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Boehlert: Still Pretending He Never Said Those Falsehoods

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Eric Boehlert is really just too dumb to engage, but it’s worth noting that he continues to pretend he never said the following:

And how about the Daily Caller itself, which allowed its blogger to publish the allegation on its site that he’d been hit by the Secret Service, which was not true. The Daily Caller then posted a long, detailed account of the accident, suggesting a government conspiracy to cover up the crime. Yet in that accusatory article, the Daily Caller left out the fact that its employee originally, and eroneously [sic], accused the Secret Service of running him over, and did it on the Daily Caller site. That fact was conveniently flushed down the memory hole.

Referring to “tweets” does not substantiate that pack of lies.

And no matter how many dozen times he updates this piece or links it on Twitter, he is still dodging that core issue. As if he never said the above.

Keep pretending, Boehlert. As I said, that is your Tactic #1: If you said something indefensible, pretend you never said it.

While you’re doing that, enjoy this video:

Whether I subscribe to every word or not, it’s certainly more accurate than Boehlert’s rewriting of history. Add this to the list of Boehlert lies and distortions, including the following, which he has also failed to address:

  • Distorted a quote from blogger See Dubya, taking See Dubya’s quote about one of two possible scenarios and turning it into a positive claim by See Dubya.
  • Falsely claimed that Jamil Hussein was “under arrest” — and then refused to correct the error . . . in a column about warbloggers’ failures to correct errors. (See? Today’s irony is not without precedent.)

6 Responses to “Boehlert: Still Pretending He Never Said Those Falsehoods”

  1. “flushed down the memory hole” means what?

    I read about this mistaken identity right on the DC Trawler. It’s been up there all day.

    Treacher says it’s kinda obvious it was a hit and run, since there was so much confusion as to who hit him.

    Now the left doesn’t believe in government conspiracies? This one is the most believable sorts of conspiracies. People neglect to leave a note or disclose their ID at an accident scene every single day. Boehlert knows he’s kicking a man when he’s down about a completely nonpolitical issue. Pure hate.

    On the other hand, I’m pretty impressed with the Daily Crawler. Didn’t expect it to be this good.

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  2. That loon Dolly Madison/DellDolly is having kittens over there at MMFA. Frothing at the mouth and chewing the carpet!!!!!!11ty!!!!!!!

    daleyrocks (718861)

  3. Daleyrocks, I can’t even imagine the sort who would haunt Media Matters.

    Lee Doren’s video is excellent, and so is his other material.

    And who gives a crap if it was State Department or Secret Service? Why would that matter? How is that misinformation and how does it change anything, Boehlert, you @#$#?

    Dustin (b54cdc)

  4. i really don’t understand the fuss.

    you hit someone, or are hit, you stop, ID yourself, exchange info and either wait to be released by the cops when there’s bodily injury, as in this case, or when everyone is happy, if its just a fender bender.

    you DON’T make a phone call, then bail, unless you are either “special” or committing a crime.

    all the other spin is just that: spin, AKA bullshit, and those creating it are bullshitters.

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  5. Eric is another gutless little shit lib.

    SteveCan (a1a833)


    The ass says he doesn’t have a horse in this race
    But Retracto knows he does now he’s got egg on his face

    The donkeys on the left got owned by a kid
    They can say it was a crime but Retracto knows what he did

    SteveCan (a1a833)

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