attention!

On July 12, 2011, Rauhauser encouraged Daily Kos readers to file complaints against me with California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

The “California Supreme Court Complaint” in question is Brett Kimberlin’s frivolous State Bar Complaint against me — a complaint which (among other things) accused me of discriminating against the disabled by writing about Kimberlin’s status as a felon, which he claims is a “disability.” I am told Rauhauser’s associate Kimberlin filed frivolous criminal charges against me with Kamala Harris.

Odd how the Gaped Crusader (and Kimberlin) share Rauhauser’s belief that I should be prosecuted by Kamala Harris.

Rauhauser also shared the Gaped Crusader’s creepy focus on my wife. Three days after I was swatted, Rauhauser wrote a post titled “Patterico’s Penalization” that made bizarre accusations about me, claiming I “worked with a cyber-stalker named Seth L. Allen.” In that post, Rauhauser publicized Kimberlin’s State Bar complaint against me — and asked readers to get a picture of my wife. Rauhauser also suggested that a private detective stake out Seth Allen’s apartment:

But Rauhauser and the Gaped Crusader were obsessed with more than just my wife, or getting Kamala Harris to prosecute me. Let’s focus on the screenshot that opened up this post, and look at the Gaped Crusader’s targets in that disturbing post:

The names there are Mike Stack, Seth Allen, me, Aaron Walker/Worthing, and Sean Tompkins (who I believe is an online acquaintance of Stack’s). It turns out Neal Rauhauser is obsessed with the very same people.

Robert Stacy McCain and I have both previously posted about a bizarre, paranoid rant that Neal Rauhauser sent to law enforcement officials, making crazy allegations about an “ISR cell” (ISR stands for “Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance”) supposedly headed by Andrew Breitbart. Here (.pdf) Rauhauser explains the contents of the nutty CD that he sent to law enforcement:

Look at the objects of Rauhauser’s obsession. You’ll recognize the same names from the Gaped Crusader screenshot: Mike Stack, Seth Allen, Patrick Frey (me), Aaron Walker aka Aaron Worthing, and Sean Tompkins.

Rauhauser hates Mike Stack so much, he sent Stack a cease and desist letter — addressed, as it happens, to 30 Mallard Court, Three Bridges, New Jersey.

Above: two screenshots from the beginning and end of a letter from Neal Rauhauser to Mike Stack

That is not Mike Stack’s address. But it is the address that Mike Stack’s SWATter gave New Jersey police in Stack’s June 23, 2011 SWATting call.

Let’s look at some of the other names on Rauhauser’s Enemies List — people he hates enough to mention in a CD sent to law enforcement attempting to implicate them in phony crimes. As you can see, those names include (among others) HB Gary (which was headed by Aaron Barr); Rauhauser’s Twittergate enemy Michelle Lessick aka ZAPEM; and a guy named Tom Ryan.

Was the Gaped Crusader obsessed with any of these other enemies of Neal Rauhauser’s? If you guessed “yes,” that means you’re really getting the hang of this! Here is a screenshot with complaints about Stack, me, Sean Tompkins, HB Gary and Aaron Barr, Tom Ryan, and Aaron Worthing:

Here’s another post that falsely claims that Aaron Barr and Tom Ryan “coordinate” with me:

For the record, I have never met, spoken with, or corresponded with Aaron Barr or Tom Ryan in my life.

As for ZAPEM/Lessick, the Gaped Crusader mentioned her in a post that also mentioned Seth Allen, Stack, me, Kamala Harris, and Steve Cooley:

That post, dated December 16, starts out mentioning a John Dean column about cyberbullies:

Which is interesting, since Neal Rauhauser mentioned the very same article on the same day, in a comment at the Qritiq blog:

Rauhauser later said he was so taken with the article that he made notes on it.

It’s also important to note that, like the Gaped Crusader, Rauhauser is obsessed with Weinergate. This is important, because SWATting victim Mike Stack was never much of a Brett Kimberlin critic, but he was a high-profile participant in the monitoring of Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account, and frequently noted Weiner’s penchant for following young girls with that account. Last summer, I also had a significant role in various stories having to do with Weiner’s communications with young women. Indeed, before I was SWATted, I was threatened by email, and the threat ostensibly had to do with my publication of Weiner’s communications with Gennette Cordova. That email was sent to me (and Ace of Spades) the same night Mike Stack was SWATted: June 23, 2011.

And Neal Rauhauser, like the Gaped Crusader, is a “Weiner Truther” who has insinuated that I was behind a plot to bring down Anthony Weiner. Just look again at the screenshot above asking people to have Kamala Harris investigate me for my alleged “involvement in the stalking of Congressman Weiner.”


Indeed, the Gaped Crusader and Rauhauser don’t just share a generalized theory that I was somehow behind a set-up of Anthony Weiner. They both have a specific theory about what I did — and the theory is the same for both of them.

At the Daily Kos, Rauhauser speculated that I arranged for the fake driver’s license used by the alleged mother of Nikki Reid:

The fake driver’s license employed by Pamela Reid, the fake mom of the fake teenage girl Nikki aka @starchild111, was from California. Presumably a Deputy D.A. from that area, where immigration problems are common, would know and perhaps be engaged in plea bargains with people who can manufacture documents.

