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Teenage Trend in Texas?

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I recently posted on a story about a teenager opening, licking and returning a Blue Bell ice cream container to a Lufkin, Texas, grocery store shelf. If two is a trend, this is a depressing and disappointing Texas teenager trend:

15-year-old Texas boy arrested for spitting in Arizona tea bottle, returning product to supermarket shelf

Police have arrested and charged a Texas teen after he was caught spitting into an Arizona Tea bottle and placing it back on a store shelf for someone else to drink.
Before police arrived, the teen reportedly told the asset protection manager he had spit in the drink.

The boy told police he put the tea back after taking a drink because it was “gross.”

Not cool. Stop it.



El Chapo Sentenced Today

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Earlier today — Mexican drug lord ‘El Chapo’ faces sentencing in US case:

NEW YORK (AP) — Will the notorious Mexican drug lord known as “El Chapo” go quietly?

For Joaquin Guzman, that’s the biggest question at his sentencing in New York City on Wednesday. The highly-anticipated hearing could be his last chance to speak publicly before spending the rest of his life behind bars at a maximum security U.S. prison.

Guzman, 62, was convicted in February on multiple conspiracy counts in an epic drug-trafficking case. The guilty verdict at an 11-week trial triggered what the government says is a well-justified mandatory sentence of life without parole .

Around 11:00 AM EST — ‘El Chapo’ was sentenced to life in prison after saying his trial was unjust and slamming his prison conditions:

Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years and was ordered to pay $12.6 billion in forfeiture on Wednesday in what is likely the last time he’s seen in public before he goes to Colorado’s Supermax prison.

Guzman, wearing a gray suit and dark tie, spoke for about 10 minutes in court before the sentence was handed down and called out issues with the jury.
El Chapo, who infamously escaped prison twice in Mexico, also slammed the conditions of his incarceration in New York. “It’s been torture, the most inhumane situation I have lived in my entire life,” he said. “It has been physical, emotional and mental torture.”

What is it like in a Supermax prison?

How does a prison prepare for the arrival of known escape artist and Mexican drug kingpin, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera?

For the ADX “Supermax” prison in Florence, Colo., former warden Robert Hood said administrators will likely stick to the a formula that’s prevented any jailbreaks for 25 years.

For 23 hours out of the day, El Chapo would be in a soundproof, 7-by-12-foot cell. The bed, desk and stool are all made of poured cement. While most inmates are given a black-and white-television, it’s behind a special kind of glass and can be restricted to show old, never live, programs. Their only actual view of the outside world is a 4-inch window.

More about the Supermax at the link.



This Week’s Crime Survey

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This won’t be an exhaustive survey but let’s look at some of this week’s crime headlines:

Machetes And Mayhem: DoJ Unveils MS-13 Racketeering And Murder Indictment:

Bet on this becoming a White House talking point by the end of the day. The Department of Justice unveiled an indictment against a virulent MS-13 gang in Los Angeles for racketeering and murder, but even those charges understate the bloodthirsty nature of the crimes. 

AP source: NY cop won’t be charged in Garner chokehold death:

Federal prosecutors won’t bring civil rights charges against a New York City police officer in the 2014 chokehold death of Eric Garner, a person familiar with the matter said Tuesday.

Discuss here: No Charges For NYPD Officer In Eric Garner’s Death.

Former South Pasadena nursing home recruited felons as patients, police chief says:

A nursing home that ran afoul of the state partly because it recruited convicted felons, probationers, rapists and robbers as patients is under new ownership, a city official said Wednesday.

Instead of a median age of about 75 years old, residents at the former South Pasadena Convalescent Hospital had an average age of 37, Police Chief Arthur Miller said. He accused the former nursing home of sending recruiting teams to Los Angeles to get new patients.

Fired Cleveland cop was ‘known associate’ of Norwegian chapter of the Hells Angels, records say:

Cleveland police became aware of his history after the city posted a photo of Simmons next to Mayor Frank Jackson on Facebook while being sworn in as a police officer, the records say.

Mats Bjornstad, a police superintendent with KRIPOS, the National Criminal Investigation Service in Norway, spotted members of the Hells Angels Orslo gang comment on the Facebook post, according to the records.

These families made a fortune with pot illegally. Now, pot is paying the bills again:

Smack in the middle of Brandie Lanier’s spare bedroom is something that underlines just how much America has changed in the decades since her famous father, a champion race car driver, was busted as one of the most prolific marijuana smugglers South Florida and the country have ever seen.

There, inside a special tent, is a bountiful crop of plants: cannabis, shining purple under bright artificial lights. Lanier lives in Colorado, where recreational marijuana has been legal since 2014. The plants are her personal stash, her “home grow.” She also makes her living in the state’s booming pot industry, providing medical marijuana to the ever-expanding Denver dispensaries.

‘Justice wasn’t served': 50 years since Chappaquiddick

The crash ended a young woman’s life, and with it, a man’s White House dreams.



Philly Carjacker beaten to Death

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Man beaten to death after stealing car with 3 kids inside:

Police say a 25-year-old woman left her car running in front of New Star Pizza at 28th and Dauphin streets to visit her 25-year-old boyfriend inside, just after 9 p.m. While there, a 54-year-old man jumped in her car and took off with three kids still inside.

