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Houston Homeowner Shoots Burglar

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Another Houston-area homeowner shoots a burglar. But this time the facts are clear: they were inside his house, and they were shooting back at him.

I guess they didn’t expect him to be armed. Good for him.

18 Responses to “Houston Homeowner Shoots Burglar”

  1. 3 days ago a burglar was shot in Sparta TN. A daughter called her dad, who was out, when she heard the burglar. When the dad got to his house (next door) the burglar pulled a .38 he had just stolen from the dad’s house and the dad (who had a permit) shot and killed him. (Sparta Expositor)

    Chet (842b16)

  2. Maybe this Tennessee Dad ought to hire out to Texans to teach them how to shoot and hit their targets effectively?

    PCD (5c49b0)

  3. Without DRJ posting this, it loses all meaning…

    Please come back, DRJ…

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  4. Cue Rosie O’Dimwit complaining about “The Wild West.”

    M. Scott Eiland (b66190)

  5. Glad he won the shoot-out, glad he had his gun readily accessible.

    PatHMV (653160)

  6. He’s lucky they weren’t police doing a wrong-house, no-knock raid, right? Based on other situations, he’d likely be charged with murder right now.

    Of course, if the police had automatic weapons, they would have probably killed him first — justice would have prevailed! 😉

    Phil (6d9f2f)

  7. I think Phil’s gotten into the medical Mary-Jane again…

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  8. Scott, I think Phil is just huffing glue again.

    PCD (5c49b0)

  9. Clearly, this gunslinging homeowner is a racist.

    JD (75f5c3)

  10. i agree with Phil. Look at how crime rates in Great Britain and Australia PLUMMETED when guns were banned. Oh- they went the other way? What an anomaly! Must be some other factors inherent there.

    Guns kill!! And hunting animals kills too! And while we’re at it, fish have feelings also. Ban all hunting, fishing and butchering of animals.

    Of course there does need to be some exceptions. Have to protect the likes of Rosie from the those crazy conservatives, so her own ARMED body guards only make good sense. Everyone should be equal, except pols, TV and movie “stars”, which includes the elite media like Olberdork and Matthews, are more equal. God Bless America and Peace out!.

    madmax333 (9bf93a)

  11. mm333…
    Got to protect the little people too; like Barbara Boxer.

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  12. madmax, I don’t think you understood Phil’s post.

    He’s right: the police are out of ocntrol, and that’s just one risk-factor in having a firearm. A remote risk, thanks to civil rights leadership such as Balko.

    Jem (4cdfb7)

  13. Yup. If there’s anyone you want to have around your house it’s a burglar, not a cop.

    nk (d7f5f5)

  14. In the Summer of 1981, two men invaded my cousin’s rural Alabama home to steal his antique Corvette. They bludgeoned Paul, his 34 year old wife, Judy, and 10 year old son to death. Within several days, they were caught trying to sell the car. Police had bloody boots that matched foot prints at the crime scene. Knowing they were going to kill her, Judy had written the men’s names in eyebrow pencil under the lid of a clothes hamper. One testified against the other in return for a life without parole sentence. The other, John W. Peoples Jr., was finally executed in the Fall of 2005.

    The family had the resources to ensure that these animals would be confined until they died. Paul’s father hired lawyers to make certain that the state’s case was rock solid and there were no procedural errors that might alter the outcome. Still, the impact on the family was devastating.

    My wife and I live on a 3 acre wooded lot with lots of privacy not far from where Paul was killed. We have two big dogs – 90 & 63 pounds, a security system, motion detectors and flood lights. We also have a number of loaded fire arms within easy reach. If someone breaks in, we plan to arm ourselves, call 9/11, set off the alarm and try to get out of house without hurting anyone. I think it is stupid to kill over property, especially if it is insured, but stop us at your peril.

    arch (e1a7e3)

  15. #14 Sorry for your loss. Why would the miscreants want any live witnesses who could finger them later?
    If I have a break in and am near my shotgun, they’d better surrender or I aim for the legs and hopefully take out their manhood along with their mobility.
    I recall some years back in Philly we released a dangerous psycho who soon enough proceeded to run into a transit cop in an empty train and managed to stab the police officer to death before he himself was shot dead. Naturally the family, who wanted nothing to do with the turd before, sued over his release from nuthouse incarceration. I just wonder why libs have zero compassion for the victims. That goes for the millions of abortions annually that they gloat over and yet don’t want any vile killers or terrorists to suffer at all. Set them free to kill again or return to the jihad. Camel dung!

    madmax333 (be365c)

  16. Must be something in the water in Philly.
    All sorts of sympathy for Mumia, but not a bit for the family left by the cop he killed.
    The Left has a strange set of priorities.

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  17. #16 Another Drew- it’s not just a black thing either. Ira Eichorn took a powder and fled to France after murdering his girlfriend. Then there was the Lower Merion high school Principal William Smith who later walked on the murder conviction. Not sure what happened to him or William Bradley. Something about a best selling author corrupting the evidence, I think.

    My earlier reference was to Derrick Smith. I came very close to having him assault me during a conversation. Pity the cop couldn’t blow his ass away before the knife cut him down dead.

    madmax333 (83c35e)

  18. And if this had happened in CHICAGO or NEW YORK the home owner would have been arrested and the burglar would probibly be allowed to sue the person and these big cities are full of those miserble rapacious lawyers

    krazy kagu (ffbf9a)

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