Similarly, the Gaped Crusader speculated:

Would a Los Angeles county prosecutor have seen a driver’s license forging case or two? Probably. Could they cut some nice deal for a third time offender, say getting a license and a woman to voice Patricia Reid so they could set up Tommy Christoper to take the fall for the fake teen girl entrapment effort? Yeah, that sounds doable, doesn’t it?


And again, in a post titled “Straight Outta Compton,” the Gaped Crusader once again talked about Kamala Harris, Steve Cooley, Aaron Worthing, me, Seth Allen . . . and Anthony Weiner. See here, here, and here:

It isn’t hard to imagine former Congressman Anthony Weiner sitting at home with his lovely wife Huma Abedin, not saying anything, but with a grim little smile on his face as he watches all this unfold.

Similarly, in a post called “Free Speech and Accountability” we see this:

The Gaped Crusader also mentioned the “Threat Management Unit” — another name for the District Attorney’s “Stalking and Threat Assessment Team,” or STAT. This came up in a post again mentioning Steve Cooley:

Note again the constant accusations that I was involved in “stalking” and “smearing” Brett Kimberlin (a partner in Velvet Revolution) and Anthony Weiner. But right now I am interested in the mention of our stalking unit. Because Brett Kimberlin filed a complaint against me with our stalking unit. And that unit was a particular obsession of Neal Rauhauser’s.

Guess who else mentioned the same team? Alicia Pain, the person who threatened me before I was SWATted:

Well what can I say? If you really want to bring me to justice, I encourage you to do so. Here is the best number to call: Stalking and Threat Assessment Team (STAT)
Inside line: X[redacted] or (213) 974-[redacted].

A comment by “OccupyOngsHat” at the Qritiq blog encouraged Qritiq to report me to the same anti-stalking unit. The commenter claimed that this would result in “lulzy lulz”:

Oddly enough, the comment was left using the same IP used by the Gaped Crusader and Neal Rauhauser:


The Gaped Crusader, like Rauhauser himself, loves to speak in the idiom of 4chan-style hackers. Everything is “epic” and “lulzy” and there are a billion references to “lulzcows” and Encyclopedia Dramatica and the like.

Even in this blizzard of inanity, a couple of comparisons stand out for me.


In one post, the Gaped Crusader said the “butthurt is flowing thick and fast”:

That’s not a real common phrase. Yet, in a post as Stranded Wind at Daily Kos, Rauhauser said “the butthurt is flowing thick and fast”:

Note who is named as having “paid dearly” for their role as “Weinergate perps”: me and Mike Stack.

The two SWATting victims from 2011.

I should note here that a) Stranded Wind is a well-known alias for Rauhauser, and b) this Stranded Wind post was published on July 27, 2011 — long before my SWATting was made public. (I mentioned it publicly weeks ago, and even Ron Brynaert did not mention it in public until August 2011.)

By the way, Rauhauser could not avoid talking like a teenaged hacker even in the materials he sent to law enforcement. In the “ReadMe” text document included to explain the contents of the disk, Rauhauser wrote things like this:

Swatting call – purportedly someone swatting Mike Stack. Google this, lots of butthurt flowing, claims he was cuffed at gun point?

You can just picture an FBI agent interviewing Neal: tell me more about the “epic lulz” and the “butthurt,” Mr. Rauhauser.


In Rauhauser’s complaint to law enforcement about alleged harassment by Mike Stack, he mentions a harassment contest called “Iron Troll”:

This account, with some sixty thousand followers, is a major news outlet for Anonymous. It should be noted that the Anonymous community is currently running “Iron Troll” – a contest involving computer, phone, and real life pranks.

The Gaped Crusader also mentioned “Iron Troll” in a post titled “Getting Kamala Harris After Porn Mooks”:

That alone isn’t much — but it gets more interesting.

Take a look at Gaped Crusader’s mention of 4chan, Something Awful, and Encyclopedia Dramatica, in that order — and then reflect on an email recently published at The Trenches that Rauhauser wrote to lefty Twitter activist Shoq:

I have been sorely tempted to point him out to various actors – a guy like this, he could really produce some high quality entertainment for 4chan, Something Awful, Encyclopedia Dramatica, etc.

Weird, huh? Even weirder is that Rauhauser listed these three entities in exactly this order as Stranded Wind, back in June 2011:

Anonymous doesn’t have a tree structure, it’s a loose coalition of warring tribes. Each node has its own culture and methods.

Some of them are from 4chan, some from Something Awful, some from Encyclopedia Dramatica, and a few dozen other sites that are less well known.



4chan hackers don’t commonly use the term “discharge” to refer to someone being fired. But both the Gaped Crusader and Rauhauser fantasized about the “discharge” of yours truly.

In a July 4, 2011 entry titled “Patterico’s Penalization” (published 3 days after my SWATting), Rauhauser wrote:

Discharge, disbarment, and public ridicule ought to be Frey’s lot in life if what appears to be going on, based on this small analysis, is truly the explanation for the events surrounding Weinergate.

Similarly, in late November 2011, the Gaped Crusader was very excited about the possibility of “discharge” and (he believed) impending criminal charges for me:

Can discharge and criminal charges be imminent for Los Angeles assclown D.A. John Patrick Frey?



Neal, writing as Stranded Wind, enjoyed calling me “Paddy” as he threatened me:

Above: Writing at Daily Kos, Rauhauser suggests I should be harassed online.

