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Mr. Rouse Is Sayne and Innosent and Yoo Can Let Him Goe

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Here is how you get out of prison in Kentucky:

A prisoner in the US state of Kentucky was mistakenly freed after a phoney fax ordering his release was sent from a nearby grocery store.

Timothy Rouse, 19, was being held on charges of assault and robbery.

The fax ordering his release claimed to be from the state supreme court, but was riddled with spelling errors and had no letterhead.

Letterhead, schmetterhead. Takeaway quote:

Mr Taylor said spelling mistakes are common on court documents.

Heh. Something to tease my wife’s high school classmate about. (He was the Chief Justice of their Supreme Court. Actually, he’d probably just say that things have gone downhill since he lost the election.)

I’m going to start faxing my own judicial documents around. I need a raise and a few extra weeks of vacation, and I think the California Supreme Court just might agree with me.

6 Responses to “Mr. Rouse Is Sayne and Innosent and Yoo Can Let Him Goe”

  1. Dumb dealing with dumber…heh.

    Sue (af7b95)

  2. California is no better than Kentucky in this regard. Didn’t they officially legitimize the spelling “subpena” a few years back?

    Xrlq (0d5fce)

  3. Dear Al Kaida,

    This is Osamma. Plees stop, the war is over. Thancks.

    /worth a try

    ras (adf382)

  4. I is a gradiate of the University o’ Kentucky, and I resemble those remarks!

    Dana (3e4784)

  5. i was never tempted to roll my own court order, but i was tempted to do something else, which i never got around to because i was real busy and it’s probably illegal:

    i wanted to create a plaintiff sockpuppet and defendant sockpuppet and have them make art together, mailing their pleadings in (with in forma pauperis waivers), making motions and scheduling hearings that would be mysteriously settled in advance. the plaintiff would have had some kind of interest in a yacht, and the defendant would have absconded with the yacht, and plaintiff’s wife on board too, setting the stage for long nautical narratives chock-full of the three things i wanted to bring to this medium: sex, violence and comedy.

    assistant devil's advocate (9de801)

  6. Headline:

    Rubes Rue Rouse Ruse

    allan (f81790)

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