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ACORN in San Diego

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Hannah and James visit ACORN’s office in San Diego:

Andrew Breitbart: “They [ACORN] seem to be experts at facilitating crime.”

Breitbart also said no ACORN office kicked James and Hannah out based on the fact that they were doing something nefarious.

The White House is already distancing itself from ACORN. Obama, both as a candidate and as President, has a history of throwing allies under the bus when they become inconvenient. ACORN has become very inconvenient.


42 Responses to “ACORN in San Diego”

  1. Put them out of business. Forever. No more hard-working taxpayer funds. Not one dime.

    Jane (2bb9ba)

  2. They need to stop releasing these vids for a while, and let ACORN hang itself with it’s “audit”…

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  3. Breitbart said there wouldn’t be any more videos for awhile so the media and the nation could “digest” what’s been released so far.

    DRJ (a51a0e)

  4. Excellent…

    Let ACORN run around trying to patch the holes, and when they announce they are done, release video from a city they missed…

    Scott Jacobs (d027b8)

  5. Yeah, but even if they close up shop, they’ll still just morph into another “community organizing” thing, with more taxpayer funds being squandered on the Dems. The guy who started it was forced out because a relative embezelled funds, yet he just skipped across town to take another high – paying job at SEIU. If the GOP lets that union shop get away with their comingling of funds with ACORN, then I fear all of this won’t accomplish anything of substance.

    Dmac (a93b13)

  6. Scott, the only way that would be effective would be if they were holding a damning vid from the Chicago office – since Obama’s spent an enormous amount of time there since the earliest days of his political life, that could be devastating.

    Dmac (a93b13)

  7. I’ve been expecting San Diego would show up once the Audacity of Hos Show reached California. And it’s the best of the lot.

    But the LA Times finds a way to use ACORN to further its fellatial treatment of Obama.

    When Barack Obama entered the White House with the idea of moving politics from the nonfunctional, confrontational style that marks Washington to a different, bipartisan approach, he didn’t count on a resurgent conservative movement.

    Damn conservatives! Curses, foiled again!

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R. (0ea407)

  8. It’s a damned shame that it took these two kids and a video camera to do what the worthless GOP should have done years ago. My God, but I hate pulling the lever for any Republican – worthless, lousy, entrenched lifer-politicians who talk and talk and then sit idly by while the Libs run the show. I vote Conservative whenever I can.

    Uncle Dan (e4735c)

  9. The worst part of this is, like Uncle Dan said, wondering why hasn’t the GOP done this years before now.

    This is Washington culture! This spider web of allied “community action” groups is the recipient of a huge portion of our tax money.

    Block grants and community grants must STOP. If the Feds can’t oversee every penny, they should not fund the program. They should stop taxing us to support these cronies and criminals and supporters. It has corrupted our democracy worse than any other process.

    Patricia (c95a48)

  10. Great show, great vids, but did he say ACORN was on track to get 8 1/2 TRILLION dollars :)

    Lord Nazh (8d682b)

  11. […] over at Patterico’s has a lively discussion under […]

    Gazzer’s Gabfest » ACORN nuts-San Diego edition (b98ad6)

  12. Hannity did say 8-1/2 trillion in stimulus money.

    DRJ (a51a0e)

  13. Uncle Dan, I feel the same way. John Mccain, if he had these videos, would have buried them. Perhaps sent a letter asking Acorn to consider looking into allegations.

    MSNBC had some California Republican talking about this… it was so lame seeing the typical straight-edge loser speak in muffled toned on concern. Democrat light.

    Juan (bd4b30)

  14. I guarantee that the talking points tomorrow will focus on Hannity being wrong, and the one hooker/organizer still having a breathing ex, as opposed to the dead one that she claimed to have killed.

    JD (648c77)

  15. Dmac, I’m with you re a Chicago tape. You might say I am audaciously hopeful.

    Gazzer (22ecdc)

  16. I wonder whether on any of the full tapes Hannah asks if the ACORN folks thought they could get the underage illegal Salvadoran sex slaves signed up for ObamaCare. That would be really Suhweet.

    daleyrocks (718861)

  17. This clip exemplifies the ACORN kerfuffle cinematically, IMHO

    Gazzer (22ecdc)

  18. At least now we know what it is “community organizers” do. And Palin was wrong. It turns out it is nothing like what Mayors do.

    Have Blue (854a6e)

  19. Daley

    Um, that would be “Suhweet” ::wink::

    Topsecretk9 (ab69ad)

  20. I like the wait and let them stew in their own disgusting juices idea, rather than dumping them all up front. Hold a few back for later, when they start to re-brand themselves.

    JD (648c77)

  21. As I asked on an earlier ACORN thread:
    When does all of this establish a “pattern and practice” of corrupt activity triggering a RICO prosecution?

    AD - RtR/OS! (0fe553)

  22. With the “50 First Dates” memory of many voters, holding some of these videos until July and August of next year might not be a bad idea. Refresher courses and all that.

    ComOrg 080, graded on pass/fail, does not count toward graduation credit

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  23. These are your fellow travelers, Barcky.

    JD (648c77)

  24. This is just a long and ongoing series of isolated events.

    JD (648c77)

  25. Now that lefty blogs have apparently been given permission to begin writing about this stuff, a quick spin around some of the blogs listed on memeorandum reveals a range of moral equivalence, blame shifting, “they did it too”, we have more important things to talk about excuses, and outright lies in defense of the indefensible that is quite spectacular to behold.