Oddly enough, so did the Gaped Crusader, in a post talking about subpoenaing my boss Steve Cooley to ask him questions about my blogging:

Or this post, which called me the “capodecina of the Breitbart crime family” — and once again called me “Paddy”:

Incidentally, the term “lulzcow,” used by Rauhauser in that creepily threatening post from the Daily Kos in July 2011, was also used by the Gaped Crusader:

There’s just one “tell” after another, isn’t there?


On November 21, 2011, OccupyOngsHat rendered the Anonymous slogan in Romanian:

The Gaped Crusader blog has Romanian all over it:

Neal at Occupy the House talked in Romanian:

Just two hours before he surrendered that account to other Occupiers:

I could go on and on here, but I think you get the point. Rauhauser and Gaped Crusader both used the “x noun is x” trope. Gaped Crusader had a post titled “Butthurt Moderator is Butthurt,”, while Neal, tweeting as “Occupy the House,” would tweet things like “Ineffective troll is ineffective.” Both talked about “Anonymiss” — a group of women hackers Rauhauser has claimed to lead. They both are fans of the Qritiq blog. Both talk about “porn mooks” and “e-lawyers” and PornWikiLeaks and Donny Long . . . And so on and so on and so on.


In a December 8, 2011 comment at the Kid Kenoma blog (see here and here) Rauhauser talked about visiting Rockaway Beach:

Similarly, the Gaped Crusader talked about making a visit to Far Rockaway and Broad Channel — which, along with Rockaway Beach, are areas on the Rockaway Peninsula of Queens.

I took the screenshots of the Gaped Crusader post about his visit to Far Rockaway on November 26, 2011 — almost two weeks before Rauhauser spoke at Kid Kenoma about his visit to Rockaway Beach.

Anthony Weiner represented the Rockaway Beach area.


I already posted about this, but I’d hate to leave it out of this more comprehensive post. Here is a typical Rauhauser email, in which Neal demonstrates his penchant for lawfare. The background: on a publicly available Flickr account, Neal Rauhauser posted multiple shots of shoes, feet, more shoes, more feet, shoes on cats, feet, and shoes. (Sample here.) This prompted Mandy Nagy to joke on Twitter about Neal having a foot fetish, which in turn prompted this email, in which Neal threatened to sue Mandy for claiming he had a sex life of any kind at all:

Don’t insinuate that he has a sex life or he’ll SUE!!!!

Anyway, here is an email from the Gaped Crusader. Note the similar indenting style:

As I indicated previously, I owe a debt to Brooks Bayne for catching that subtlety.

Perhaps an even more important email is this one, which provides the quote that began this post. In it, the Gaped Crusader responds to Mandy Nagy’s claim that the facts show she has done nothing wrong. The bottom, indented paragraph is the Gaped Crusader:

That line is important: “Facts don’t matter, that’s the perception of the situation, and the world is going to act on that basis.” That’s Neal Rauhauser’s view of the world, as expressed by the Gaped Crusader.


This post is foundational for much of what comes in the future. In future posts I will introduce to you other sock puppet accounts with similar obsessions, writing styles, and IPs, such as the “LulzShack” account that seemed to know about my SWATting months before it was made public. I will show you how certain “moby” trolls at my site leave racist and sexist comments, with IPs from similar blocks as the Gaped Crusader, Alicia Pain, and LulzShack. There will be further evidence in these posts relating to the SWATtings of myself and Mike Stack.

Neal Rauhauser spent a solid year lying about me. Now the time has come for me to tell the truth about him.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Um. Boom? Yes. Boom.

    Patterico… sometimes our discussions end more acrimoniously than I would like, but I have a great deal of respect for you and what you’re doing here. Please be careful. You’re going to tighten a vice on people without morals; they’re going to get desperate and try to hurt you, worse than they already have. So please be careful.

    Leviticus (102f62)

  2. Oh, did this post already? I had it scheduled for midnight.

    Anyway, yes, Neal Rauhauser is a violent psychopath and is probably more fixated on me than he is on any other human on the planet right now. Same goes for Brett Kimberlin. I put the chances of my being murdered today far higher than I would have ever thought a year ago.

    Patterico (feda6b)

  3. All they know is escalation and violence.

    Patterico (feda6b)

  4. God be with you, Patterico.

    mg (44de53)

  5. Pat, excellent work but, as Levi said, please take care. You are cornering a rat which is never good. I admire your fortitude.

    Gazzer (703e55)

  6. Pay careful attention to this post.

    To the circumstantial evidence regarding the SWATting.

    To the open acknowledgement of harassment and the psychopathic behavior.

    Pay attention.

    Patterico (feda6b)

  7. Patterico – Thank you for not including the picture of Neal naked on the f*ck me blanket in the post.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  8. It is really kind of sad.

    “Daddy, what did you do when you were younger?”. “I trolled people on the Internet.”
    “I would inject myself into controversies that got a lot of attention so that I could claim to be a part of them, kind of like streaking at a World Series game”.

    I mean, that is about the extent of the career so far.

    crosspatch (6adcc9)

  9. Googling suggests that IP address belongs to an anonymizing proxy, in which case lots of people may use it. It’s still too big a coincidence to ignore, but not the smoking gun one might initially think.

    roy (0808d5)

  10. I put the chances of my being murdered today far higher than I would have ever thought a year ago.

    What a horrible feeling.


