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Cory Booker … Sigh

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I was going to write a post about what a clown that guy is, but frankly I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and even contemplating mustering the energy to talk about it is exhausting.

He’s desperate to have people think he BROKE THE RULES!!!1! to reveal emails that make Kavanaugh look good.

These people are pathetic. Truly. The kabuki theater has rarely been sillier.

Nice to know a good judge is well on his way to confirmation.

Not so good to know that we have to contend with the likes of Cory Booker and Kamala Harris in 2020.

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42 Responses to “Cory Booker … Sigh”

  1. Honestly, I’m still sort of getting over the fact that the President of the United States slammed the Attorney General of the United States for bringing apparently solid cases against Republican congressmen — based on investigations started under Trump — because it would hurt the Republican party.

    If he had said that in private to Sessions, it might be impeachable. Why is saying it on Twitter different?

    It makes it hard for me to concentrate on anything else politically.

    Patterico (115b1f)

  2. Cory Booker, sticking it to The Man! Attica! Attica! Attica! Free Huey!

    nk (dbc370)

  3. Looking forward to RBG’s replacement

    mg (8cbc69)

  4. I don’t know how anyone familiar with the Hunter indictment can with a straight face both claim to oppose the indictment and prosecution *and* claim to be in favor of draining the swamp of corruption.

    aphrael (f611c5)

  5. The sad part is that liberals don’t like him either, that he’s a Democrat who’s in the pocket of Wall Street.

    Paul Montagu (9dcfd2)

  6. PoliMath
    The Kavanaugh hearing has been an exceptionally poor hearing
    For the Democrats
    And for journalists
    Because it serves as a reminder of how they treat not the crazy a$$h**es like Trump, but reasonable, honest, moderate conservatives

    harkin (47ad2b)

  7. Booker is a stooge who is like a paid ad for the GOP.

    K Harris is much more evil.

    Alex Griswold
    This is really unbelievably low. The highlighted part is what you hear in the clip. Kamala Harris edited out JUST the part that made it clear Kavanaugh was paraphrasing someone, and then presented it as his own opinion.

    harkin (47ad2b)

  8. Yeah, like most Never trumpers aka “Conservatives” – nothing the Left does upsets them. However, if anyone on the Right,fights back too hard, or in the “wrong way”, they get VERY UPSET.

    I guess if you don’t really care who get elected, or sits on the Supreme Court – but only about “Character” and “Feelings” it makes sense.

    Right now, “Conservative” Bill Kristol is trying to figure out how to stop Trump in 2020 and elect Cory Booker, cause “Conservative Principles” – Really.

    rcocean (1a839e)

  9. @2. Cory Booker, sticking it to The Man! Attica! Attica! Attica! Free Huey!

    Meh. Optics! optics! optics! Plantation owner Whitey Cornyn giving a tongue-lashing to an Uppity Booker didn’t look too swift on the TeeVee. Still, hand signals and paper cuts aside, ’twas a good scene in Mothra vs. The Swamp Creature.

    More popcorn!

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  10. 7, whatever presidential ambitions Dwayne The Rock Johnson are taking hits due to these 2. I always thought a southern survivor (Jones, Bel Edwards, Cooper) would be the path forward anyway.

    urbanleftbehind (c30065)

  11. If Trump runs in 2020, look for “Conservatives” to jump aboard the Corey Booker, or Harris bandwagon. Sure, they may give us Medicare for all, “Free College”, and Abortion forever via a Kagan Run SCOTUS. But they’d spit in Putin’s eye AND give us good “Character”.

    And after all, isn’t that all “conservatives” want. Certainly it’d make Erickson, Rubin and Jonah Goldberg satisfied.

    rcocean (1a839e)

  12. Donald Trump was put into office with the connivance of both the Republican and Democratic parties in a conspiracy to make every professional politician look good by comparison for the next hundred years. But they should restrain themselves a little.

    nk (dbc370)

  13. Corey the law breaker – ducking under the turnstiles at the subway.
    Such a huffing and puffing clown, don’t ever let him near your grandkids.

    mg (8cbc69)

  14. @11. They’re in Alamo mode; ceding ground, retreating to the barricades. Shouting ‘Reagan’ doesn’t rally the troops anymore; Trump ain’t one of ’em, either. The courts are all they’ve got left.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  15. How great it would be if Mike Lee took RBG’s spot!!

    mg (8cbc69)

  16. Yeah, like most Never trumpers aka “Conservatives” – nothing the Left does upsets them. However, if anyone on the Right,fights back too hard, or in the “wrong way”, they get VERY UPSET.

