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Delegate to Democrat Convention: I’m Voting for McCain!

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It’s a delegate to the Democrat convention . . . who plans to vote for McCain!

As an avid supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primaries, [Wisconsin Democrat] Debra Bartoshevich is not alone in her frustration over Clinton’s defeat.

She’s not alone in refusing to support Barack Obama.

And she’s not entirely alone in saying she’ll vote this fall for Republican John McCain instead.

But what makes her unusual is that she holds these views as an elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer.

Wow. If you’re surprised, imagine the surprise of the head of the Wisconsin Democrat Party.

Joe Wineke, chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, reacted with disbelief when first told Friday afternoon that one of his state party delegates is now a McCain supporter.

“Not a delegate? To the national convention?” said Wineke, who was getting ready for the start of the Wisconsin state party convention Friday in Stevens Point.

“We have a Clinton national (convention) delegate who says she’s voting for John McCain?” Wineke repeated, for clarification. “I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

Shorter Joe Wineke: D’OH!

Bartoshevich doesn’t pull any punches in discussing Obama’s weaknesses:

She said she planned to vote for Clinton at the convention, but in an Obama-McCain matchup in November, “I will not be voting for Obama. I will cast my vote for John McCain.

“I just feel you need to have somebody who has experience with foreign matters.”

She said a series of controversial Obama associations, including but not limited to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Chicago developer Tony Rezko, reflected poorly on his judgment.

Wisdom from a Democrat delegate.

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