    MayBee (5e4ceb)

  11. I’m starting to really hate the whole 4chan / anonymous / Goon hacker group. And Rauhauser is a complete jackass. I hope they get busted and locked away in a prison with violent offenders, where they have to feel powerless and useless away from their internet connections.

    I have zero sympathy and zero respect for them.

    OmegaPaladin (a63d4d)

  12. Patrick,

    Exposing the villains in posts like this one is your best protection against physical harm. If anything happens to you, the world is on notice who did it.

    Excellent job.

    Peter (68e4c9)

  13. That line is important: “Facts don’t matter, that’s the perception of the situation, and the world is going to act on that basis.” That’s Neal Rauhauser’s view of the world, as expressed by the Gaped Crusader.

    “Facts don’t matter” is a very familiar phrase.

    That’s actually something Rush Limbaugh frequently says (about liberals, in a negative way)

    As in:

    The liberal template is set, and the facts don’t matter.

    See for more.

    It seems like Neal self-identifies with that criticism! This is Rush Limbaugh’s view of the way liberals, or some liberals, see the world.

    Sammy Finkelman (48f9c6)

  14. OmegaPaladin, actually SA Goons are more rational compared to 4chan. They grief people when it comes to games but don’t tolerate stupid crap like this. There’s a reason why the rejects of SA went to 4chan.

    Kaitian (da9520)

  15. The question is, since Neal Rauhauser and the Gaped Crusader are so similar, why does he need two separate identities?

    The answer can be:

    First a minor reason, it makes Kimberlin and company look like they have more allies (but for that, you’d want lots of names and not too much in any one name)

    Second, the Gaped Crusader can say things Neal can’t, or he could get into trouble or be in some other way counterproductive.

    The Gaped Crusader interprets and explains things that Neal does, or the possible consequences Neal would like you to contemplate. If Neal said it himself, it would be a threat.

    Can Neal himself say: “Facts don’t matter, that’s the perception of the situation, and the world is going to act on that basis.”

    No, this has to be a third party.

    Sammy Finkelman (48f9c6)

  16. Use of Romanian: This could be intended to point a finger at Russian-influenced Transnistria (which seceded from Moldova, which seceded from the old Soviet Union)

    It’s the sliver of the pre-World War II Soviet Union that was added to the territory the Soviet Union acquired from Romania after World War II, to create the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic.

    It’s a haven for frauds and hackers, but obscure.

    During a panel discussion on cyber warfare, Sergei Markov of the Russian State Duma has stated his unnamed aide was responsible in orchestrating the cyber attacks. Markov alleged the aide acted on his own while residing in an unrecognised republic of the former Soviet Union, possibly Transnistria.[8]

    Sammy Finkelman (48f9c6)

  17. Dial-up here….this post is too long to load properly. It would be nice if you could break it into about three pages like Aaron did with his very long post.

    RWS (9d1bb3)

  18. Patrick, I suggest you and the Mrs. get proper licenses and carry “heat” should Kimberlin or Rauhauser, the Iowa Turd, show up.

    PCD (66bba0)

  19. Vlad teh Impaler
    he sucked hard not like weak suck
    Neal teh Simpleton

    Colonel Haiku (c8ce3b)

  20. Oh, some range time monthly and maybe doing some IDPA shooting wouldn’t be a bad idea. I do, and I carry. Surprising how liberals and miscreants leave you alone once they get wind messing with you can result in them finding out what happens when they die.

    PCD (66bba0)

  21. They are digging legal holes for themselves but it is nothing they have not done before.

    Beto (41967a)

  22. Patterico, don’t forget that BK has used explosives when cornered before. I would be VERY CAREFUL about packages arriving either at home or work. What would be really funny is if these anonymizing proxy servers like Tor were actually set up by the DHS or NSA as honeypots. It would be nice if you could subpoena that info….

    rorschach (d62b54)

  23. PCD, suggest you reflect on Patterico’s day job (and his wife’s) and view the character of the hooligans, rogues, scalawags and scoundrels he normally deals with and reflect whether or not logic would dictate that a CCW permit has at least been considered. Also please note that California (in general) is not the easiest place to have such a permit issued (though his circumstances give him a slight edge). I don’t think he cares one way or another about “liberals” bothering him, just crooks and crazies.

    roy in nipomo (d31d1e)

  24. More bricks for the wall.

    The sloppier these attacks get, the more likely it becomes that at some point the parties will be put into separate rooms with authorities and we find out whether there is loyalty among thieves hackers.

    I also believe we have not yet figured out what was NR and BK’s involvement with Cong. Weiner. Their reaction to that episode was outsized and incongruent to events.

    CausticConservative (b29599)

  25. Focus and obsession are not congruent. Quivering blobs of jello a likely outcome, too many targets.

    gary gulrud (dd7d4e)

  26. Give em hell, Pat! Very well done.

    What can we do to help you with this debacle?

    Brian Resterson (942ebe)

  27. 20, When I lived in Anaheim, the Kern county Sheriff was most reasonable in approving permits.

    I now live in the Union Goon Democrat armpit of Iowa. Plugs, the Prevaricating, Plagarist Vice President is in town and about to speak.

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  28. It seems like you’ve done so much of the investigative work for the proper authorities, that if they ever do get serious about looking into this, all that’ left for them to do is bring in Neil Rauhauser for questioning and get a search warrant for all of his electronic/computer equipment.

