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“How Appealing” Is Five Years Old Today

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Congratulations to Howard Bashman on five years of excellent legal blogging. His site is indispensable — I don’t care what Alex Kozinski says!

Hollywood Bowl Opens

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I don’t spend many mornings in Hollywood, but I’m here drinking a large corporate coffee (I like it very much, thanks!) at the Starbucks near Hollywood and Highland, correcting transcripts for a trial I start tomorrow. My car is parked next to Heifetz’s star on the Walk of Fame; on the short stroll to the Starbucks I passed stars belonging to Ingrid Bergman and Charles Chaplin. Parking is free and plentiful along Hollywood Boulevard this early on a Sunday.

A wristband on my wrist says 27115, meaning I am 115th in line to get Hollywood Bowl tickets for the season.

I only had to get there at about 6:45 to accomplish this. It was about a 39 minute drive from Rancho Palos Verdes. Cruise control the whole way on the freeways, coming off only to make the transition from the 110 to the 101.

I’ll buy dollar seats for the family for the whole season — at least the classical concerts that we want to see. I’ll get about a dozen concerts and a couple of parking passes. A summer full of classical music under the stars, and the whole thing will cost less than a hundred dollars.

There aren’t many reasons to love L.A., but the Hollywood Bowl is one of them.

UPDATE: Commenter Viktor got his seats over the Internet. I should have done that. I had thought the cheapest seats were available only in person, but I was wrong. In fact, they go so quickly over the Internet that, for most shows, they’re not available any other way — because if you go in person, they’re already gone.

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