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Bleg for Help on a Story

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I’m looking for help with a story we’re working on. It could be a big story, or it could be nothing.

What we need is someone with the ability to check property records, particularly in Alabama.

Maybe you have LEXIS access; maybe you live in Alabama and could drive to the courthouse.

If you’re a trusted regular reader who’s willing to help, write me at patterico AT gmail DOT com. If I don’t know you, I’ll need some way of checking your bona fides.

Yeah, I have LEXIS access at work — but I’m obviously not using it for blogging purposes. Hence the bleg.

Let me know if you can help! If this turns into something big, you’ll get all appropriate credit, if you want it.

UPDATE: We may have already found what we need; I’m still checking to make sure. Thanks for all the responses — seriously. I got more than I expected.

UPDATE x2: Here is the story. Thanks again for the responses.

All FLDS Children Have Been Relocated

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The remaining FLDS children have been relocated from the temporary quarters in San Angelo to foster care across Texas. Here’s a report from the Abilene Reporter News that indicates the Abilene-bound children are enjoying the playground equipment:

“It is unclear how many of the 437 children seized from the ranch were placed in Abilene. Officials at the Hendrick Home for Children also declined to give ages for the children placed there.

David Miller, president and CEO of the Hendrick Home for Children, said the facility typically admits children ranging in age from five years to 16 years. “We sometimes take children younger than five, but we need a special variance from Child Protective Services to do that,” he said, declining to say if the facility had received any such variances from CPS in order to foster the YFZ children.

Special needs, medical and dietary concerns, as well as figuring out how best to play with the YFZ children are among the first concerns Hendrick Home staff will address, Miller said.

“We have to work with them, build up their trust,” he said, over the sounds of the children playing on the facility’s playground. “They love the playground,” Miller said. “Their eyes got as big as saucers when they got off the bus and saw the playground.”

Their favorite playground equipment? “They’re most interested in the slides and monkey bars,” Miller said. “They are having fun.”

In the next few days, the children will be introduced to the horses kept on the 50-acre property and will be given carrots to feed them. They will also be tested to see “where they are” academically, Miller said. The facility has been given special regulations in regards to the children’s care, such as diet and television restrictions.

“We’ll follow the rules in the next few weeks and see how they do,” he said.”

There are several photos at the link.


Unexpected Texas Case on Defense of Property

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[Guest post by DRJ]

I thought the Houston-area Joe Horn case would be the case that would test a recent change in Texas law on self-defense and defense of property, but it looks like this Laredo case will be the one:

“A man who shot and killed a 13-year-old breaking into his mobile home has been indicted for murder in a case that could test a new law giving Texans more leeway to defend themselves with deadly force.

Jose Luis Gonzalez, 63, was indicted Friday in the July killing of a teenager who sneaked into his home with three friends to steal drinks and snacks. Francisco Anguiano was shot in the back and later died at a Laredo hospital.

Gonzalez was indicted by a grand jury for first-degree murder.

Gonzalez told authorities he was asleep in a nearby shed when he heard the teenagers inside his home and was trying to subdue the intruders when his gun went off.”

Gonzalez’s attorney said his client was rightfully protecting his property, referencing the recent change in Texas law that eliminated the requirement to retreat before using deadly force.


Stein Twitters Out a Column

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Joel Stein:

I’ve had thoughts that weren’t complete enough for a column and ended up as my Facebook status.

Yeah, well. You’ve had thoughts that weren’t complete enough for a column and ended up as a column.

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