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Hillary Clinton Fights On

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Hillary Clinton vows to fight on after a narrow win in Indiana and a huge loss in North Carolina. Although she is behind in pledged delegates, votes and money, Clinton surrogates argue she is more electable and a known quantity compared to Obama.

A campaign aide revealed she loaned her campaign $6.4M in the past month.

You go, Hillary.


20 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Fights On”

  1. a known quantity compared to obama

    there’s her problem right there.

    assistant devil's advocate (f82fd6)

  2. Rage against the dying of the light, and all that.

    Wow, this is damn near everything that a Republican could have hoped for.

    JVW (835f28)

  3. One has to wonder if she is setting up a 2012 run: crush Obama’s chances while making sure no one will dare challenge her in the ’12 primaries the way Obama is doing this year.

    ras (fc54bb)

  4. I’ve got to say, I’m surprised she didn’t do better. After Obama’s latest gaffes, this only proves to me that she’s really not liked by the Dem voters.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  5. @ ras .. I hope that’s true. I hope HRC is successful in crushing Obama’s chances, and keeping the entitled, ungrateful, racist Michelle Obama out of the White House. Send Madam Obama back to her comfy circle of rich nut-job friends, who can then hiss and spit on America behind closed doors.

    That’s the audacity of my hope.

    Vermont Neighbor (747787)

  6. That’s a lotta’ popcorn.

    jim2 (a9ab88)

  7. One has to wonder if she is setting up a 2012 run: crush Obama’s chances while making sure no one will dare challenge her in the ‘12 primaries the way Obama is doing this year.

    I kind of doubt it. HRC appears to be following the “I have to destroy the party in order to save the party” strategy. If she wrecks Obama’s chances this year, the Dems may still be able to recover in 2012, but I don’t think it will be HRC leading the way. Enough Democrats already have awoken to the fact that the Clintons simply use their party to further their own ambitions; if she sinks Obama the rest of the party will ostracize her.

    In fact, I am willing to bet that if it plays out like we hope it will — HRC takes the battle into Denver, loses, Obama becomes the nominee of a deeply divided party and ends up losing to McCain — I would bet that HRC won’t even stick around in her Senate seat until her term ends in 2012. She will cut a deal where the NY Dem Governor will appoint Nita Lowey to the seat, and HRC will go on to the lucrative speaking and writing gigs that have made her husband so rich.

    JVW (835f28)

  8. The worst thing anyone in this election year will do is to underestimate the complicated equation called Obama.

    love2008 (d2a57f)

  9. love2008, you are underestimating just how much moderate America is going to dislike Obama given his association with far left causes and domestic terrorists.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  10. Then why doesnt someone sue him! If indeed he is a traitor there should be a way of dealing with him. Why is he even in the race? If there is evidence, hard evidence not just insinuations and conspiracy theories, that he has ties with people who do not wish america well, he should be arrested, stripped of his privileges and sent to court to answer these charges. Not campaigning from state to state and winning. The secret service should do their job and stop him. That should be a better thing to do instead of crying wolf!

    love2008 (d2a57f)

  11. With appologies to a legal-eagle breathern:
    Law suits are not the be-all, end-all for the world’s ills. Unfortunately, they sometimes create more problems than they solve.
    Sen. Obama’s associations can best be brought to everyone’s attention through the daylight of the campaign; and whatever opprobrium attaches to his history will be reflected in the public’s voice in the election.
    From my viewpoint, I can only hope that he joins his vaunted predecessors in the pantheon of failed Dem candidates.

    Another Drew (f9dd2c)

  12. Lovie

    Insinuations and conspiracy theories? The words come from his own books.

    He has had close associations with Frank Marshall Davis, a CPUSA member, …Jeremiah Wright, a lunatic fringe, Marxist inspired pastor (he did not have the typical congregationalist’s relationship with Wright, it was much deeper and more involved than that according to Obama’s own words and the NYTimes article on their relationship), Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn are not “insinuations” …Sen. Obama served on boards together and launched a fundraiser at their house, Rashid Khalidi is not an “insinuation”, it’s a fact, the late Edward Said is not an insinuation, there are pictures together.

    Clearly he is entitled to hold these radical friends close to him for several decades, it is his right to embrace radical leftist notions, ideas and political stances.

    You can’t be arrested by the Secret Service, nor sued, nor stripped of his privileges….simply for surrounding yourself with hate America, hate Israel, blame whites, blame Jewish people…raging lunatics.

    It would be nice to come forward and openly state that you embrace such hard leftist notions…instead of hiding behind a cloak of centrism, though. That way, people who agree with you are free to vote for you…and people who think that is extreme don’t have to suffer the slings and arrows of dupes who believe otherwise.

    cfbleachers (4040c7)

  13. It’s illegal for foreigners to contribute to American candidates for office.

    Bill Clinton has been racking up immense speaking fees for giving speeches in foreign countries for the last several years. That money has ended up in the Clinton’s joint checking account.

    Hillary has loaned some of that money to her campaign. If she loses, it’s unlikely it will be repaid.

    Effectively, it means her current campaign is being financed by money from overseas, so it violates the spirit of the law. Does it violate the letter of the law? It strikes me as an accounting whitewash.

    Steven Den Beste (99cfa1)

  14. A good point as always but I think society has given up when it comes to holding the Clintons to the letter of the law, let alone the spirit.

    DRJ (a431ca)

  15. #13
    Well since she is on her way out, it doesnt matter does it? shes toast.

    love2008 (d2a57f)

  16. DRJ: many of us on the left are simply fed up with the Clintons and are doing our best to make them go away.

    Sadly, the exit polls in Indiana show that more than a handful of conservatives are undermining that effort.

    Ironic, isn’t it?

    aphrael (e0cdc9)

  17. Yes. Yes, it is.

    DRJ (a431ca)

  18. love2008, I can’t sue Obama for associating with Bill Ayers, but I can sure publicize the fact, and urge other Americans not to vote for him because of it.

    And I will. Repeatedly over the next six months.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  19. #18
    Really wish you some luck with that. Hope America is listening.

    love2008 (d2a57f)

  20. To Love.

    When King Obama takes his entitled place on the throne, you’ll see a Chicago puppet unable to unite, dedicated to dividing and determined to spend your kids’ money before you even leave campus and start a family. The way you felt about The Clintons way back? Wait till a Prezident Obama gets done with his list of favors for the mob. Total disaster. You’ll be weeping for a Bush sibling to fix the mess. Trust.

    Vermont Neighbor (747787)

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