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Jeff Flake: I’ll Vote for Kavanaugh

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I don’t think this is much of a surprise. Flake saw the same thing most of us saw yesterday: that absent the testimonial performances, there was zero corroborating evidence to support the allegation we saw aired yesterday. It’s not a sufficient reason to deny a good man a seat on the Supreme Court. If it were that easy, we’d never get a seat again. If you look at the nonsense coming out of the woodwork, it’s obvious that there will always be some non-credible people willing to make accusations like this.

Here’s Flake getting yowled at and having his trip to the vote impeded by alleged sexual assault victims forming a mob. Look at me when I’m screaming at you!

UPDATE: The vote has been approved by a partisan vote. Flake as well. But Flake has said he has agreed with Democrats that the floor vote will be delayed for a week to let the FBI look into this. As a technical matter that does not appear required by the vote just taken, but as a practical matter I think Flake just made it happen.

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