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It Is Your Religious Duty to Try to Scare Airline Passengers

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See Dubya has an interesting post about Muslims who have been encouraged by their religious leaders to make a ruckus on planes and get people upset.

10 Responses to “It Is Your Religious Duty to Try to Scare Airline Passengers”

  1. I’ve completely ran out of tolerance for the idea of acceptable mis-behaviour. If I’m on a flight, and some cat does that, and upsets anyone, I’m stabbing him in the friggen eye, with my car key. If I don’t get his eye, I’m gonna crack his face against the luggage compartment that I bounce my head of 2 or three times every flight.

    You don’t like the behaviour? Stab the Effers in the eye with your car key (car keys tend to be longer, and more pointy, house keyes are useless, use the car key.)

    Wickedpinto (d099bd)

  2. Really they should just wear these t-shirts.

    actus (6234ee)

  3. Yes. While deliberately acting like terrorists.

    Patterico (de0616)

  4. It isn’t your religious duty to scare other airline passengers – yet in a way it is.

    Jihad, including striking terror into the hearts of infidels, is ordinarily a collective, not an individual duty. That means it doesn’t matter who strikes terror into the hearts of infidels, as long as the infidels are terrorized.

    Thus, an individual Muslim who does this is doing his duty, which cuts the legs from under any real religious criticism of his acts.

    But moderate Muslims don’t have to do anything they are not up for. There is no obligation except to support the total system and bring their children up in it. In other words: “I gave at the office.”

    David Blue (61b35d)

  5. I say strap a parichute on them and drop them somewhere over the rainbow or better yet right over the ocean

    krazy kagu (06a9a4)

  6. Solution? Pigasus Airlines. Flying pig with wings painted on outside of each plane, with front end of jet shaped like a pig’s snout. Pork rinds handed out to the passengers instead of peanuts. Stewardesses wearing pig masks. And … a live pig on every flight. Problem solved.

    Monsoon (001e7b)

  7. they think it’s real cool to scare people, congratulate themselves on their results. this will continue…..
    until some passenger kills a couple of them with his bare hands. frequent flyers, have at it! you won’t be convicted if i’m on the jury.
    i don’t think organized islam in this country fully appreciates the potential peril. one more 9/11 and some folks in my hood will be resorting to the social initiative named after mr. lynch.

    assistant devil's advocate (49b90f)

  8. My teeshirt says, in English, “Yes, you are, a–h—-“

    Attila (Pillage Idiot) (dfa1f1)

  9. Who cares…I just wanna reach New york in time.

    foggerty (f92652)

  10. lodine…


    lodine (b7adec)

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