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McIntyre Out at KABC

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[To my national readers: apologies for this very Los Angeles-centric post. — P]

First Larry Elder is kicked off KABC, and now they’ve lost Doug McIntyre as well?

I didn’t always agree with him, but he is quick-witted and entertaining.

Good thing this iPhone connects to Internet radio.

16 Responses to “McIntyre Out at KABC”

  1. [To my national readers: apologies for this very Los Angeles-centric post. — P]

    Uhm, 1) it’s your blog. 2) it’s your blog. 3) LA is big enough that sometimes those of us in the boonies are interested in what happens there. 4) it’s your blog.

    EW1(SG) (edc268)

  2. “Doug . . . will still be involved with both this radio station and Citadel in general, doing some work for WABC in New York in the short term, and working on a very exciting future project on KABC.”

    Hey, I heard a part of his final show, and McIntyre made it seem as if he had been FIRED.

    Ira (28a423)

  3. Doing some crappy late night show might be “exciting” to management — but it ain’t morning drive-time.

    I’m sorry I missed his final show. He beats the pants off of Peter Tilden, who just bores me. I no longer have any reason to listen to KABC.

    Patterico (64318f)

  4. McIntyre didn’t merely have the best radio show in LA, but he was arguably the best journalist around here in any medium.

    Scott Kaufer (5d18a5)

  5. Doug’s foray into documentary film-making was pretty good. Maybe that’s where his future lies.

    LYT (797c6c)

  6. Does this portend a return of Michael Jackson to KABC?

    AD - RtR/OS! (0be017)

  7. Mcintyre struck me as the “John and Ken” of KABC. Larry Elder (a libertarian supporting gay rights and drug legalization who ALSO heartily defended President Bush and the war in terror – imagine that!) was much better.

    lee (86706b)

  8. Thanks for letting me know since I haven’t been paying much attention to KABC since Larry Elder left. The story seems to be of one f**kup after another. At one time, they had Dennis Prager on opposite Rush Limbaugh. Dennis went to the station and said he wanted to go to a nationally syndicated show and they said no. He and Hugh Hewitt moved to a small station in Glendale which has since cleaned KABC’s clock in LA. A couple of years later who did they have in Prager’s spot ? Bill O’Reilly’s radio show. So much for local programming.

    By that time, Larry Elder and Al Rantel were the only two I ever listened to. Now they are gone. I don’t listen in the morning since I don’t commute. Anyway, they seem to be the LA Times of radio.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  9. KABC has been shedding talent for a very long time. Jackson I could do without. I did keep up with KFI refugees on KABC, but I believe they are all gone, too.

    I listen to KRLA (Formerly KIEV) on the internet occasionally.

    Dan, formerly from Anaheim, and Hewitt’s Packer Fan friend.

    (Hugh, how about them Brownies this year?)

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  10. This is a big loss.

    Not only was his show enjoyable, he was one of the few talk show hosts who shined a spotlight into local government here in Southern California. Now, I’ll just have to listen to Bill Handel who, despite being entertaining, is usually an uninformed blowhard.

    Sean P (da7912)

  11. 10, Sean P, maybe Handel would like to speak to the now 20 year old Korean that told him off on the air when she was 4 regarding his propensity for being a jerk.

    PCD (1d8b6d)

  12. By that time, Larry Elder and Al Rantel were the only two I ever listened to. Now they are gone.

    Ah…I’m an ex-pat Californian. What happened to Al Rantel?

    CW Desiato (66a48e)

  13. @12

    Al Rantel quit due to health reasons, I believe.

    Call it the curse of Larry Elder. The “Marx Brothers” all left not long after Elder’s departure.

    lee (86706b)

  14. lee, they moved Al Rantel all over the dial. At one point about three years ago, they had him on from 7 to 10. That is not a high volume time but, when UCLA cowardly defunded the campus Republicans to give the money to MeCHA, Al had the kids who ran the UCLA Young Republicans on his show. They gave out a PO Box to send them money. In a week, they had received $35,000 and had become the best funded campus political club at UCLA. That is real power. However, they moved him around more and more and his audience followed him as long as they could.

    Mike K (2cf494)

  15. KABC’s move in getting rid of Doug McIntyre was a bad one. His replacement, Peter Tilden, is good. Bobby Murcer was good too, but he was no Mickey Mantle.

    Mike Friedman (9d1bb3)

  16. I missed his last show. I didn’t hear him announce his last show, otherwise I would have tuned in. What’s going on with radio now? Everyone is leaving. Mcintyre was my favorite. I always looked forward to hearing him every morinig. What the hell is KABC thinking? Oh well, now I have to find another station. That Peter Tilden is no Doug Mcintyre.

    Jay (cabeb3)

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