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The Heaven and Hell of Hurricane Ike

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[Guest post by DRJ]

More Hurricane Ike stories are coming out. They are at times frightening, humorous or just incredible, with experiences ranging from hellish to divine.

This Houston Chronicle article even makes Galveston Island sound a little like Noah’s ark, including neighborhoods inundated with snakes after the floods receded and the lion that rode out the storm in a church.


2 Responses to “The Heaven and Hell of Hurricane Ike”

  1. I posted last week when I got power back in Central Houston on Friday. Then I lost Internet connectivity until today. As a backup information source ABC was lacking, asking people to go to their website for info. They squandered their transmission advantage, since my cable TV still worked. Fox kept a scrolling banners running with information about what businesses, schools, etc were opened and which were closed.

    As a Texan, I’m proud of this:

    GALVESTON — Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas on Monday ordered all city employees not to talk to news reporters.

    She said emergency personnel and city employees were too busy to talk to reporters. Naschke also said the city had been accommodating news reporters by allowing them access to the island when others weren’t allowed, giving them escorted rides to damaged areas and allowing them
    to move about outside during a curfew.

    Looking Glass (87a101)

  2. Holing up in a church with a lion during a hurricane and then bragging to reporters that you might be so bad the Good Lord doesn’t want you? Ten bucks says that guy made sure to bring a flask with him to the shelter.

    Dayum, I love Texas.

    Kimberly (3d38b9)

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