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Fatal Hit and Run Driver Now Being Held By ICE

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Hit and run driver kills Michael Delaney May, and is now being held by ICE:

A pedestrian who authorities say was struck by a vehicle in Hays County on Saturday evening was found dead hours after the driver came into contact with a deputy and failed to report the crash, Texas Department of Public Safety officials said.

Michael Delaney May, 32, was found dead off the roadway on Goforth Road, DPS officials said. Troopers were called at 7:51 a.m. Sunday to investigate the incident, but investigators determined May had been hit the night before, DPS officials said.

The owner of a nearby Hays County business told troopers that his security cameras caught a partial glimpse of the crash, which DPS officials said helped them identify the hit-and-run suspect as 22-year-old Tony Ponce-Zamora.

Troopers tracked Ponce-Zamora down and detained him on Sunday after he admitted to driving the vehicle at the time of the crash and leaving the scene, DPS officials said.

Hays County sheriff’s officials said a deputy interacted with Ponce-Zamora the night before, but Ponce-Zamora failed to inform the officer about the crash.

. . . .

“Due to Ponce withholding this information, (May) was not given medical attention and died due to his injuries,” DPS officials said in a statement.

Ponce-Zamora is now in the Hays County Jail on a charge of fail to stop and render aid resulting in death and is being held on an ICE detainer and a $50,000 bail, records show.

Hays County is not far from Austin, which is trying to be a sanctuary city protecting people like Ponce-Zamora from the immigration officials who would deport him.

I doubt May’s story will get the national attention that was paid to the story of Kate Steinle, but May was a human being, like her and you and me.

Deport the Criminals First.


  1. Another of the thousands of citizen victims of illegal aliens. This citizen had a right to life free of death by illegal alien. Except that we have an inept and incompetent federal government and a pack of Democrats who want to keep it that way.

    Comment by Ed Dykes — 9/26/2018 @ 8:56 pm

  2. The only reason he made the news in the firat place was because I called and reported it to KXAN. We believe the cops didn’t do their job and we are getting the run around while they try to cme up with something to cover up their wrongdoing

    Comment by Stella — 10/13/2018 @ 6:09 pm

  3. I just want to know the deputy on the did not investigate why this man drove his truck off the road right in front of the deputy they said there was visible damage to his truck but DPS found visible damage the next day when they found him so who so telling the true here and why are they (hays county sheffiers department not saying anything ) .

    Comment by Royce May — 10/16/2018 @ 1:19 pm

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