    You do understand that this is not true, right? Not even remotely?

    I mean, if you’re just blowing off some steam from a bad day, or indulging in a little overblown rhetoric because it feels good, then that’s one thing. We all do that. But I’d hate to think you really believed this.

    Demosthenes (c08caf)

  17. There’s always the ‘swamp creature’ element to consider in an outlier or two [and this guy’s a big one] but suspect once these guy-and-gal-bureaucrats-playing-judge get appointed to a sweet, lifetime gig w/steady income and no job worries ahead they’ll flick off the ideologues who’ve championed them and do the rule of law thing more or less hovering ’round the center of the fuel gauge. The good ones want to just do law. Besides, if they rule against them-that-brought’em-to-the-dance, what can they do but moan and not invite ’em to CPAC.

    ‘Course should Kavanaugh end up saving Trump’s bacon, it’s a short term hurt and they got nobody to blame but themselves. But long term, no sweat. Isn’t there a super-secret, single-digit-finger signal for that?

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  18. Reagan, GHWB, Clinton, W, Obama, Trump.

    Pretty much a declining line of ability.

    After W’s financial upchuck, we thought “He should be an easy act to follow”, but then Obama.

    And again we thought “This should make it easy for his GOP successor, but then Trump.

    Now, we see on the horizon two contenders with EVEN LESS character and principle than Trump.

    The last time we saw this kind of progression, it went Harrison, Tyler, Polk*, Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan. And Civil War.

    *Polk was the best of them, and he started a major war.

    Kevin M (5d3e49)

  19. Looking forward to RBG’s replacement

    Or Breyer.

    Kevin M (5d3e49)

  20. Right now, “Conservative” Bill Kristol is trying to figure out how to stop Trump in 2020 and elect Cory Booker

    The new straw man for the Trumpies. Never mind the BEST way to elect a Deemocrat would be run Trump again. I’m rooting for the stroke.

    Kevin M (5d3e49)

  21. R.I.P. Bill Daily.

    I Dream of Jeannie’s Roger Healy, astronaut and Bob Newhart Show’s Howard Borden, airline pilot.

    Happy landings.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  22. 15.How great it would be if Mike Lee took RBG’s spot!!

    Not a chance in hell. Revisit his weenie support-non-support of Trump in the last weeks of the campaign around the Access Hollywood tape release. Remember, our Captain holds a grudge- which Tedtoo is likely to rediscover in the weeks to come.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  23. R.I.P. Christopher Lawford

    Actor, author, nephew of JFK.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  24. I don’t know how anyone familiar with the Hunter indictment can with a straight face both claim to oppose the indictment and prosecution *and* claim to be in favor of draining the swamp of corruption.

    It’s called “doublethink,” aphrael.

    I saw a photoshop on Twitter the other day of a MAGA-style baseball cap that said “Make Orwell Fiction Again”…

    Dave (445e97)

  25. Slandering a good man again.

    After W’s financial upchuck

    You mean Mr. and Mrs. Barney Frank’s financial upchuck, that W and John McCain worked ceaselessly, for seven years, trying to prevent.

    Dave (445e97)

  26. Now, we see on the horizon two contenders with EVEN LESS character and principle than Trump.

    I don’t think that’s accurate. Booker and Harris are run-of-the-mill establishment Democrats.

    That makes them sleazy and dishonest (and wrong on every policy question of import), but it doesn’t make them Donald Trump.