    The trial won’t last more than a week. The imprisonment will be a long, long time (coming).

    UG (d49b11)

  29. Follow the money.

    ropelight (286f73)

  30. PCD@ 6:18
    Fairly rural/conservative counties aren’t so bad, but more urban/liberal counties (e.g. LA, SF, San Diego, etc) tend to approach near impossibility (other than politically connected). I suspect an inverse correlation between population density and percentage of permits issued.

    Regardless, Patterico had pretty good grounds for a permit long ago. Now, on top of possible face-to-face hazards, he has a former bomber unhappy with him. I doubt a SWATTING will work a second time (at least for the same address – probably flagged in LASO’s CAD), but other potentially lethal “pranks” might be attempted.

    roy in nipomo (d31d1e)

  31. Epic

    MCreamer (beed40)

  32. Chilling.
    He then made good on his promise to “out” Sean by “doxing” my new address, email and phone number on a ScribD account as “PO1889” (now deleted) with Lane Lipton as the lone follower of that account. This was the basis for filing my first criminal charge against him.
    In the document, Sean’s info ,etc , was outed, as well as one other person who is an online friend of myself and Sean’s.
    Great piece though.
    There is much more to this.

    Mike Stack (66819b)

  33. There is much more to this.

    Well, sure.

    LulzShack, for one.

    Stormpeedo, for another.

    We haven’t even begun to talk about Darrah Ford.


    Luckily Neal has.

    Patterico (feda6b)

  34. Pat, I don’t understand this sentence early in the piece:

    “The Gaped Crusader attributes each atrocity to Neal Rauhauser or his associate Brett Kimberlin …”

    MCreamer (beed40)

  35. I am a lurker and rarely comment. I enjoy your blog and am so sorry that you and your family as well as the others have to deal with these criminals. Please be safe and know that my prayers are with you.

    freedom_costs (c4171d)

  36. Googling suggests that IP address belongs to an anonymizing proxy, in which case lots of people may use it. It’s still too big a coincidence to ignore, but not the smoking gun one might initially think.

    Well, sure, this sock puppet uses a proxy. But here’s the thing. My blog has 651,788 comments. Three of those comments use the IP

    All three are from the Gaped Crusader.

    Does that help?

    Patterico (feda6b)

  37. Pat, I don’t understand this sentence early in the piece:

    “The Gaped Crusader attributes each atrocity to Neal Rauhauser or his associate Brett Kimberlin …”

    Brett Kimberlin has acknowledged that Neal Rauhauser is his associate.

    In the initial screenshot, the Gaped Crusader attributes each atrocity to either Kimberlin or to Rauhauser (who is Kimberlin’s associate).

    Patterico (feda6b)

  38. Patterico, thank you for doing all this. You put yourself out there, mostly unintentionally, but you haven’t backed down.

    Leviticus, thank you. Your sentiments are appreciated. As are SEK’s.

    “I put the chances of my being murdered today far higher than I would have ever thought a year ago.”

    I wish I could tell you that you were wrong.

    Daryl Herbert (1e4392)

  39. #30, In Orange county, we went to Kern county for permits as they are a statewide permit, it didn’t have to be issued in OC. There is more crime around Disneyland than is reported in the media.

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  40. Prepostericity in Feb. 2010 on the Theresa Duncan and Thomas Blake deaths which Neal Rauhauser gave as his reason for visiting and photographing the beach in Far Rockaway.

    Sammy Finkelman (976d9e)

  41. That should be Jeremy Blake, not Thomas Blake. Bkale and Duncan were long time lovers. Neal is calling attention to the non or lesser mystery. Jeremy Blake is supposed to have committed suicide a week after Theresa Duncan’s death by walking into the Atlantic Ocean. Theresa Duncan is supposed to have committed suicide by taking Tylonel and alcohol and her body was discovered by Jeremy Blake.

    Socrates proposes there that Theresa Duncan committeed suicide because she had heard that her plagiarism was about to be exposed.

    Whatever, if Neal is involved there has to be something that somebody is covering up. She apparently wrote a lot of stuff, some of it apparently dubious conspiracy theories.

    Maybe something there was true, or contained a clue to something.

    Sammy Finkelman (976d9e)

  42. A bit off topic, but I hope that you have collecting up the IP addresses these guys use and scanning your logfiles for their page reads. Or attempts to post.

    Kevin M (bf8ad7)

  43. I’m looking forward to seeing you drag these rats out into the daylight, hissing and biting no doubt.

    Good hunting.

    Space Cockroach (8096f2)

  44. This is the most entertaining thing I’ve read all week. Holy crap. And all of this started because one man doubted the validity of another man’s penis photos?

    Anthony Weiner: That was, in fact, my photo that I took.

    Weiner Denier: No it wasn’t! I demand proof!

    This is beyond ridiculous. This is what happens when crazy meets the internet.

    You can just picture an FBI agent interviewing Neal: tell me more about the “epic lulz” and the “butthurt,” Mr. Rauhauser.

    And this would be the part where I fell off my chair laughing.

    Book (2c040e)

  45. __________________________________________

    And the Evidence Connecting Him to Neal Rauhauser

    Impressive amount of legwork! CSI, Columbo and Miss Marple would be envious. But there also needs to be a face associated with Rauhauser, if only because many people tend to be visual. And although one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, this photo of that fanatic does ooze “stereotypical leftwing kooks“!! Smiling dangerous dolts, who very likely (and ironically) think of themselves as being wonderful, noble, generous, humane human beings. Pffft.

