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Unexpected Border Patrol Recruits

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Last year, President Bush ordered the deployment of 3,000 National Guard troops to aid the Border Patrol on the southern border. The deployment ends this summer and while most of the troops are going home, some are applying to become Border Patrol agents. The National Guard troops and increased Border Patrol staffing is credited for the drop in illegal crossings in El Paso, including a 70 percent drop in March 2008 compared with March 2007.


5 Responses to “Unexpected Border Patrol Recruits”

  1. I typically glance through the ‘rico headers seeing if any grab my attention. This one did. I fully expected the story to have been that somehow a number of illegals had wormed their way into jobs with the BP. Whew! How is it that such strangeness like that seems to be getting to be expected. What a weird world it has become. Or that forced marriages have been going on right under everyone’s noses for ages. The underaged wives, the horny young teen boys booted out. Right here in River City. Timing. Real life or comedy, it’s always smart to consider the timing. That couldn’t have been the first call that Colo lady ever made. First complaint? Ever?

    So next maybe I’ll read that the border fence project people have decided to move forward because there’s been a significant reduction in anticipated construction costs. Sure, with construction down so severely, there’s a horde of undocumented aliens available. They know the deal.

    I can say that because I’m a longtime carpenter. I’ve seen firsthand all the building industry changes in SoCal since the 70’s. I get a kick out of how only the guys who work in construction seem to really know what’s going on. Sometimes you read an article that comes very close, but many stories are just imagined or worse, outright agenda-driven hype.

    allan (389b34)

  2. National Guard personnel should make very good Border Patrol Agents. They have been through eight weeks of US Army Basic Combat Training and further training in their military specialty. They have had the “civilian” removed from their thinking and habits, as well as becoming disciplined individuals. Guardsmen are better for federal agent duty than applicants who just “walked in off the street”. Furthermore, its a good “full time” job for the one weekend a month Guardsmen who may otherwise be unemployed.

    Norris (a359ba)

  3. Many people have suggested that Reservist training should generally be border patrol actions. All those one to two week a year actions – troop them down to the border and have them round up stragglers.

    luagha (5cbe06)

  4. 2, Norris, HOW do you know if the Guardsmen are unemployed?? Maybe you are an elitist Liberal with a bias against anyone who serves this country honorably.

    PCD (5c49b0)

  5. Beware of greeks bering gifts

    krazy kagu (3d4d7d)

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