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Doltermann on Full Tilt Last Night — Quite Hilarious To See

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Posted By WLS:

Just caught the late night replay of Doltermann’s show from last night.  The transcript won’t be available until tomorrow, so I’ll annotate this post later with some quotes.

But the best part I saw was he and Rachel Madcow looking at the issues surrounding CBS’s editing of Katie’s interview with McCain.  Doltermann played the unedited video of a couple questions as part of his segment dealing with the claim that McCain doesn’t understand the timeline of the surge strategy — typical juvenile affair, made moreso by the fact that Doltermann called upon the Washington Bureau Chief of The Nation for commentary.  But the segment with Madcow dealt with whether the press is really in the tank for Obama, or if that’s just nonsense coming out of the McCain campaign.  They looked into the issue of an apparent editing error done by CBS in the McCain interview.  Apparently one of McCain’s answers was edited in out of order, which happened when a cut was made in the interview to insert some video of Gen. Patreaus.  The answer to the question posed by Couric should have been McCain’s answer which has generated so much left-wing commentary about whether McCain really understands the surge.  But because of the editing error, which CBS seems to have admitted, the answer from McCain that followed the question was one in which he commented on Obama’s failure to understand the success behind the surge, an answer which ended with McCain making the comment that he would rather lose and election and win a war, whereas Obama seems willing to lose a war to win an election.

In their breathless commentary Doltermann sincerely questioned whether or not CBS was really in the tank for McCain and not Obama — recalling that the Swift Boat smear on Kerry would not have been possible without the complicity of the press (secretly supporting Bush I guess), only to be topped by Madcow’s comment that what really troubled her was the fact that the supposed editing “error” resulted in McCain’s embarrassingly wrong answer getting omitted, and in its place CBS just happened to use his smear that Obama is traitor to his country.

I was still laughing when the next segment came on with Dana Milbank in which they covered the outrage of the McCain campaign in juxtaposing Obama’s comments written in a Holocuast Museum guestbook against Obama’s comments last year that preventing genocide was not a good enough reason to keep troops in Iraq.  I thought I could see spittle actually flying from Doltermann’s mouth as he prattled on.

Maybe I can get some video up tomorrow.

8 Responses to “Doltermann on Full Tilt Last Night — Quite Hilarious To See”

  1. WLS – You are a better man than I if you could sit through that entire segment.

    JD (75f5c3)

  2. Did Olberman praise McCain when McCain was criticizing Rumsfeld back in 2003-06?

    Those clips would really be fun to see!

    liontooth (0edfdb)

  3. Olbermann on surge and on Bush’s future attack on Iran and Syria

    From January of 2007, is 9 minutes long. Military expert Olbermann was wrong.

    liontooth (0edfdb)

  4. Follow up to #1…
    Much less the broadcast, I have difficulty sitting through explanations of what Dolterman has said…

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  5. Olby is a waste of time. Check out this article on the Obamasiah Gaffemaster. I think it goes well with your list you are compiling of all of his flip-flops.

    J. Raymond Wright (d83ab3)

  6. From HotAir: Edward R. Olbermann smeared O’Reilly, claimed O’R didn’t know that FL has no state income tax — when in fact O’R pointed out that FL has no state income tax.

    aunursa (1b5bad)

  7. Hee hee! “Dolterman!” “Madcow!” How deliciously clever!

    Almost made me want to read the rest of the post…but not quite. 😀

    Tom (b7dfcf)

  8. Tom — thanks. Now go away.

    WLS (26b1e5)

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