    Such twisted, perverse people make me think of recent news about the contemptible and equally twisted, perverse David Duke recently announcing his support of a leftwing Democrat (who’s black, no less) in New York running for Congress.

    Mark (48b2da)

  46. Been following this story and A.W.’s via AOSHQ…this is impressive and fantastic. You just put fear into every professional sock-puppeteer on the planet.

    It’s a small world after all. I guess when you are as despicable as these guys are, and therefore don’t have any real friends, sock puppets are the next best thing. Stay brave and safe.

    MostlyRight (4f90a6)

  47. Been following this tale, which started out creepy and has proceeded well into the realm of “holy SH*T,” both here and on RSM’s site – hard to believe something like this can go on without the authorities moving in to put a rather forceful stop to it.

    Do YOU have options to go on the offensive at this point? Because, as you say, these clowns have no intention of stopping until somebody _forces_ them to.

    And if you’re not carrying at all times, start.

    Be safe, and check six.

    ManAllAirDefenseStations (b48d1f)

  48. Anthony Weiner: That was, in fact, my photo that I took.

    Weiner Denier: No it wasn’t! I demand proof!


    JD (318f81)

  49. As always Mr. Patterico, I will pray for you and your family’s safety. Please stay safe and bring evil men to justice.

    NJRob (fe68e7)

  50. Rightfully Pissed Blogger is Rightfully Pissed. Great post!

    pjalinsky (5c827f)

  51. Good job. At some point law enforcement has to take this up. These guys are just clumsey enough to implicate themselves while police are paying attention.

    ukuleledave (e546ca)

  52. Where are Reginald fitzUrse, Hugh de Morville, William de Tracy, and Richard le Breton when they are truly needed?

    AD-RtR/OS! (b8ab92)

  53. Patterico… great work, but as the military aviation community would say,”be sure to watch your six”… these guys are not in the right frame of mind to just let this go… need to find someone in law enforcement that is going to take this up from their end.

    fightingwombat (ff5655)

  54. Whoa, that jackoff has been on my home turf of the Rockaways?

    TheLastBrainLeft (28a52b)

  55. I am also detecting a lot of 4chan speak with these guys. As a bit of a b-tard myself, I found that interesting.

    TheLastBrainLeft (28a52b)

  56. I put the chances of my being murdered today far higher than I would have ever thought a year ago.

    — There you go again! Now you’re gonna have to go to court and tell a judge “No, I did not say that this convicted bomber and alleged murderer was going to bomb or murder me,” and then the convicted bomber will stand up (he’ll have to, just to be seen) and say “You tell him to stop telling the truth on the Internet! Doesn’t he know that it’s supposed to be a ‘web’ of lies? I mean, look at my friend Neal — never told the truth a day in his life; but you don’t see HIM getting sued or SWATted, do ya? Well then . . . there you go.”

    Icy (58301d)

  57. Holy crap. Talk about delusions of grandeur. This guy really is a few fries short of a Happy Meal, isn’t he?

    radar (257ad5)

  58. That IP address is a bit peculiar. Normally, any address with a 0 or 255 indicates a broadcast multicast within the network. 0 indicates a local network broadcast, while 255 indicates a network wide broadcast. These broadcast indicators are much like a “*” on a directory list.

    In order to use an address like, you would have to be an administrator on the network, where you could pick up all the packets that don’t go to, thru and route them specially to a designated computer.

    NetRange: –
    OriginAS: AS8038
    NetName: 6CONNECT-1
    NetHandle: NET-67-221-240-0-1
    Parent: NET-67-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Allocation
    RegDate: 2009-06-05
    Updated: 2012-03-02

    OrgName: 6connect, Inc.
    OrgId: CONNE-81
    Address: 1743 Park Ave.
    Address: Suite 130
    City: San Jose
    StateProv: CA
    PostalCode: 95126
    Country: US
    RegDate: 2009-03-23
    Updated: 2011-09-24

    Neo (d1c681)

  59. I’ve been only a lurker until now but I have to say this is the finest unmasking I’ve ever seen on a blog. Good job, Patterico.

    Jason (67dbb3)

  60. JPF,
    Doesn’t the fact that you are an LA Cty DA give you license to carry as well as your wife? Or does it not give you the ability to apply for a special license due to the fact that your an officer of the court? I would not think that you would advertise the fact that you may or may not currently carry. Although I would suggest that you let people make their own guesses as to the fact that you will take every precaution to protect your life and property by any means necessary. I have read about this situation on many blogs now and can’t beleive that some authorities would not take up this case especially since Kimberlin is part of this action.

    Bali Bali Zingo (007022)

  61. If Deadbeat Dad Rauhauser would step away from the keyboard and get a job, maybe he could pay some of his $30,000 in back child support. What a low-life loser.

    Estragon (13e813)

  62. Bali Bali, I think those questions are Patterico’s business and no one else’s. I don’t think discussing them helps him.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  63. BBZ, the only assault against PF’s property occurred at the hands of the LAPD. Capiche?

