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PSA: Buy Frank J. Fleming’s New Book!

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing. Follow me by Twitter @AaronWorthing.]

Seriously, buy it. Buttercup needs clothes, food and when she is done with the food, diapers to poop into.*

And it’s probably really funny. I mean there is that.


*Please note that I am trying to be funny in a way that Mr. Flemming would appreciate. And probably failing.

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

20 Responses to “PSA: Buy Frank J. Fleming’s New Book!”

  1. It’s only $2. Dude must be a cheap date.

    Dustin (cb3719)

  2. Frank is easy, but he is not cheap…

    CINCIMADDOG (f0be1f)

  3. Sorry to hijack the thread. I didn’t know where to put this. Either tonight or tomorrow I will be posting, “Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin Wins Frivolous Lawsuit!”

    Prepostericity (256956)

  4. prepostericity

    its okay for thread jacking, but do you have a link to a news story on this?

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  5. You hanging in there OK, Socrates?

    Dustin (cb3719)

  6. Looks like a good read – hard to go wrong for $1.99. But even The Greatest President might find it hard to overtake Senator Kerry – call him The Greatest Almost President – for a title that he was recently awarded …

    ombdz (2a81ef)

  7. Thanks guys. I’ll be putting up two entries. The first will be new. The second will be a repost of one of my 21 scrubbed entries. But it’s time consuming. I can’t simply copy and paste the saved copies. Plus, I am quite the motor-mouth, so there’s a lot there.

    Once I upload screenshots, I’ll edit the new one and post it. Then I’ll do the same for the second one and post that.

    We’re heading towards the top of the internet zeitgeist.

    Keep in mind that this is a developing story. We are awaiting audio from the November 14th hearing in which I kicked royal arse. It’s also interesting to see a link Liberty Chick just tweeted, something about how bloggers need to have some protection like journalists do against this sort of thing.

    Prepostericity (256956)

  8. okay, but then how did the speedway bomber win?

    Aaron Worthing (e7d72e)

  9. The thing went into default. The judge awarded him $100 plus court costs which could run to approximately $800, not sure. I am awaiting the audio of the November 14th hearing, which imho will be proof I was slandered.

    Kimberlin didn’t really win. I won. Case in point is I am able to repost the 21 entries that were deleted. Kimberlin won that $100 by default. He was unable to prove any allegations made against me. I was a chump to wait too long to fight back. It’s a developing story.

    Prepostericity (256956)

  10. The first entry is available at

    Prepostericity (256956)

  11. The court docket shows Kimberlin was awarded a whopping $100 plus court costs. Probably about a buck an hour, would be my guess. That’s $100 too much, but that’s the price Prepostericity pays for failing to respond to the original suit.

    I may put up a short post about it tonight or tomorrow — and plan much more discussion of it when I get time and obtain some more documents and audio. It’s a fascinating story about frivolous litigation by a convicted bomber to try to push around someone who . . . pointed out that he is a convicted bomber.

    I have already seen court documents from Kimberlin that are misleading in the extreme, but I haven’t yet seen the final flurry of filings.

    Congratulations to Prepostericity for limiting Kimberlin’s damage award to a laughably paltry $100. That’s a victory all right.

    There’s a small crew of Kimberlin associates who are crying in their beer tonight, realizing that their take from the lawsuit won’t buy them but a handful of quesadillas at the local Del Taco.

    Patterico (f724ca)

  12. He was unable to prove any allegations made against me.

    What did the court require he prove in order to take a default judgment? In civil courts in my state, I think all that’s required is proof of default and there may not be any evidence supporting the original claim. Either way, my guess is Kimberlin will claim the opposite — that since he won, it proves everything he said is true.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  13. I’m so relieved, Prepostericity.

    I think this is a substantial victory for you.

    It’s still very offensive to me that they tried to silence you for telling the truth. Sadly, they also learned your name, and that’s enough to scare a lot of other critics into silence.

    I’m pretty sure that’s why Ron Brynaert and [redacted] have both threatened to sue me. They want to know my name so as to smear me the way Socrates was smeared.

    I mean no disrespect in saying I agree that Prepostericity goofed up by getting into gear on this too late. Just this morning Ms [redacted] explained she had contacted a lawyer about my allegedly defaming her. I have seen by this incident that the only way to handle that is to get an attorney and fight back.

    Patterico, I look forward to the post about this.

    Dustin (cb3719)

  14. Dave from Queens? Isn’t that the Hannity-harassing Daily Kos blogger who died suddenly?

    MayBee (081489)

  15. I think Prepostericity blogs as davefromqueens2 at a address, while the person who posted at Daily Kos posted at I don’t know enough about either person to know whether they are the same person, somehow related, or completely different — although it appears davefromqueens2’s blog is dedicated to the Daily Kos davefromqueens. Maybe Prepostericity can clear this up for us.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  16. DRJ- You are correct. So Monday’s hearing was all about assessing damages.

    Kimberlin had nothing. The Judge liked him, but Kimberlin’s lack of anything to show causation from the default judgement to damages forced the Judge into giving a token award.

    I was amazed at how incompetent Kimberlin’s endgame was. I do commend him for not making up some lie from Lori Grace or anyone else who decided to stop or greatly diminish funding him. His slander though is unforgivable. He can either apologise, or it could become my turn. I don’t think an apology will even prevent me from pursuing if I have a case against him. Like Patterico says, it was $100 dollars too much. If he publicly apologises, I will probably lessen what I feel my damages are. My car took a beating. I’ve been going through some emotional turmoil.

    I have two entries now available. The first is current. The second was one of my better posts that google was forced to delete.

    MayBee- Yes, the name of my blog is a tribute to Dave Weintraub who took on the KosKops. After a little bit, I was going to change the name. But his sister had posted on one of the earlier threads completely devoted to Dave’s memory, and she didn’t seem to have a problem with it. So the name stuck. I did later change the blog’s name to DFQ2.

    I started as Prepostericity at Democratic Underground but got banned and deleted. I went over to Daily Kos and got harassed by Larissa and someone going by the handle of MajorFlaw, someone Dave effectively trollbusted. I went to Dave’s website and actually had an exchange or two with him right before he died.

    He had gone on a crash diet, and his heart gave out.

    Dave was excellent with street theatre. He used to show up at Mark Levin book signings. I know most of you didn’t like his blogging, but you have to admit he was a formidable opponent.

    Prepostericity (256956)

  17. Thanks, prepostericity. Very interesting connection and history.

    MayBee (081489)

  18. Dave was excellent with street theatre. He used to show up at Mark Levin book signings. I know most of you didn’t like his blogging, but you have to admit he was a formidable opponent.

    Comment by Prepostericity — 11/16/2011 @ 7:09 pm

    It’s that kind of freedom to argue that makes America what it is.

    It’s pathetic someone tried to take away your right to tell the truth about Brett Kimberlin being a con artist and a violent felon. I frankly don’t care what your political views are. You could be lobbying for free martians for every beagle, for all I care. Folks who try to silence criticism with legal threats and actual lawsuits are the scum of the earth.

    Dustin (cb3719)

  19. Dustin,

    [Redacted] will almost certainly not sue either one of us — and if she does, she won’t be able to buy so much as a 39-cent taco with her winnings.

    It is weird how obsessive she is, though. And everyone who obsesses over others naturally must accuse those others of being the obsessives.

    It’s the Alinsky way.

    Patterico (f724ca)

  20. I’m pretty confident you’re right about that.

    I think she knows that I reliably respond to that kind of ‘shut up!’, and uses legal threats as reverse psychology to get some precious attention.

    Dustin (cb3719)

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