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Pattt Morrison on the Border Fence: You Fisk It

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This may be the stupidest damn thing I have ever read in the L.A Times — and that’s saying something.

Read as Pattt Morrison gleefully mocks the idea of national security — due to the grave, grave effects that a fence might have . . . on the environment.

If you build it, they will die.

I’m with you, Patttt. I’m looking at my personal experience here. We put up a chain-link to keep the neighbors out of our yard, and every living thing died within a two-mile radius.

Fences are just that dangerous, Pattttt.

I’m outsourcing any further fisking to you, my commenters. Let ‘er have it with both barrels.

9 Responses to “Pattt Morrison on the Border Fence: You Fisk It”

  1. Morrison is the matrix for every ultra liberal in California. They really believe that (the environment, “right to choose,” endangered species, etc., etc, etc. and every entitlement program in our system) is/are more important that the survival of this country. In fact every petty little personal “want” is more important. I actually saw a woman on the Public Access channel yesterday say that the government should spend money on finding her dog instead of spending it on (War, airport “insecurity,”oil prices, etc.), and she wasn’t joking; she was in tears describing her missing dog and actually choked up over the evils of George Bush. Get this: the Federal government should be out finding her dog.

    Howard Veit (28df94)

  2. The Sierra Club recieved a 10 million dollar donation with the stipulation that they wouldn’t see another dime if they supported securing our borders. So even though illegal immigrants gets cars and and air conditioners when they work illegally in this country, the Sierra Club thinks that is OK with the eco-system. The green people want to close wilderness areas to American hikers, bikers and of course, snowmobiles. However, having 200,000 illegal immigrants march through our sensitve desert ecosystem every year , spreading trash as they go, is perfectly okay with them.

    tyree (93d307)

  3. Being a liberal out of power is a funny yet damaging thing. You don’t rally have to suggest ideas or help. You simply have to make everyone elses suggestions look bad. Actually though, I did like the land mine thing. I would also suggest tigers between the fences and piranhas in the Rio Grande. Or maybe some of those crocs from Australia. Just imagine the illegals wading across with the eyes protruding from the water slowly moving towards them. A flash of teeth with loose clothing flying in different directions. Oops, sorry. At least then Morrison couldn’t complain. Animals would be being fed on a regular basis.

    Christopher (425b0c)

  4. What about the millions of pounds of trash, including feces and other waste, that the illegal immigrants leave in this country’s federally protected lands as they cross over? There was a typical, overwritten article in your own newspaper Patt! There have also been numerous Congressional reports on this subject. Mexicans aredestorying endangered species, native plants and the entire land as they trample through! Building a fence cannot compare to what they are doing. Don’t reporters have to conduct research anymore? Can they just write whatever comes to their head as they sit in front of a computer in the so-called newsroom?

    Reina A (21bc1d)

  5. Actually, it’s my personal opinion only that Patt is more or less of just a useful idiot liberal who occasionally does what her paper wants: support illegal immigration because some people make money off it. That’s just my personal opinion.

    ImmigrationMarchOrganizersHaveForeignLinks (05c6a0)

  6. Well, I’ll certainly give Mr Morrison credit for making one point: building a 700 mile long fence (in five separate sections) on an open 2,000 mile border doesn’t exactly seem like a real solution to me.

    Dana (1d5902)

  7. Reina A asked:

    Don’t reporters have to conduct research anymore? Can they just write whatever comes to their head as they sit in front of a computer in the so-called newsroom?

    The answers, in the order you asked the questions, are no and yes.

    Dana (1d5902)

  8. patterico, what’s up with all these extra t’s?
    one thing you should watch out for, she could strike back by reserving why don’t you pre-empt her now by reserving it for yourself.

    assistant devil's advocate (400cfd)

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