    Icy (58301d)

  64. Awesome post.

    Dustin (330eed)

  65. What kind of pervy disgusting name is “Gaped Crusader” anyway?

    Matt (1a852c)

  66. Fascinating article, excellent reporting and investigative work, the kind that should win awards.

    So what happens now? Is a real-life governmental prosecutorial authority going to do something or will this be just thought of as a bunch of wacky bloggers in a pissing match? I have a feeling it will be viewed as, well, work. You, know, the kind involving thought and it’s just easier to regard the whole thing as a pissing match. A-noting-to-see-here-so-move-a-long kind of thing.

    Dave in Houston (04ec15)

  67. I wonder what a mental health professional would say upon reviewing a collection of NR’s writings.

    Lizbuddie (defc83)

  68. Quite a fascinating clue to the disturbed minds at work among the Neal Rauhauser clique is the continuous repetition of Patterico being “prosecuted” for “crimes” … which they can never get around to actually articulating.

    And obviously not out of any fear of being sued for defamation, they just run out of imagination and can’t figure out how in their head to fabricate any actual … crimes.

    R Dale (b93549)

  69. Hi, google, whois, and some lookups provide interesting references to your IP address mystery. First, depending on who you use, the IP originates in brooklyn, or San Jose, CA. Traceroutes to it show that you have to go through Europe to get to it.

    One of the search engines claims it’s an anonymous proxy. I believe that very well might be true.

    There is no reverse DNS assigned, which is unusual, and the netblock belongs to a company called “6connect”, which is a company that sells some IT management tools. I see no obvious services for the company to be offering the use of their IP addresses to someone else. They sell software, not internet services. So, someone might be misappropriating some extra IP numbers they own.

    So, if it really is an anonymous proxy, you can’t “prove” who is behind it, except that they or him or her use the same anonymizer, which appears to be located in NYC.

    but the routing for the IP address from Charter in Washington state, goes across the country to washington dc, france, switzerland, germany, and then back to NYC.

    There is no purpose for this except to confuse people looking for an identity, which is a clue that it’s an anonymous proxy.

    So, using the same proxy means that whoever is behind it is definitely in collaboration, or is all the same person.

    Additionally, searching for spam sources finds that some spam has originated from that IP address. This means there’s signficant (thought not high) possibility that the IP address is a compromised (hacked) or rootkitted or malware infected machine somewhere.

    Now, I do not have time to test the IP addresses for all the free anonymous proxies out there to see if any of them use the address or a similar one (all the same except the last quadrant.. for instance). However, if it was legitimate 6Connect network IP address use, it means that 6Connect operates anonymous proxies without advertising it.

    One last thing… 6Connect owns a /20 of IP addresses… that means a LOT of them. When you traceroute to the IP in question, the traceroute goes to Europe and back via reverse lookup to… Euro Transit, which is… 6Connect.

    As a nominally knowledgeable network guy, there is NO earthly reason to route traffic from Washington to washington dc to paris to switzerland and germany to get to NYC.

    Hackers or people within the Euro Transit operation operating something to hide people’s identity… Would explain this.

    Let’s just say that someone, somewhere, is going through really huge pains to hide their identity. And is either on the pigtails of someone else’s efforts to do something shady… or is part of an operation to hide from the law themselves. (the “rauhauser” person and all the users of the same IP address)

    ISP Guy (0e7823)

  70. Oh, just to clarify… I was running traceroutes and stuff as I wrote the above. Yes, 6Connect does somehow have their IP’s in use by Euro Transit, but I have no idea if they merely allow a separate company to use them, or if they operate Euro Transit, or own them, or something like that – possibly the reverse, even.

    In any case, the lack of reverse DNS for the ip address is puzzling, as almost NO consumer’s internet connection lacks reverse dns. It will freeze you out of some secure sites. So, this is not part of any normal ISP.

    In fact, it’s incredibly rare for any hosting company to NOT have reverse DNS as well.

    So, again, I leave you with the notion that the voices behind that IP address are working very hard to conceal themselves from the casual searcher.

    ISP Guy (0e7823)


    and there have been incidents involving b-tards (4chan), goons (Something Awful), and now EDiots (Encyclopedia Dramatica) has gotten into the act.

    Same order. He is a creature of habit, isn’t he?

    Dave (43ca9b)

  72. Pat: If you need a hookup on a CCW instructor, let me know. You have my email. Cooley should be able to sign off on your CCW.

    Smokey Behr (494f41)

  73. Maybe NR’s obsession with Weinergate was because he was on Weiner’s mailing list?

    BrianA (82b66e)

  74. Over the years (i’m about 50), I’ve met a signficant number of these cyberpunks. None of them are as smart as they think they are, and more importantly, none of them do as much as they think they do.

    I spent some quality time looking up what Rauhauser’s been up to in the IT world, and trust me, his life revolves around activism, far more than being an extraordinary software person.

    First, they believe themselves impregnable to the law, and second, they believe they can outwit everyone, and I mean, everyone. And, because of their arrogance, they tend to assume that their circle of “friends” are people who will go to jail to defend them. After all, they are as much “anti-establishment” as the hippies of the 60’s, except that they aren’t.

    The self importance in his own language is so overhelming, it it is almost stunning. Yet, what has Neal Rauhauser done to advance the political cause he’s dedicated to? Almost nothing.

    However, it’s all personal. Very personal. Thus, his efforts to hurt people. And, he has believed that when he hurts someone, they’re out for the count. This kind of personal life of vendettas will eventually bring him down, as he conducts some vendetta against someone who turns on him, and has the goods, so to speak.

