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The Obama Supporter and the McKains

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The Houston Chronicle recently reported on a ‘verbal disturbance’ between Houston residents that would not have been newsworthy except for the subject matter and an odd coincidence of names:

“Court documents said [Chynethia] Gragg told [Police Officer] Norris she saw the sticker on the back of a pickup and stopped in front of the McKain house. She told Norris she confronted [Doug] McKain about the sticker, saying it was racist.

McKain told the officer he and his wife were driving home when they noticed a female motorist looking closely at his truck. The couple drove home then pulled into their driveway.

“Mr. McKain said shortly later the same person (Ms. Gragg) pulled up to his residence (blocking his driveway behind his truck.) Mr. McKain said Ms. Gragg began to rant and rave about the sticker on the back of his truck,” the court document states.

McKain told police Gragg shouted numerous profanities at him and his wife.

“Mr. McKain said Ms. Gragg said she (would) get someone to take care of him later,” the report said.

Gragg was given a trespass warning and arrested for a terroristic threat. Various reports state the McKain’s bumper sticker shows a small boy urinating on the name OBAMA.

It’s not unusual to see this bumper sticker on pickup trucks in Texas except the little boy is urinating on the word TOYOTA, CHEVY, FORD, or DODGE. The prototype may have been based on the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes but, if so, this tribute website states it was unauthorized. These bumper stickers are a way for truck owners to express brand loyalty, and it looks like someone has adopted that idea in making this bumper sticker.

What’s sad is that the Obama supporter could think of no reason other than racism to explain the McKain’s silly bumper sticker.


23 Responses to “The Obama Supporter and the McKains”

  1. Its interesting to see “racism” or perhaps cries of racism so frequent. Not to say that it isn’t a factor in this election, just that I don’t think it’s the overwhelming factor.

    G (c0157b)

  2. What? No Secret Service investigation of the threat against the presumed presidential nominee?

    Ed (59b337)

  3. I hope you were making a joke Ed.

    G (c0157b)

  4. Watterson was indeed adamantly opposed to merchandising Calvin and Hobbes. A popular Deadhead t-shirt featured a sequence from a Sunday comic where Calvin and Hobbes are dancing and had a lyric from Sugar Magnolia as a caption. I always wondered if those fuggly hippies who wore it had any idea that someone was making a profit by stealing from an artist so that they could display their groovy homage to Jerry and the Boys.

    Jack Klompus (b796b4)

  5. I hope that those cries of “racist” are used so often, it becomes worthless. Like calling someone “square” or a “wet blanket”, or even “stick in the mud”.

    You’ll notice those insults aren’t used much anymore…

    Twenty-three skiddoo!

    Drumwaster (5ccf59)

  6. Obama is not a rainbow of love or unity. Divisive is his middle name. We haven’t had a more racially divisive election in our lifetime. He does not unite. He is an aggravator, an organizer. A manipulator.

    Be honest about what you’re voting for.

    Vermont Neighbor (31ccb6)

  7. Ah applesauce! Obama is the bee’s knees!

    Jack Klompus (b796b4)

  8. Where can I order one?

    kaf (5fdaff)

  9. It works for me. A neighbor has the Calvin one pi$$ing on Hanoi Jane. I eschew all displays because most of my neighbors are far left crazies and have had various derogatory stickers that lambast Bush. Of course now they are fervent Urkel supporters harking the imminent regime change January of ’09.

    I’m think I should order a few of the Obama- getting0 micturated- on for the lefties’ cars here. Was nasty like in ’68 with George Wallace stickers on Humphrey-adoring co-workers cars. Was almost as good as the “legalize homosexuality now” ones as far as consternation.

    madmax333 (0c6cfc)

  10. Try 1-555-T-R-A-I-T-O-R.

    Drumwaster (5ccf59)

  11. I too have been called racist by a BO supporter, just because I won’t vote for him. This from a jew who fled the southside of Chicago when people that looked like Obama started moving into his neighborhood in the late 1950s. Gotta love liberals.

    BT (78b929)

  12. Hmmm, what other group of people do we know of that flies into seething rages and makes death threats over cartoon images?

    doubleplusundead (b12a67)

  13. I think its because the liberals finally found faith. He’s the liberal cause’s savior. The one who’ll lift us into this new world were everything is “perfect.”

    G (c0157b)

  14. “…You’ll notice those insults aren’t used much anymore…”

    Except by JD, who sees a racist behind every tree in the PP forest.


    Another Drew (8018ee)

  15. 13. and when you get one of them on the topic of the Almighty One’s infallibility they become the exact caricature of how they depict religious Christians. I had one on the topic of global warning give an icy glare right into eyes and state, “There IS NO debate.”

    Jack Klompus (b796b4)

  16. You can buy the bumper sticker here.

    Capitalist Infidel (c4ec46)

  17. If someone came on my property threatening to get someone to “take care of me later”, I would simply beat ass. I would have put this woman in the hospital.

    Law (62ca0c)

  18. #16

    You can buy the bumper sticker here.

    Great collection of goodies there. Fun stuff.

    Vermont Neighbor (31ccb6)

  19. “Obama – It’s like asking the paperboy to manage the newspaper.”


    Drumwaster (5ccf59)

  20. Racists


    JD (5f0e11)

  21. I often see the same bumper sticker with “BUSH” instead of “Obama.” And worse.

    What bothers me most about this however, is the tendency of Obama supporters to think that all opposition to Obama is racist. Or even most.

    White Democrats split fairly evenly for Obama in the primaries, while black Democrats voted overwhelmingly for Obama. Which group judged on the basis of race?

    For me, the ONLY silver lining of an Obama victory will be that an African-American has achieved the presidency. And even that will be temperred by my expectation that Obama will be a failure, being further Left than Goldwater was Right, and I had hoped that the first black president wouldn’t screw it up for everyone else.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  22. I live in Sugarland. I know this lady and she is a Republican. She supports McCain not Obama. This article isn’t true.

    barb (0c0fdf)

  23. This article isn’t true.

    Then she should definitely run right out and sue the paper for libel.

    Drumwaster (5ccf59)

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