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“Hold Me Now” to Replace “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”??

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Will the Thompson Twins be running for President? Beldar doubts it — but explains the possibility — and makes a prediction.

Self-Promotion: Patterico on CQ Radio

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Barring a catastrophe, I will be on CQ Radio today at around noon Pacific time, discussing Alberto Gonzales and whatever else Ed Morrissey wants to discuss. Details here.

On Not Shaking Sheryl “One Square” Crow’s Hand

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Why might Karl Rove not wish to shake Sheryl Crow’s hand? See Dubya has the answer, and it has something to do with her one-square hygiene habits.

Here is why I wouldn’t shake her hand if I were to meet her.

Mr. Rouse Is Sayne and Innosent and Yoo Can Let Him Goe

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Here is how you get out of prison in Kentucky:

A prisoner in the US state of Kentucky was mistakenly freed after a phoney fax ordering his release was sent from a nearby grocery store.

Timothy Rouse, 19, was being held on charges of assault and robbery.

The fax ordering his release claimed to be from the state supreme court, but was riddled with spelling errors and had no letterhead.

Letterhead, schmetterhead. Takeaway quote:

Mr Taylor said spelling mistakes are common on court documents.

Heh. Something to tease my wife’s high school classmate about. (He was the Chief Justice of their Supreme Court. Actually, he’d probably just say that things have gone downhill since he lost the election.)

I’m going to start faxing my own judicial documents around. I need a raise and a few extra weeks of vacation, and I think the California Supreme Court just might agree with me.

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