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Jeb And Hillary: Making Up Their Minds

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[guest post by Dana]

Will she or won’t she? As Hillary Clinton weighs out whether or not to run in 2016, she is considering the demands of the job. Of course those demands are not unfamiliar to her as she has had a front row seat to the weight, responsibilities and expectations that come with being President of the United States.

Clinton explains:

“The job is unforgiving in many ways, so I think you need people around you who will kid you, make fun of you. … You can lose touch with what’s real, what’s authentic.”

Clinton has already stated that she will likely be making her decision in January. So as she acts like the decision is still up in the air ponders her decision, a pro-Clinton pac has released “Stand With Hillary” in an effort to reach voters. You be the judge of its effectiveness:

“She’s a mother, a daughter and, through it all, she’s a loving wife.

. “…And now, it’s 2016, and this time I’m a-thinking, guys, put your boots on and let’s smash this ceiling … .”

Apparently at the end of the song, the singer trades in his cowboy hat for a hardhat as he literally smashes a sheet of glass (get it – glass ceiling!) with a sledge hammer.

On a side note, I was going to read an article about Clinton and one of her biggest supporters, but the article was entitled Hillary Clinton Gratifies A Major Donor In Israel-Centric Conversation and I immediately thought of Bill. And giggled. Here’s a tip: If the MSM is going to throw their support her way, they might want to double-check their planned headlines and ask themselves WWBD (What or Whom…), and if he would, then immediately edit!

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush is also weighing out whether or not to run in 2016 and has said he will make a decision soon. His considerations go further than Clinton’s just trying to, uh, keep it real:

“Can I do it where the sacrifice to my family is tolerable?…It’s a pretty ugly business right now. There’s a level under which I would never subjugate my family because that’s my organizing principle. That’s my life.”

Bush’s priorities include:

[A]n “all-in” energy policy that expands the use of the nation’s natural resources; a reduction in business regulations; a simpler tax code; an “economically driven” overhaul of the immigration system; and a “radical transformation’’ of the education system.

On immigration, he warns Republicans:

Mr. Bush said he disagrees with President Barack Obama ’s decision to shield millions of illegal immigrants from deportation through executive action that bypasses Congress, but he cautioned Republicans to take the lead on the issue “rather than have their heads explode.”

He said the immigration system should expand access to the U.S. based on the country’s economic needs and prioritize allowing “first-round draft picks” to come, rather than uniting families. “It’s probably the easiest way to get to sustained economic growth, which is what we desperately need,” he noted.

And what about Obamacare? Compromise!

No matter, if Bush plans to run, he really needs to step it up if he hopes to catch up with Clinton. After all, she’s already one pac song ahead.


Bye Mary

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She got shellacked. Couldn’t happen to a nicer Senator.

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