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Destroying the Myth That Right-Wing Bloggers All Received “The Path to 9/11”

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In recent days, lefties like Glenn Greenwald have been arguing that “Path to 9/11” was marketed to right-wing bloggers — “even” to “obscure” ones like the one you are reading right now.

In fact, “obscure” blogs like mine did not receive a copy — and neither did heavy-hitting conservative blogs, unless they are also connected with talk radio.

The lefty view that Disney and ABC marketed this movie to conservative bloggers appears to be a complete myth.

I asked Instapundit, Power Line’s John Hinderaker, and Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs whether they got advance copies of “Path.”

Each said no.

If publicists were going to market a movie to conservative bloggers, those three would certainly be on the list. (Instapundit is actually quite libertarian, but he supports the war on terror, and so lefties think of him as conservative on war issues.)

They didn’t get a copy. The idea that the film was marketed to conservative bloggers is a myth.

In the extended entry, I remind you of some of the people who spread this canard:


See Dubya Assails the New York Times

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See Dubya is really mad at the New York Times. They’ve been giving useful information to the enemy again. What else is new?

So Who Really Did Get Advance Copies of “Path to 9/11”?

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I need your help with something. The Democrats have themselves in a tizzy because they are convinced that Disney and ABC sent copies of “Path to 9/11” exclusively to wild-eyed conservatives.

For all I know, this is true. But I’m wondering if it may be entirely a myth — explainable by the fact that it was marketed to talk radio.

There has been plenty of misinformation on this topic, and a lot of it has swirled around Justin, and a misunderstanding of his connections to talk radio. We heard (from folks like Glenn Greenwald) that he got a copy because he is a guest blogger on my obscure blog, with its tiny audience. Then, when that turned out to be untrue, they said it’s because he works for a conservative talk-radio host. Then, when that turned out to be untrue, they said he works at a talk-radio station that broadcasts mostly conservatives.

In other words, one that makes money.

I’m trying to get to the facts. From what little I know, many of these actual facts seem inconsistent with the theory that “only conservatives” got advance copies.

For example, my commenter Loafing Oaf says:

I watched Bill Maher’s show tonight and he had a lefty editor from on who had rec[ei]ved a screener copy. So…another Greenwald theory doesn’t hold up in court.

(My emphasis.)

I have heard that, as you would expect, major newspapers and magazines have been reviewing advance copies. Wild-eyed conservative publications like TIME, and the New York Times.

To me, it sounds like virtually all of the complaints I have heard are explainable by Disney and ABC choosing to market the film to talk radio. In other words, in many cases where Democrats complain that “x got a copy and y didn’t” . . . you’ll find that x has connections to talk-radio, and y doesn’t. For example: “Rush Limbaugh got a copy, and Bill Clinton didn’t.”

Because I haven’t been all over the blogosphere in the past few days reading about this, I could be wrong, so I’m soliciting your input. I’m putting most of this in the form of questions, which compares apples to apples, rather than comparing apples to people in talk radio.

Maybe you folks have the answers to my questions. Let’s gather information on this, with links to hard news and not questionable liberal blogs — like Think Progress, FireDogLake, and Greenwald, who spread the myth that my guest blogger got his copy because he is a conservative blogger. I don’t trust anything they say. Keep that in mind.

And if the truth really is that only conservatives (and Salon, and TIME, and the New York Times) got a copy — that’s fine. The facts are the facts.

Here are my questions:


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