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Shorter New York Times Ombudsman

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Shorter Clark Hoyt:

Ed Whelan is right, Linda Greenhouse should have disclosed her husband’s involvement in cases on which she reported. Also, Whelan is a bully for pointing it out, and we’re going to circle the wagons because Whelan is a conservative.

Whelan says he will have a comprehensive response later this week. But really, it’s not necessary. Hoyt’s column refutes itself.

Dale Franks’s Brush with the Anarchist Wing of the Libertarian Party

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Check out the comments to this post. Dale Franks must be enjoying his brush with the Anarchist Wing of the Libertarian Party.

It would be hard to find a more fanatical and self-righteous set of folks, even in the mountainous border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Note that these people are essentially demanding that people like Franks commit perjury during jury selection. They want him to falsely claim, under oath, that he would enforce a law — and then deliberately refuse to do so. All to save an “innocent” man whose only crime was smuggling over half a ton of dope into the country.

Since Franks refused to commit perjury, he is scum — no better than a Nazi. So sayeth the Anarchists.

Via Xrlq, who has more links.

Huckabee Turns to Texas

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[Guest post by DRJ]

While fundraising at Chuck Norris’ Texas ranch following his second-place showing in South Carolina, Mike Huckabee hinted that Texas may be the pivotal state for his candidacy:

“Freshly bruised from a second-place finish in the South Carolina Republican primary, presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee told a gathering of Texas financial supporters Sunday that the GOP nomination may come down to the Lone Star State on March 4.

“By the time we get through Feb. 5, there still will not be a decisive winner,” said Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas. “I’m having to reach down deep and swallow my Arkansas pride, and it is taking everything in me to be able to say this, but, folks, Texas may just have to save this Arkansas boy and put us over the top in March of this year.”

I don’t know if Texas voters will make the difference for Huckabee’s campaign but I’m not surprised he’d like some Texas money.


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