    Obviously, this man lives above the law in a zillion ways, as do many of his kind I’ve met in cyberspace. So much so, that “law” has no meaning, and his life is lived solely by whatever he thinks he can get away with, in a game of cat and mouse. He imagines himself a great enabler of the war against the evil people (you and me). And yes, I’m sure of all of this, simply because i’ve rubbed up against a few of these people and they all have the same mentality.

    One of them tried storing child porn on a server I let him use out of misguided sympathy. He went to jail. For something else – namely hacking into things and leaving evidence behind.

    And years later after getting out of jail, he had the audacity to ask me to be a reference to get a job… as an administrator of someone’s network.

    My response was (in public IRC chat no less…) “You tried storing child porn on my server, thinking I’d never find it. I would not give you a recommendation of anything but jail…”

    He actually believed that as a techie, I’d be so in sympathy I’d do that, to enable him to conduct more wrongdoing. I see little difference between him and Rauhauser and many others out there who live in the “I am superior to the dolts who write and enforce law, I am above and not subject to it” mentality. Rauhauser freely stated he gave people code to automate twitter bombs to harass conservatives. And that Twitter was so tired of the actions of people like him, that it was trying to stifle them. And blamed conservatives for twitter’s behavior, claiming they’d ruined Twitter, Digg, and others – for stopping what he and his allies had done themselves.

    Their behavior and arrogance is also their undoing. They feel an affinity for people who are in their business… and will place trust in them because of their assumptions that nobody smart can be against them. That may help someone out there trip him up.

    ISP Guy (0e7823)

  75. IS Guy, my experience has been that when one of these criminals’ associates gets the right pressure applied, they crack quickly.

    That’s going to happen sooner or later with the Brett Kimberlin crime family.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  76. I tracert’d that IP and it was bounced all over the globe. Germany, France, DC, etc.

    Purp (@PurpAv) (a75f29)

  77. These are the people who own the IP the annon proxy is located at:

    Purp (@PurpAv) (a75f29)

  78. Using the same anonymous proxy over and over is also rather sloppy.

    Dave (43ca9b)

  79. Dave, Shhh!

    Steve57 (c441a6)

  80. Never, ever do an image search for the term “gaped” with the filters off.

    curiouser (2d864c)

  81. Eh, he’s playing mine sweeper if he randomly choses proxies. Just today there was news of a board being run by the FBI that snatched up a bunch of credit card fraudsters. Sooner or later he’ll hit the anonymous proxy secretly owned by the FBI. Or a concerned citizen. These things happen. There is no such thing as absolute anonymity on the internet. Since he gets off on exposing people he should know that best.

    Dave (43ca9b)

  82. ISP Guy, the quality of these guys as far as how dangerous they are really varies. Some of them are just scanning the internet looking for vulnerable servers and applying “canned” exploit scripts. They don’t really know what they are doing, they are just following the instructions in a README file.

    I really don’t like the whole “hacktivist” angle because they are religious in their zeal and logic often doesn’t play a role in their decision making process, they just “believe” and doing something to harm the political opposition is ok no matter what it is.

    And I will add that it is ONLY the political left that does this crap. They are completely unhinged. I guess that’s what happens when politics becomes your religion.

    crosspatch (6adcc9)

  83. #8:

    “Daddy, what did you do when you were younger?”. “I trolled people on the Internet.”

    Frankly, I’m astonished that NR was able to con a woman long enough to reproduce.

    I wager he’s not getting so lucky these days – a homeless self-described “hacker” (I’m guessing more of an over-age script kiddy) isn’t exactly prime genetic material.

    Russ (13eae2)

  84. I wonder what a mental health professional would say upon reviewing a collection of NR’s writings.

    It’s funny you should mention that.

    Patterico (feda6b)

  85. To @purpav, thanks. I did not find that list.

    ISP Guy (0e7823)

  86. Something in tonight’s swatting posting in Washington reminded me of a thought I had yesterday in that I think that to many people like R, all if this is basically like a video game. The people they target aren’t real people to them. It’s a freaking game. People are just words on a computer screen to them. The entire process of character assassination they go through on the Internet takes on about the same level of detachment as a video game. They expect any retaliation to happen in their computer world and if they turn off the computer, they are invulnerable or something.

    I’m starting to believe that they have a problem understanding where their computer fantasy world ends and real life begins.

    crosspatch (6adcc9)

  87. Did anyone ever get into why he calls himself “Gaped” Crusader? Gaped brings to mind either something relating to a stretched orifice, or gapped teeth. If it is the latter does that point to a specific hacktivist/crusader with gapped teeth?

    CBrown (e799a4)

  88. 61. I didn’t ask if he was carrying. I just asked if it was easier if he was a DA. Cali’s gun laws are retarded.
    62. I capiche very well Italiano. ICY, This was not an assault by the LAPD. It was an assault by some paranoid freaks who wear tin foil hats. Have you read the tweets and correspondence on other blogs? These two hobos (KB & NR) make up lies and then actually believe them. Sociopaths..

    Look I don’t like the fact that KB and NR are doing this to anyone. And they are doing it by proxy or by themselves. So being rude to me is not warranted.

    Bali Bali Zingo (007022)

  89. Comment by Patterico — 6/27/2012 @ 11:36 pm

    You are a little tease.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  90. This was a good read. I am looking forward to the future posts about this creep.

    Noodles (3681c4)

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