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The Day After Christmas

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[guest post by Dana]

It’s the day after Christmas, also known as recovery day for the millions of Americans whose gastronomic indulgences are causing them to pop Pepto-Bismol tablets like, well, like candy! And if you’re one of the recovering, it’s lucky you don’t live in the UK where doctors are now being told they must report patients who are gaining weight. This comes on the heels of a ruling by the EU that “obesity can be considered a disability” and that employers must treat overweight employees as disabled and provide them with whatever is necessary to perform their jobs.

Also in the news, the daughter of Eric Garner doxxed one of the police officers who was present when her father died:

Erica Garner tweeted that cop Justin D’Amico was “another officer that helped killed [sic] my dad,” and directed her 5,000-plus Twitter followers to a Web page that lists ­addresses for D’Amico and five possible relatives.

The information was viewed about 500 times before Garner’s stunning tweet was deleted following inquiries by The Post.

Jonathan Moore, attorney for the Garner family claims that Erica Garner “did not have any knowledge of what was in those links.”

Garner’s denial:

Anything for a story ..i cant say anything else but this is a very sad attempt to assassinate my character..srry guys my last post 4awhile

This tweet was followed by:

That tweet was retweeted to me was a link i never opened all i seen was the officer name didnt think twice but ppl changed my words

Finally, ask yourself this, if North Korea was not behind the Sony hacking, what would that say about the FBI and this administration?

Kurt Stammberger from the Norse cybersecuirty firm, told CBS News that his team believes a woman identified only as “Lena” was heavily involved in the hack – not North Korea.

“We are very confident that this was not an attack master-minded by North Korea and that insiders were key to the implementation of one of the most devastating attacks in history,” he told the news outlet.

“Sony was not just hacked, this is a company that was essentially nuked from the inside,” Stammberger added.


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