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NCAA 2008 Basketball Final: Kansas vs Memphis

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Are you watching? It’s on now.

Overtime. Final Score: Kansas 75, Memphis 68.


11 Responses to “NCAA 2008 Basketball Final: Kansas vs Memphis”

  1. Yeah. I couldn’t care less, but Mrs. P. is a raging basketball fan. Something to do with growing up in Kentucky.

    Patterico (4bda0b)

  2. i was disappointed when ucla lost to memphis, but memphis was clearly a better team. bruins coming back next year!

    assistant devil's advocate (b45960)

  3. I’m ready for next year, too, and if Love comes back UCLA will be loaded for bear.

    Of course, what I’m really ready for is football season.

    DRJ (a431ca)

  4. Son. Of. A. Bitch.

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  5. Focus on next year, Scott.

    DRJ (a431ca)

  6. gah. That promises to only depress me as well.

    Women’s Volleyball (besides the obvious “i’m male” reason) and maybe football. All the hope I have left…

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  7. Yee ha. What a game. I feel sorry for Dorsey, though.

    Leviticus (1daf74)

  8. Patterico, the first two rounds are state holidays in the Commonwealth.

    So I’ve been told.

    Techie (ed20d9)

  9. Fantastic comeback win by Kansas.

    Michael Llaneza (c08949)

  10. Make sure you email me, DRJ. Nothing to do with basketball.

    driver (faae10)

  11. memphis sucks

    lance (b06280)

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