However, the carjacker hit a bit of a roadblock: He got stuck in traffic just a few blocks away. The woman’s boyfriend was able to catch up to the car and pull the thief out.

The suspect tried to run away, but Chief Inspector Scott Small said the boyfriend, who is the father of two of the children, was able to catch up to him again, this time a half-block away, leading to a fight. “Then other males from the neighborhood intervened and began punching and kicking the male who took the vehicle,” he said, “to the point where he was rendered unconscious.”



Licker in Lufkin (UPDATED)

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First the sale of Whataburger and now this:

Lufkin police are investigating a video of a serial Blue Bell ice cream licker and working to verify the identity of the female suspect before a warrant will be issued for her arrest on second-degree felony tampering with a consumer product charges.

On June 28, a video was released on social media of a woman licking Blue Bell ice cream before putting it back in the display case. Earlier this week, social media commenters identified the woman in the video as being from San Antonio, which led San Antonio law enforcement to believe it was from one of their Walmart stores. A store display case matching the one in the video could not be found. The search moved on to Houston Walmart stores after investigators learned the woman may be living with a boyfriend in that area, a release from Lufkin police states. Once again, the display case matching the one in the video could not be found.

Earlier Wednesday, Blue Bell corporate instructed all of its division managers to attempt to identify the store location. Within an hour, a Lufkin division manager called and said he believed it fit the Lufkin Walmart.

More here including a screenshot of “the lick.”

Word to the wise: Don’t mess with Blue Bell.

UPDATE 7/5/2019: Culprit identified but she is a juvenile (under 17) so this seems to be the end of story.



Massive Drug Bust in …

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Reuters – U.S. seizes $1 billion worth of cocaine from ship in Philadelphia.

16.5 tons, one of the biggest seizures in decades.



Phoenix Family Sues Police

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Heavy.comShocking Video of Phoenix Cops Holding Black Family at Gunpoint Over $1 Doll:

The term shocking is oft used to describe surprising or eye-popping viral videos. There may be no more ‘shocking’ videos than these of Phoenix police pulling guns on a young black family in a parking lot over the alleged shoplifting of a 99-cent Barbie-like doll from a dollar store.

On May 27, Dravon Ames, 22, his pregnant fiancée Iesha Harper, 24, and their daughters, Island, 4 and 1-year-old London, were held at gunpoint by several screaming Phoenix police officers. Police were responding to an anonymous caller about a possible shoplifting incident of a dollar store Barbie doll. Court documents show that the dollar store did not call for police. With guns drawn, and screaming orders rife with foul language, cops surrounded the family at their car, pulled guns, and threatened to kill them.

Family to sue Phoenix PD for $10 million over officers’ response to shoplifting incident, police respond:

The Phoenix Police Department released more information on Friday and said officers were at the Dollar Store looking into another shoplifting incident when a store employee told them about the stolen doll.

Police said that officer walked toward the car but it drove off. Then a description of the car was broadcast over the radio and officers found it near 32nd Street and McDowell Road.

The police report said officers told Ames and Harper to show their hands. One officer said he drew his gun because Ames “began to reach towards the center of the vehicle between the front seats.” Harper refused to show her hands because she had the two children in the car, police said.

According to the police report, Ames was interviewed and admitted to shoplifting from the store as well and threw a pair of underwear out the window when he was leaving.



Nebraska AG Stands Alone

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AP NewsNebraska’s AG is lone holdout in pursuing opioid cases:

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson has fought prescription opioid abuse through public education campaigns, worked with lawmakers to tighten prescribing practices and even demanded documents from the maker of OxyContin. He has said the overdose crisis is ravaging families.

What Peterson hasn’t done is pursued a lawsuit seeking to hold any opioid manufacturer, distributor or pharmaceutical company accountable. That leaves him standing alone among state attorneys general.

Every other state has sued, filed administrative charges or promised to sue the companies blamed for the national crisis, which played a role in the deaths of more than 390,000 Americans from 2000 through 2017. Peterson’s decision to stand on the sidelines, at least so far, has frustrated some who want to make sure that Nebraska is in line to receive its fair share of money under any national settlement.

It is governnent’s job to implement good policies to address public problems. In this case, is making someone else pay a good or bad policy?



Deputy in Parkland School Shooting Arrested, Charged

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Orlando SentinelEx-school deputy Scot Peterson arrested on charges of neglect of duty in Parkland massacre:

When every second counted, school resource officer Scot Peterson, who was the closest person to the gunman during the Parkland school shooting and likely the only one who could have intervened, took cover instead of action and for that he has been arrested on 11 criminal charges.

Peterson on Tuesday was arrested for neglect of duty for the 48 minutes he spent hiding as children and staff died, Sheriff Gregory Tony announced.

More at the link.



Jussie Smollett Headlines

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Chicago Sun Times Judge unseals records in Jussie Smollett case

The “Empire” actor’s public comments about the case showed he was not concerned about his privacy after controversial decision to dismiss all charges, the judge ruled


Fox News: Onetime Michelle Obama staffer evades subpoena in Smollett-Foxx case, process server says


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