    In fact I’m surprised DCSCA hasn’t been here weaving tales about J. Edgar Hoover and FDR and wiretapping Commies and so forth and somehow trying to create some kind of Nixonian morality play out of the whole thing as is his habit.

    daleyrocks (718861)

  26. Well, AB and O’keefe/Giles are defintly holding the keys on this. They let ACorn dig a little hole and then they realase a tape or a little more of the tape….

    Here’s what California’s chief organizer said today (in San Bernadino Proess)

    “In other cases – she said the same bloggers attempted to film at ACORN offices in San Diego and Los Angeles – ACORN employees asked the bloggers to leave. In San Diego, she said an employee called the police.”

    Uh, nuh uh. Leadership caught in another lie.

    Topsecretk9 (ab69ad)

  27. TSK9 – Bertha’s (Lewis) been busted every time she’s opened her yap with a new excuse. It’s been fun to watch. I’ve only seen professional worm Scott Levenson once, on a clip from MSNBC. Their self-audit will not cut it.

    daleyrocks (718861)

  28. I’d be happier if it were SEIU that was blowing up.

    SteveG (97b6b9)

  29. These ACORN folks lie as much as Obama. Oh yeah, I forgot, Obama is an ACORN folk.

    Valley (f3ba69)

  30. ACORN to Obama: We have changed our name from ACORN to COI. You can throw ACORN under the bus and defund ACORN. Shift the funding to COI.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  31. Not just fellow travelers. Per Rush, Obama is ACORN and ACORN is Obama.

    Peg C. (48175e)

  32. So, how deep does the rabbit hole go?

    How many felonies has ACORN aided and abetted in the past? I’d demand a complete audit of their records and a Special Prosecutor to investigate the hierarchy.

    Techie (482700)

  33. Where’s one of the lefty trolls to come on here and tell us this isn’t a newsworthy story b/c ACORN isn’t important to the DNC and has nothing to do with Obama?

    Gee, it seems even the lyin’ leftists can’t bring themselves to spin this anymore. Or maybe they just haven’t received their talking points via email yet. Perhaps later today they’ll have their new talking points and stop by w/ their new arguments.

    Monkeytoe (e66874)

  34. “It’s a damned shame that it took these two kids and a video camera to do what the worthless GOP should have done years ago.”

    And just why would anyone pay attention to a white male Republican knocking on ACORN’s door? Other than to call him a leering raaaaaacccciiisssssst, of course.

    You’re going to have to eventually stop this complaining about why hasn’t the GOP ever done XYZ that, by definition, it can never do.

    Brad S (9f6740)

  35. ACORN panders, in the original sense of the word.

    ACORN has a long history of hiring disreputable people, letting them get in trouble, and abandoning them. That’s their MO. The people they hire do what they are supposed to do – create chaos. Criminal activity works for them. Their people are expendable.

    The organization will be renamed and reorganized. It will continue to take control of labor unions. It will continue to receive government funds. It will continue to grow based on focused corruption and intimidation hidden and protected by politicians and the media.

    And do not underestimate the power and influence they wield in the cities. Every attack on them is racist by definition. This is fervently believed by many people. Information in the cities strictly controlled – many people are illiterate. You must realize that ACORN and its allies is in control. You must see that ACORN is able to blatantly break the law because they have real power. It will take a lot more than videos to break it.

    They could start a race war tomorrow if they wanted to. The situation is far more volatile than is realized in middle America.

    Amphipolis (b120ce)

  36. The organization will be renamed and reorganized. It will continue to take control of labor unions.

    Yep – I’ve feared this from the beginning. You have to kill the Borg in it’s many varied mutations, anything less is just a glancing blow.

    Dmac (a93b13)

  37. Note that ACORN’s vote fraud is not done primarily to elect Democrats. They would not deliberately overwhelm states with fraudulent applications if that was their intent.

    Its purpose is to break down and discredit the entire electoral system.

    Amphipolis (b120ce)

  38. Hey this is progress–Hope ‘n Change. Back in the early 1960’s I was a college student in San Diego. We’d go down to Tiajuana and see a bunch of underage El Salvadorean and other Hispanic
    “sex workers” dancing in the bars in Tiajuana.

    Now, thinks to Obama and Acorn, we can bring the great granddaughters of those ladies (they breed early and often) across the border to dance and work in bars in San Diego! I knew there was a reason the young’uns voted for Obama!

    Mike Myers (d62fe4)

  39. You suppose the fired ACORN employees were signed up for unemployment and/or welfare before they were sent packing? Or possibly a job in another branch of ACORN? I cannot believe they were put out on the street without something.

    PatAZ (9d1bb3)

  40. As for RICO prosecutions, not while there’s a D at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Soronel Haetir (2b4c2b)

  41. In the statement, Bertha says “we will halt all intake while we” yadda yadda yadda.

    Of course they will halt all intake of new cases, otherwise O’Keefe and Giles would do it again . . . and again . . . and again.

    I also hope they have lots of tapes left to release.

    Teri (0aa1ce)

  42. Oh, question, where are the wise Latinas condemning ACORN for being willing to enable, aid, and cover up the illegal importation of underage Hispanic females to be enslaved into prostitution?

    PCD (02f8c1)

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