    Dave (445e97)

  27. Are Booker and Harris going to attract the moderates Rush always talks about into The Blue Wave?


    Irish People Try Southern Food For The First Time

    Pinandpuller (187d98)

  28. Last night on clinton news network cnn mark felt named john huntsman as nyt mole for free trade trying to stop trump before the can host could stop him and go to commercial.

    lany (0a9c42)

  29. Kabuki is the new normal – Brendan O’Neill on the McCain extravaganza:

    “So now we know what ‘the resistance’ really is. It’s the establishment. It’s the old political order. It’s that late 20th-century political set, those out-of-touch managerial elites, who still cannot believe the electorate rejected them. That is the take-home message of the bizarre political spectacle that was the burial of John McCain, where this neocon in life has been transformed into a resistance leader in death: that while the anti-Trump movement might doll itself up as rebellious, and even borrow its name from those who resisted fascism in Europe in the mid 20th-century, in truth it is primarily about restoring the apparently cool, expert-driven rule of the old elites over what is viewed as the chaos of the populist Trump / Brexit era.

    The response to McCain’s death has bordered on the surreal. The strangest aspect has been the self-conscious rebranding of McCain as a searing rebel. In death, this key establishment figure in the Republican Party, this military officer, senator, presidential candidate and enthusiastic backer of the exercise of US military power overseas, has been reimagined as a plucky battler for all that is good against a wicked, overbearing political machine. ‘John McCain’s funeral was the biggest resistance meeting yet’, said a headline in the New Yorker, alongside a photo of George W Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and soldiers from the US Army, the most powerful military machine on Earth. This is ‘the resistance’ now: the former holders of extraordinary power, the invaders of foreign nations, the Washington establishment.

    The New Yorker piece, like so much of the McCain commentary, praises to the heavens the anti-Trump theme of McCain’s funeral. McCain famously said Trump couldn’t attend his funeral. And that in itself was enough to win him the posthumous love of a liberal commentariat that now views everything through the binary moral framework of pro-Trump (evil, ill-informed, occasionally fascistic) and anti-Trump (decent, moral, on a par with the warriors against Nazism). Even better, though, was the fact that orators at the funeral, including McCain’s daughter Meghan and both Bush and Obama, used the church service to slam Trumpism, without explicitly mentioning it, and in the process to big-up what came before Trumpism, which of course was their rule, their politics, their establishment. The Washington political and media set might seem bitterly bipartisan, said the New Yorker writer, but it is also ‘more united’ in one important sense – ‘in its hatred of Donald Trump’.

    Hatred of Trump has become the moral glue of the bruised elites who have been either pushed aside or at least dramatically called into question by the populist surge taking hold in the West. And so motored are these people by the shallow moralism of Anti-Trumpism that they are happy to marshal even a life as complex and interesting and flawed as McCain’s to the service of hurting Trump. A former Al Gore adviser, Carter Eskew, wrote in the Washington Post: ‘In death, John McCain is about to exact revenge on Donald Trump.’ Unwittingly revealing the Old Testament streak to the new elite religion of Hating Trump, Eskew said that as ‘McCain ascends to heaven on an updraft of praise, Trump’s political hell on Earth will burn hotter’. On why it suddenly started to rain when McCain’s coffin was brought into the Capitol, a CNN journalist said: ‘The angels were crying.’ What century is this?

    The religious allusions, the talk of vengeance against Trump, the misremembering of McCain’s life so that it becomes a moral exemplar against the alleged crimes of Trumpism, exposes the infantile moralism of the so-called resistance. Albert Burneko, assessing some of the madder McCain commentary, says there is now a ‘condition’ that he calls ‘Resistance Brain’, where people display an ‘urge to grab and cling on to anything that seems, even a little bit, like it might be the thing that Finally Defeats Donald Trump’. Even if the thing they’re grabbing on to is actually a bad thing. Like a seemingly endless FBI investigation into the elected presidency. Or George W Bush, whose moral rehabilitation on the back of Anti-Trumpism has been extraordinary. Or neoconservatism: this was the scourge of liberal activists a decade ago, yet now its architects are praised because they subscribe to the religion of Anti-Trumpism. Being against Trump washes away all sins.”

    harkin (47ad2b)

  30. Great post Harkin !!

    I am bookmarking this essay right now !

    Bendover (1b807d)

  31. The last paragraph reminds me of Sir Thomas More`s quote concerning the devil in A Man for All Seasons

    Bendover (1b807d)

  32. The Trump Administration is the GOP establishment now, not only because he is the President but also because Trump originally hired the establishment to run his White House and the executive agencies. Now he is bringing in loyalists to replace his original establishment hires, but that’s at the top. The establishment still makes up most of the staff and does most of the work. They are the anonymous staff that sometimes support Trump and sometimes don’t.

