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Tasergate Update

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The trooper admits tasering his 10-year-old stepson — good thing, since he was already found to have done it — but says he only did it a little bit.

Great! Probably we can rest assured that he would only beat defenseless suspects a little bit, too.

Why in the world did Sarah Palin want him dismissed entirely??

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  1. He was a Taser instructor.

    Also, when he killed the moose (ostensibly borrowing his wife’s permit), he was in charge of enforcing wildlife law violations. (Good thing he wasn’t on a murder investigation.)

    Patterico, can you imagine having to put this SOB on the stand to prove up any crime? Can you imagine the impeachment? Do you think he could possibly be a credible witness for the prosecution on anything?

    Beldar (6877e3)

  2. By the way, it was two of his own friends, completely unrelated to the Palins, who corroborated the charge of drinking while driving his police cruiser. They’re the folks who owned the refrigerator he took the two beers from; they watched him drink one and then drive off holding the other. Read Col. Grimes suspension letter for the details; all of the factual findings in it (which were mostly based on admissions anyway) became final and binding when his union only challenged the severity of his sentence. (There were a number of other charges of his drinking while driving, including a statement by another officer who stopped him on suspicion of DWI and ended up driving him home, and another occasion in which he got into a drunken brawl at a bar, insisted that they eject the customer he was fighting with on ground that the customer had been overserved (i.e., was drunk), and then drove himself off.)

    Beldar (6877e3)

  3. I love the link to the letter, makes it easy to refer folks to it. I found it a few days ago and was struck by the implications of the ACTUAL FACTS.
    I cannot understand why Wooten was not charged.

    Maybe Wooten follows Dr. Kos’ book “Baby and Child Care, Updated”. “when your child asks for something, hasten to comply without preconditions, whether s/he asks or a cookie, tasering, or a light nightstick blow to the skull…”

    Teflon Dad (b9958c)

  4. Oh, gawwwd. Yeah, Wooten says, he Tasered his stepson, but it was just for a second, and it was safe as he could make it — kind of like when you touch an electric fence.

    As they say on Family Feud, “Good answer! (clap, clap, clap) Good answer!”

    Go ahead, Obamabots, try to turn this into an issue of Palin’s fitness. Explain why she’s in trouble for trying to get this tool off the force instead of accepting that he’s on the straight and narrow after being suspended for a week and a half. And while you’re at it, tell us why your hero Hussein isn’t in trouble for hanging out with an unrepentant terrorist.

    Make my day.

    L.N. Smithee (f22eb0)

  5. Wooten is exactly the type of officer that Radley continues to rail against! Oh and justice Scalia terms as “the new professionalism” in LE.

    He IS the criminal, no, make that CONVICTED Criminal!

    In fine liberal fashion, the crime does not matter, he is a convicted criminal! Those are the only two words that matter! Hey folks, you pull the crap this guy did on your job? Kiss that particular payroll check GOODBYE forever!

    Policies are the brick walls set up to guide and control, when you break a brick wall, it leaves a hole, when you don’t prevent a particular individual from the ability to break said wall again, well, yer probably gonna git yer arse fired!

    Oh please go read Beldar’s link!

    But really the battle ahead concerns the totality of congress! It is congress and 550 that make it up that need to change. If they don’t, and don’t make it quick? Well at times I think it really is too bad our nation has not felt the times of 1775, but may. But such a house cleaning is possible.

    I had a conversation with a former British subject the other day. It was entertaining, he asked which we would prefer today, taxation without representation, or what we have? My answer, Hail to the Queen!! Of course such was just my opinion.

    If we as a nation really desire change, then we need to change congress, most incumbents deserve to be fired come Nov!

    No tax funded group should be able to give themselves a pay raise! EVER!!! 100% of the time such should go to a vote of the people!

    I wonder how much monetary value our current congress actually has to the voters in this country. I’d bet they would all flock back to real jobs at Wally world if they actually knew.

    Nobody in the legal profession, should be allowed to create law, (think monopoly here), without first renouncing their membership in any BAR, and without being able to so much as associate with members of the bar, (of course some exceptions would have to be placed, since many are thrown out with criminal complaints, but they can defend themselves! Maybe for estate planing), for 10 years after their elected position is passed on. Of course such would totally destroy what is known as lobbying. I don’t see a problem.

    I digress, CONGRESS is the evil facing this nation! It has been forever and continues to be so. Why us as citizens allow professional politicos is way outta my pay grade. But we are total fools for not demanding term limitations for all public offices, even those we appoint to SCOTUS. (see we don’t die at 45 any more)!

    If a teacher so much as looks at your kid crosswise, they kiss education as a living off their charts FOREVER! If a person involved in LE crosses the same line, hell they might get a promotion! If a dem, they get reelected, Repub, they resign.

    WE THE PEOPLE do see, and WE THE PEOPLE are getting a tad fed up.

    “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

    I’m thinking that time is marching on since that quote was coined.

    TC (d16524)

  6. Why in the world did Sarah Palin want him dismissed entirely??

    Why do you say this, when she claims that “at no time did she or anyone else acting at her request use her office to press for Wooten’s firing”. Do you accuse Sarah Palin of lying? Do you generally agree that government officials should lie?

    Nikolay (f5b13d)

  7. You’re okay, Nikolay.

    Jim Treacher (592cb4)

  8. Every day this guy remained on the job was one more day he was invested with the lawful authority to take the life of another.

    Working to get him canned was in the interest of the citizens of Alaska.

    wls (969303)

  9. Is tasered a “little bit” like a “little bit pregnant”?

    Viktor Nehring (6c107f)

  10. DON’T TAZE ME, DAD !!!!!!!!

    JD (5f0e11)

  11. Working to get him canned was in the interest of the citizens of Alaska.

    OK, so why Sarah Palin has to lie about here involvement in this, if it was such a great thing to do?

    Nikolay (f5b13d)

  12. I saw a snippet about this CNN interview on Anderson Cooper last night. Whoever it is CNN has in Alaska investigating mention that Wooten’s union had been contacted by the Obama campaign.
    As you’d expect, ZERO followup on that little nugget. I’d be real interested to know WTF they were after…

    X_LA_Native (8e9f3c)

  13. Nikolay,

    It’s not that she didn’t want him fired, the point is she didn’t remove the chief for not firing him.

    She clearly did not think he was fit to wear the Alaska Trooper uniform, and I tend to agree. I suspect the people that work with him, while hesitant to speak out, generally agree.

    Patrick (5903bd)

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  15. 11~

    why Sarah Palin has to lie about here involvement in this

    The story out of Alaska is that she has been so forthcoming that the investigators didn’t even bother to issue pro forma subpoenas for information from her.

    The real question is, why do you have to lie about Sarah Palin?

    EW1(SG) (84e813)

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  17. I baked brownies for my kids, and put dog doo in the mixture. But only a little bit.

    Kevin (07941a)

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