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The Latest Project Veritas Video: Hillary-Connected Operatives Collect Foreign Donations

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There’s a bit of recapitulation of O’Keefe’s recent videos here, but the fun new gag here is how the meat is all wrapped inside the tasty bread of foreign donations. In this video, the Project Veritas purchased a shell company based in Belize, opened a bank account in Belize, and donated $20,000 to Hillary-connected operatives. They recorded proof that the operatives had received the money, and made reference to the fact that it was coming through a Belize bank. The best evidence of the operatives’ knowledge that the money was an illegal donation of foreign money is that the operatives returned the money the second the Veritas videos started to come out . . . even though they had acknowledged receiving the donation weeks before.


The video does feel poorly narrated and rather hastily slapped together, with tantalizing bits presented devoid of context. The now-famous Scott Foval, told that the “donor” wanted to get his hands dirty, responds at one point: “If he wants to get dirty, we can get dirty.” But what is he talking about? The fake donor, Charles Roth, is able to get his “niece” (actually a Project Veritas journalist) offered an internship at Bob Creamer’s Democracy Partners, but we don’t know what her alleged qualifications were. There is a brief and unsatisfying interlude, not well explained, with a guy named Cesar Vargas, the founder of an organization called the “Dream Action Coalition.” Vargas is billed by Foval as “the guy who can get things done,” which is plenty vague. At one point, the transcript indicates that Vargas says:

What’s the goal of our overall campaign? Yeah and for me I totally get it, this is illegal, this is something that can be done.

But to me it sounds more like this:

What’s the goal of our overall campaign? Yeah and for me as an attorney I get it, this [unintelligible], this is, yeah.

The journalist goes on, allegedly, to tell Vargas not to repeat their conversations to anybody, because this is “technically . . . voter fraud.” But it’s hard to hear the words “voter fraud” — and if the person watching the video can’t hear it, maybe Vargas can’t either. Exactly what they are discussing is never really explained. All of this begins around 9:30 in the video below.

After that, there’s plenty of footage of Bob Creamer boasting of his connections to the Clinton campaign, and how he is regularly on conference calls with her campaign headquarters about what the earned media message will be for that day. O’Keefe points out that Creamer regularly visited the White House, according to official logs, with 342 visits to the White House, and 47 with Obama. Creamer is happily offering influence to anyone with money. Which shocks precisely nobody.

It’s a bit of a mishmash, and a rather disappointing and confusing ending (at least, it feels like an ending) to a pretty good series of videos.

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21 Responses to “The Latest Project Veritas Video: Hillary-Connected Operatives Collect Foreign Donations”

  1. Ding, by the way.

    Patterico (bd09f6)

  2. Bimbo Kelly, Jake Tapper and Patterico – The Mnt. Rushmore of Trump hate.

    mg (31009b)

  3. Wow. And yet here you are, trying to get a rise out of Patterico on his own site.

    I’m so glad you are opposed to hating on people.

    Simon Jester (c63397)

  4. Dumb-dumb-dumb-bumb-deeddee wahhhhhh!
    Only the Trumpkins!
    Don’t know how to read a post about Hillary’s slimy operatives.
    Only the Trumpkins!

    nk (dbc370)

  5. megyn kelly’s a grotesque

    with her we’ve achieved peak news bimbo

    so now what

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  6. Oldie but a goodie…

    Colonel Haiku (610d75)

  7. Oh… Sweet Jaysus…

    “ET TU, SMOD?! Even the Sweet Meteor O’Death is tangled up in the #PodestaEmails18!

    Man, can’t trust anybody in the planetary destruction business these days.”

    Colonel Haiku (610d75)

  8. As a kid, I used to say, “I want my MTV!
    Now, as a grownup, I say, “I want my Project Veritas videos!” (LOL)

    I’ll gladly trade the prospect of a Madonna bj for the opportunity to watch a money shot in a James O’Keefe undercover bust.

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  9. So even what we thought, Jason Carter was a cutout, and corn his designated conduit.

    narciso (d1f714)

  10. 5. as long as I’m spared Tomi Lahren’s barrack wuere act, I’ll be good with what results post-Kelly. There’s some joint Levin-Malkin-Steyn venture going on, I just wonder if decentralization is the best strategy.

    urbanleftbehind (5eecdb)

  11. I would out it a different way, our host strives for balance, rapper and increasigly megyn have removed any pretense.

    narciso (d1f714)

  12. Now don’t be dissing toni, when she’s the one with the lantern, most times.

    narciso (d1f714)

  13. Im not one to complain, and I think you and I would have a chance, given her support of Rubio, if you catch my drift. Seen a lot of that in my travels to greater SD, just gotta keep that butter short and tight.

    urbanleftbehind (5eecdb)

  14. such a gloomy day

    unbearably so if not for Mr. Trump

    he’s made a little birdhouse in my soul

    i love him so much

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  15. In other breaking news, Hillary is still a crook; and The Donald is still a Bozo.

    Skeptical Voter (1d5c8b)

  16. And that missed the point, remember when they wanted to lock up o’keefe because he was exposing the Louisiana purchase, they do this placed like venezueal, heck they tried to do it Steyn in Canada.

    narciso (d1f714)

  17. When they couldn’t do it directly they sent someone into the gold to do indirectly, I won’t speak her name because she isn’t worthy of being acknowledged.

    narciso (d1f714)

  18. I guess this is what qualifies as agita, in the Capital,

    narciso (d1f714)

  19. The New York Post had an article about Hillary Clinton’s deleted e-mails:

    They probably still exist. And they came closer to being hacked after 2013, but I still think they weren’t.

    They didn’t as good care of them after 2013 as before because they delagated it:

    First, Platte River Networks contracted with Datto Inc., a tech firm that normally does cloud-to-cloud data protection, tomirror the server. The contract called forit toi be backed up both locally and privately.But it wasn’t local, only private. Datto’s secure node could have been breached by a hacker maybe.

    Second, at one point, Paul Combetta of Platte River Networks “transferred all of the Clinton email content to a personal Google email address he created.” That’s fairly secure, unless Gioogle was breached, because it was aspecially created account and probably temporary. It wasn’t safe against subpoenas, but the FBI never subpoenaed Google to see if there was still an archive of that account. The FBI probably did find out about it too late.

    Third, Combetta loaded a laptop with the Clinton email archive and shipped that back to a Clinton aide in Washington. That’s the one that supposedly got lost in the mail.

    But then later an unidentified former “special assistant” to Clinton at the State Department said the elusive Apple MacBook laptop was actually “shipped to the Clinton Foundation in New York City.” (and not to Washington)

    The FBI gave up the search and it probably resides now in the same place the Rose Law billing records were for 10 years – in a law firm’s confidential files.

    The New York Post article doesn’t mention it,but there’s also a missing USB drive with the (deleted I assume) Clinton e-mails.

    Sammy Finkelman (643dcd)

  20. In a June follow-up interview, FBI agents left it up to this critical witness to “inquire about the shipment” with the foundation’s mailroom manager, who works in Rockefeller Center, and that was the end of that.

    Theer’s also the original Apple server Clinton used from Jan. 21, 2009, to March 18, 2009.The equipment was not discarded, but “repurposed” as a “work station” used by staff in Clinton’s Chappaqua residence, and the FBI never took possession of that server.

    They never did a search warrant because of claims that some materials protected by attorney client privilege were on some devices. They ddidn’t look past jan 15,\, 2015 and destroyed the devices.

    Sammy Finkelman (643dcd)

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