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Politician Plays Politics with War

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Here’s a lovely Memorial Day story for you: the inside scoop on a politician who blatantly played politics with war.

5 Responses to “Politician Plays Politics with War”

  1. Kerry’s a brainless putz! I wonder who the douchebag was that told him it would be “politically beneficial” to call his comrades in arms “war criminals” back in the 70’s? I wonder which of his “advisors” failed to suppress TV footage of Teresa Heinz bitch-slapping him several times during the ’04 campaign?

    dubya (c16726)

  2. So Kerry lied and people died?

    Perfect Sense (b6ec8c)

  3. Kerry is beneath contempt, but I am not so sure I would give 100% credibility to what Bob Shrum says. Shrum has a lifetime batting average of .000 (0 for 7) in leading Presidential candiates to electoral victory, so Shrum has every reason to want to make it look as if it is always the candidate’s fault and never his own.

    JVW (b44a2c)

  4. Howard Dean accused Kerry of the same thing (minus the details) during one of the primary debates.

    nk (835ea1)

  5. “So Kerry lied and people died?”
    You could put it that way, yes.

    AF (4a3fa6)

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