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Robert C.J. Parry Endorses Romney . . . Sort Of

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How excited are Republicans about their candidates? Robert C.J. Parry (a friend of this blog) was asked to write an op-ed explaining why he supports Mitt Romney. The result gives whole new meaning to the phrase “damning with faint praise”:

For my money (and, yes, my money is a big part of this), the only hope we have lies in one former Gov. Mitt Romney. Romney is the man with the right answers right now. That’s a bit scary. . . .

. . . . Mitt’s somewhat, um, cyclical … approach to position-taking over the years makes one wonder if his beliefs now will be his beliefs throughout those pre-election cycles.

But, all we can go on is the here and now. And for that, Romney wins hands down.

Translation: if you held a gun to my head and made me vote for one of the Republicans, I guess I’d vote for this guy.

That’s a good example of how excited we are.

3 Responses to “Robert C.J. Parry Endorses Romney . . . Sort Of”

  1. I agree re Romney. Apparently, so does Mary Cheney, who has come out to support him. Whether that is a boost or flutter, time will tell.

    Dana (dbafed)

  2. A politician has a tough job – how to consolidate enough supporters on an issue to allow government to work with the consent of the governed. It takes compromise and adjustment.

    I preferred Fred Thompson not because he was good at compromise but because he was (I hoped) persuasive enough to get consent for the conservative positions I shared.

    But that’s history.

    Mitt had to govern as a Republican his liberal state. That requires some adjustments and a strong degree of pragmatism. He’s done a much better job of governing as a Republican in a liberal state than Arnold Schwartzenegger has in California and is therefore a superior politician.

    I don’t seek excitement in my elected government officials. I desire competence and restraint. Mitt looks like the best man running for what I’m looking for in a president.

    Joseph Somsel (cefcce)

  3. If there is any one running for president Mitt Romney is the only one that has shown he can change things for the good. He made a decision to state his views on abortion after all of these years. That takes a lot of guts. He Saved the Olympics from disaster. He has the ability to work and compromise with Democrats. Having lived in a foreign country for two years and is Bi lingual speaking also French he will help with our foreign relations. There is nothing like having respect for another culture to bring us back in good terms with the world. Especially after France backed away from us after the war in Iraq.

    Jeffrey (ce8ee3)

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