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World’s Worst Driver Tries to Back Out of Parking Space

Filed under: Humor — Patterico @ 10:06 pm

I laughed quite a bit watching this.

20 Responses to “World’s Worst Driver Tries to Back Out of Parking Space”

  1. except for the snow, i would swear that was taken here in my part of The Valley…


    redc1c4 (4db2c8)

  2. I think I was stuck behind that driver as it attempted to navigate the I-35 to I-635 merge. With similar results.

    Steve57 (1985cb)

  3. Good thing it was a BMW. Many cars are a lot harder to handle.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  4. the latest thing here in Lost Angels, is stopping at least a car length behind the line, or behind the car in front of you, and not starting to move until they are at least halfway through the intersection, and then driving like the gasoline is being taken out of your blood stream

    first off, if you aren’t on the pad, you’re going to wait longed.

    secondly, get moving or no one, even you is going to get anywhere.

    the other latest stupidity is stopping ore more lanes of traffic to let someone either cut across traffic or merge into it.

    hot tip to teh 5t00pid: you get negative karma if your “good deed” screws over two or more people.

    GTFO of my way!

    redc1c4 (a6e73d)

  5. dyslexia is terrible.

    mg (31009b)

  6. mg there is no need to insult people that have dyslexia.

    Mattsky (bbcbfe)

  7. Thanks. I just sent to my friends in Calgary. Awesome.

    carlitos (c24ed5)

  8. I’m pretty sure that was nk.

    The snarky Dana (f6a568)

  9. I put a “Honk If You Think I’m Sexy” bumper sticker on my car. You wouldn’t believe all the compliments I get at stop lights, merging into traffic, changing lanes ….

    nk (dbc370)

  10. nk – years ago, there was a strong positive correlation between aggressive/unsafe driving and “B-96″ bumper stickers. My evidence is anecdotal, but strong.

    carlitos (c24ed5)

  11. Beta version of driverless vehicle system. Worked fine at 70F.

    bobathome (5d64cd)

  12. That was painful to watch.

    Gerald A 11/2006 (2c96c6)

  13. What a nightmare. It really makes you think twice about the idea that “all men are created equal.”

    Maybe they were on drugs or something. Let’s hope so.

    Andrew H. (80bb2a)

  14. Just a typical SoCal driver with the added feature of snow:
    Someone who failed the driving test at DisneyLand’s Autopia.

    Has absolutely no idea how vehicle dynamics work, or the use of steering when backing up.

    askeptic (efcf22)

  15. redc1c4 (a6e73d) — 12/11/2014 @ 2:02 am

    If there is enough room, I make it a point to pull into that empty space (in the van) if I can access it –
    just to make the point.
    Plus, when on the MC, if they’re first in line, it leaves space for the bike without blocking some other lane-splitter.

    askeptic (efcf22)

  16. Forgive me ladies, but if someone put a gun to my head and forced me to guess the gender of the “driver” or die on the spot, I must confess that you would “win”.

    Ray Van Dune (d9ea85)

  17. redc1c4 #4 – I don’t know where that started (stopping at a light way behind the sensors), but I wish it hadn’t …

    As for “hot tip to teh 5t00pid: you get negative karma if your “good deed” screws over two or more people.” – it’s the Democrat/Progressive way, wanting to feel good at the expense of others …

    Alastor (2e7f9f)

  18. Similar to Sammy’s comments it is!

    Yoda (d89de1)

  19. are we sure this wasn’t a stunt contrived by the googlecar people

    happyfeet (831175)

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