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Patterico — Is this the Answer to Rosenbaum’s Coming “Sex Scandal”??????

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Maybe Its Hillary?

Maybe its not with a man?

It would go along ways towards explaining a lot of things.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Hey — the source dimes out Michael Musto of the Village Voice as the original source and rumor monger.  If he’s good enough for Olbermann, how can the Dimocrits complain?

19 Responses to “Patterico — Is this the Answer to Rosenbaum’s Coming “Sex Scandal”??????”

  1. For the love of God: NO SEX TAPE, PLEASE!

    Just Me (9fd26d)

  2. If this turns out to be true I bet even money Al Gore jumps into the race.

    voiceofreason (e0c053)

  3. I’ll give you two to one odds that the story’s being floated by Hillary’s own people with the certainty that it will be debunked and make her look like a victim and, meantime, distracting from real scandals such as Norman Hsu and preemptively decreasing the credibility of those scandals.

    nk (580aa7)

  4. Here’s the talked-about New York Observer profile on Huma Abedin and here’s a larger photo of Huma.

    DRJ (5c60fb)

  5. I’m inclined to agree with nk.

    McGehee (25adee)

  6. “It was like 110 degrees outside,” recalled the source, a political aide who asked to remain anonymous. “We were all just pouring down with sweat. But I have this distinct memory of Huma traipsing in in this blue pantsuit—it was like this wool pantsuit—not a bead of sweat on her brow, not a hair out of place, with everything perfectly organized in her Yves Saint Laurent handbag.”

    That sort of fantastical, supernaturally tinged tale is not unusual. Indeed, in the insular world of New York and D.C. politics, Huma Abedin has become a sort of mythical figure.

    She’s a djinniyah.

    nk (580aa7)

  7. I’m doubting that Hillary’s camp is throwing out a false rumor for a trap. But given how much that last debate threw them, I guess its not impossible.

    SPQR (6c18fd)

  8. I think NK’s theory fits in especially well coming after the last debate, when the initial response to Hillary’s poor showing was that she was being picked on because she’s a woman. Similarly, this story suggests that Hillary is being unfairly targeted in ways the media/public would never target a male candidate.

    DRJ (5c60fb)

  9. Nobody’s better at controlling the message than Hillary. What the press knows about Huma Abedin is what Hillary wants it to know.

    nk (580aa7)

  10. I wondered who she was. FOX frequently shows a clip of Hilldabeast walking, surrounded by Secret Service guys and HA is seen right behind her. Striking looks.

    “Huma huma ding ding I give you everything!”

    PC14 (f74534)

  11. What surprises me is that, whatever the truth behind the rumor might be, no one seems to be making much comment on the fact that she’s a Moslem. One would expect Ann Coulter to writing scads of scat focused on the fact that Hillary’s aide ia a member of Al Qaida. [Actually, her family seems to be exactly the sort of “moderates” whom we should be supporting against the jihadis. Of course, modeerate in this context–her mother being an academic in Saudi Arabia–is relative. After all, compared to the Spanish Inquisition, the current pope is a moderate.]
    And it’s something her opponents in the primary races, and, if it gets to that, her Republican opponent a year from now, might want to highlight when targeting Jewish voters: do they want someone with what is presumably a high bias towards the Palestinians placed that highly in the White House?

    kishnevi (911a41)

  12. Yeah right, Hillary will be happy with whispers of what Dick Morris and Gennifer Flowers wrote in their books.

    I think it fits, who is Musto tied to wrt donations?

    Certainly barring a complete lack of electability in the General Election, Dems will vote Hillary in and that creates incentives for other candidates to dish dirt.

    Obama is pointing out to ambitious young operatives that Hillary’s team is already set — it’s the Clinton White House 2.0. So a lot of people with ambition would deal out dirt.

    If it’s phony it would backfire on people, if true it would explain Kaus’s “Dark Star” theory. Particularly Hillary running everything related to ME and National Security through Huma Abedin? She’s be lucky to carry one state.

    Jim Rockford (e09923)

  13. If this were any other type of allegation (Whitewater, Chinese political donations, etc.) then the notion that Hillary’s people are spreading this rumor would make sense. After all, that’s the Clinton playbook. Leak something potentially damaging ahead of time so that the Clinton war room can put their best spin on it. Then by the time primaries roll around whatever momentum the story possessed will have been long since exhausted. End of story.

    But when it comes to, ahem, bimbo eruptions, the Clinton playbook flips to a different page. The Clintons never confirm tawdry details of their personal lives through back channels to trusted reporters in the MSM. They just stick to Plan B: deny, deny, deny and ruthlessly destroy any potential whistleblowers through intimidation and harassment.

    So I have no idea what to make of this.

    DubiousD (ba1e68)

  14. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

    What the hell? Having an adulterous affair is right as long as it’s with a member of the same sex? Do you think your wife would accept that standard for you?

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  15. This wave is just beginning to generate momentum. I don’t quite see how the Clintons can spin it away, no matter how soon before the election they start.

    Banjo (b5278d)

  16. Incidentally, Rosenbaum didn’t “confirm” the rumor was true. He just said there was a rumor about some candidate out there waiting to detonate.

    Banjo (b5278d)

  17. I don’t believe Hillary is a lesbian, therefore, no explosive rumor.

    dave (03e8a9)

  18. Question: which candidate is Michael Musto backing in the 2008 race?

    DubiousD (68da2e)

  19. I honestly don’t care about her sex life. I wouldn’t put it past her and her relationship with Bill. But I really don’t care.

    G (722480)

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