    Trump probably does need to replace them but he doesn’t have the knowledge or contacts to replace them from business or state government. The populists chose poorly if they don’t like the GOPe.

    DRJ (15874d)

  33. That’s right, Trump supporters! Everybody is out to get Trump! And you too! It’s the Vast Left-Wing Conservative Neo-Conservative Free-Trade Open-Borders Establishment Deep-State Steady-State Resistance Nike NFL Colin Kapernick John McCain Conspiracy!

    nk (dbc370)

  34. Not to be confused with the Rosenstein Mueller Cohen Strzok McCabe Keurig LeBron James Conspiracy which is a splinter group.

    nk (dbc370)

  35. I just saw a headline in the LA Times about the hearings, which states no, not democratic meltdown/tantrum but ‘a deep partisan divide’.

    That’s how the resistance chooses to portray the deranged partisan lunatics’ treatment of wholly mainstream conservative excellence these days.

    So here we are, no matter what you think of Trump, lying, immature, hair-trigger buffoon or savior of everything that made this country great, the people who put him in office and even lots that didn’t see him as the most powerful agent to getting things back on track…… and checking (hopefully finally reversing) the creeping takeover of tools like this:

    The study, “Testing a Beckerian-Arrowian model of political orientation discrimination on the U.S. law professor labor market: Measuring the ‘rank gap”, 2001-2010,” sheds light on the suspicion many conservatives in the labor market have, “am I being discriminated against?”

    The study finds that “conservative and libertarian law professors are underrepresented in top-tier legal academia, whether compared to the American population overall, those who graduate from law school, or elite lawyers who look most like law professors,” later adding that the issue is likely “not discrimination against conservatives and libertarians so much as discrimination against anyone who is not liberal.”

    harkin (47ad2b)

  36. That makes them sleazy and dishonest (and wrong on every policy question of import), but it doesn’t make them Donald Trump.

    You really don’t know Kamala Harris. She got her start in politics by banging the former CA Speaker Willie Brown, a man more than twice her age.

    While CA AG, she certified handgun microstamping “available to manufacturers” (a condition in the law), based on there being NO patent. Accordingly, no new (or renewal) semi-auto can be certified for sale in CA until this unicorn-technology is present in the device. Apparently “impossibility” is not a defense in this case to the CA Supreme Court.

    She had a habit of assigning off-putting names to initiatives she disliked (and the opposite), or to find ways to constructively miscount petitions.

    She is an amazing piece of work. I voted to send her to the Senate (over Linda Chavez) as I thought she would do less damage there.

    Kevin M (5d3e49)

  37. a deep partisan divide

    Sanity/insanity is a deep divide.

    Kevin M (5d3e49)

  38. McCain is the new Truman. Despised in office, his era becomes the Lost Glory Days in the rear-view mirror.

    Kevin M (5d3e49)

  39. The Hunter indictment says that campaign contributions cannot be used for personal uses, even during a campaign (and Congressmen are always campaigning). I think this is right.

    But people (I’m looking at YOU, Dave) have argued than ANY expenditure during a campaign is a campaign expenditure. Even if it’s for, say, a root canal (you need to be well to campaign!).

    There is tension here.

    Kevin M (5d3e49)

  40. What do you when you’re such a hardcore Trumpalista that SNL lampoons you, but you’re cast out of the tribe after alleging that some d**k at FoxNews raped you? You go to work for Russia Today.

    Paul Montagu (9dcfd2)

  41. No, really, Senator Booker, you can get all the breadsticks and salad you want here at Olive Garden.It’s free. Please stop wielding that butter knife like that.

    Bugg (85f412)

  42. Today Ben Sasse expanded on why he thinks about leaving the GOP “every morning”.

    Sasse said he is “committed to the party of (Abraham) Lincoln and (Ronald) Reagan as long as there’s a chance to reform it. But this party used to be for some pretty definable stuff. And, frankly, neither of these parties are for very much more than being anti.”

    He also appeared to rule out running against Agent Orange in 2020:

    “I think the odds are a lot higher that I run for the Noxious Weed Control Board of Dodge County, Nebraska, than that.”

    William Butler Yeats, call your office.

    The best lack all conviction while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity

    Dave (445e97)

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