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Amnesty for the Gang Members!

Filed under: Crime,Immigration — Patterico @ 7:56 pm

Allah runs a picture of a banner in Santa Monica reading:

“Amnesty for MS-13″ — Sen. Boxer

Click here to see it.

Hey: if the government will give illegal aliens asylum for being gang members, why not amnesty too?

4 Responses to “Amnesty for the Gang Members!”

  1. Such a sign in the Peoples Republic of Santa Monica? Now, that’s an urban guerrilla!

    Patricia (824fa1)

  2. I wish our Senators would read some history, specifically when the British Crown would offer amnesty to pirates in lieu of hunting them. It rarely faired well for the merchants…

    fngJD (49df46)

  3. that isn’t senator boxer speaking, that’s some idiot who hung a sign on a freeway overpass. i fail to recognize any news value, but i do acknowledge some deception value. the commenters at hot air seem to be a fine passel of morons.

    assistant devil's advocate (0e1aa2)

  4. That is part of the reason most sites in the blogosphere that make a big deal of being the last line of defense for truth and fighting the MSM will never get there. Titillating articles and never venturing out from behind one’s keyboard to investigate does not a “journalist” make.
    I’d be more impressed if they had investigated who actually did it. The Jamil episode earlier this year didn’t teach them I suppose.

    voiceofreason63 (cfae0f)

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